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  1. 4ward: re-reading my previous comment, the way I phrased it was rather rude - I'm quite sorry for that, I was typing in hurry and this was not my intention. Anyway, to the non-topic at hand: You are correct, the old games were cited as inspiration, however inspiration does not imply a carbon copy. Never in my life have I played a game as close to IE games as Pillars of Eternity, so I woud say the whole inpiration thing worked out rather well. Still, inspiration by definition means an influence, that the creators will take the original work as a baseline and start building their own product from there, it does in no way imply that they will take the original work and create a copy of it - in fact I believe that is called plagiatorism. I uttered the whole "Go play BG instead" not to say that you clearly don't understand Pillars as this phrase seems to be widely used, what I meant was that there already is Baldur's Gate, it's excellent and we don't really need more of it as it's quite replayable. Personally, I find Pillars of Eternity to be significantly better than both BG games combined, the game is as if Obsidian was reading my mind while playing them and took notes as to what do I dislike, then fixed it in Pillars. Some people didn't have these issues with BG, and these people will clearly consider such changes for the worse - but, well, you already have your perfect game. All right, I believe I spoke my mind so I'll stop derailing now, I hope I have sufficiently elaborated on my rather dreadful previous post.
  2. 4ward: Yup, the biggest weakness of this game is people wanting it to be something it is not. This is not BG. It plays differently, you need to watch out for different things, tempo is different, tactics are different. Might be a shock but it is a different game. If all you want is more Baldur's Gate, go play BG instead - I for one vastly prefer the way combat is represented in Pillars to combat in IE games, in my opinion, turned based mechanics of aDnD don't translate all that well into a rtwp system.
  3. 4ward: If you need 2 supplies for one level of endless paths, you are either underlevelled or are quite simply playing badly. Remember, managing those resources is an integral part of the challenge.
  4. When it comes to item balance, one of the things I really like about Pillars of Eternity is that it threw a lot of RPG logic that has always bugged me about this gnre out of the window. One of these things that I really came to appreciate while playing Witcher 3 was itemization. I hated how in Witcher 3 you could encounter a club which, upon hitting your head, would just tickle like a summer breeze - but behind the next corner was exactly the same club which would cause your head to implode after a gentle nudge. In Pillars, however... Let me put it this way: If I recall correctly, sword with the most powerful base stats is about 50% stronger than the one with least powerful ones, which sort of makes sense - it's sharper, more balanced etc. The end result is that master swordsman with old and rusty blade will regardless defeat a novice who wields the most expensive weapon out there. So, at the end of the day, success of using a weapon lies in the hands of the weilder, and while more powerful weapon will give you an edge, it won't save you from incompetence. At the end of the day, I'm not playing story-based RPGs for phat loot - if that's what you are after, you can still buy Diablo. I play these games for immersion, and details like these help immensely. That's not to say itemization in PoE is perfect - some more interesting effects would not go amiss, and I for one would welcome uniques to be a lot rarer than they are. But I'm so happy there are no +5 swords of justice which for some reason stab 1000x harder than any other sword, and if I see a single arbitrary "But you need to be level 100 to use this item!" I will go strangle somebody.
  5. Skirge1: Turning off AI is given. Alternatively, instead of constantly hitting spacebar, you can set the game to autopause when: - Character kills a target so you can instantly choose a new target - Character finishes spell / ability so you can instantly start casting a new spell / ability - Character has low health / endurance so you can think about how to protect that character These autopauses will give you a chance to react to nearly all significant events you can possibly think of without having to constantly keep pausing the game.
  6. KDubya: You usually find the cave first, the NPC second. At that point of the game, you do not know that game spawns a forcefield like an arena FPS behind you, so you naturally assume you can run away if **** hits the fan. Anyway, the main issue here is that in some instances you can flee, in others you can not - if the area or cave is large enough all you need to do is to immobilize your enemies... Unless they're hovering above your downed companion whom they politely leave to just lie there and don't finish him off/loot him. The approach Obsidian chose is neither logical nor consistent - it is easy, you're correct about that. And, more importantly, it applies across all difficulties, not just iron man. But yes, there would potentially be exploits - then again, there already are exploits and if you don't want to use them in your single player RPG, don't.
  7. @Stoner Very, sometimes, the emotions were relayed rather poorly via the VO and reading the text significantly shifted meaning of the dialogue
  8. It is kind of annoying, I would have preferred something along the lines of <"blablabla" he frowned> and then you'd click a 'continue' button for another block of text to show and VO to continue. As it stands, I just read the spoken dialogue along with VO and then jump back to read the description bits.
  9. KDubya: When a mechanic's completely counter-intuitive, overcoming it doesn't feel satisfying, just irritating. Exploiting... I mean, just respawn the killed parts of enemy stack, explain it away with them also having an endurance system, and heal the damaged monsters. You don't get XP for killing them anyway. I guess it would mean removal of gibs, but eh. And no, having team mates permanently killed would most certainly not be unduly harsh on casual players. As it stands, when you get into a situation OP is describing, said casual player will have to reload anyway. Some sort of run away mechanic would just give him another choice. As for cheapening Iron Man - first of all, the mere fact that you can't flee feels like an extremely cheap cop out from "kill a monster - flee" exploits (not that you can't do them anyway in big enough areas, it makes even less sense). Second, such a mechanic would add more options to all difficulties, I've already seen a few people complaining about not being able to run away from the bear.
  10. Flix: That would be an issue when an opponent you know for a fact you can't defeat is hovering over a downed companion. Besides, I'm pretty sure those can't be damaged, and they only get up and become playable again once combat ends.
  11. Yup, some kind of 'run away' mechanic is what the game direly needs, especially for iron man mode. If you could just exit locations and there was a prompt saying "There are downed characters over here, if you leave, they die" in case of downed characters existing, that would be great. Sadly, there is nothing of the sort, and when a solo character encounters a certain bear at the beginning of the game, said character will think "Nah, won't leave the cave without letting the bear kill me, I mean that's just not polite!" and die.
  12. couldnt agree more. add to this the horrendous loading times you have to get through at least twice in order to rest at an in and continue afterwards you are at at least 5 minutes in order to replenish the spell. the time i can spend playing games isn't all that much to begin with and this further diminishes the time i am actually playing the game and progressing through the story. i hope josh and co are willing to rethink this one..... I've got to wonder tho, why would you do that? If you don't have time to go trough contrivances of how the game was never intended to be played, why not just play it as it was intended and save a ton of time? Not only is it perfectly finisheable without constantly travelling back to inns trough all of those loading screens, it's even more enjoyable that way, so just why even do it?
  13. You should blame both, really. Obsidian for providing separate patches for main game and DLC which interact in some obscure manner and GOG for adding their own versioning into the mess and not providing any reasonable way of adding a clear description of install order when one is needed.
  14. There's a discussion on this over on GOG -> http://www.gog.com/forum/pillars_of_eternity/white_march_dlc_screen_goes_all_pink/post10 Based on this you need to install both 2.02 patches? I guess? Backup your PoE directory first :-P Yes, it's a mess.
  15. junki: Kickstarting a game as a spiritual successor does that to people. Now I'm not saying they're right, playing Pillars was as if somebody was reading my thoughts while playing IE games and then fixing everything I found wrong with them, mechanics focused on resource management being by far my most favourite feature. That being said, this change to per rest spells seems quite interesting, adding more depth to levelling your wizard. Concept is cool. So let's see how well it is implemented and what will it break.
  16. Well, wanderon, Pillars of Eternity should not really have any aspect requiring quick reflexes at all. Adding this aspect, even if it's not intentional, is never really great - I know that when something they did not expect happens, some people just have difficulty adjusting in time, and Pillars can kill a character within seconds. Halving combat speed would probably help. Anyway, adding a dedicated pause button would be cool, but since I would be using spacebar to toggle pause automatically anyway, I think a better solution would be to start a countdown in the background for half a second or so whenever the game autopauses and disallow unpausing while it is running. Ideally allow length of the countdown to be adjustable via options including disabling it completely. Now that would really make me happy.
  17. LaSpeakeasi: Just browsed the tech support forums and holy crap man, you got some unlucky streak here. Have you tried playing the game before 2.0 patch? It introduced a ton of pretty big changes to the game and also introduced a bunch of new bu... I mean, unexpected features to the game. Because it was actually working very nicely before 2.0, for me anyway, while I managed to finish the expansion without encountering anything, I didn't play trough the base game with 2.0. (I want to replay it quite badly, but want to wait for the second expansion first. And, apparently, wait another 3 months after its release for Obsidian to fix the features they add there. *sigh* I'll buy the expansion day 1 anyway as I am unredeemable) That said, Pillars of Eternity is a big RPG, and if you want those to be bug-free, you need to wait for at least a year before purchasing them. I mean, look at Betheda's games, they have infintely higher budget than Pillars of Eternity did and end up even more broken on release.
  18. You never played older Obsidian games, did you? As far as I'm concerned, Pillars of Eternity is the most polished and tested game Obsidian has ever released. It is a bit sad, yes, but I love Obsidian anyway. Either way, if you are bothered by minor bugs and glitches this much, don't buy games by Obsidian. Ever.
  19. Hello, I keep searching and searching, but I can't find this question previously asked anywhere, so I'll do it for the benefit of mankind or something: Is there any hope of Pillars of Eternity soundtrack appearing on Spotify? I love it and I'd really enjoy listening to it shuffled into my other music while at work, but I'm not a big fan of downloading personal files like mp3/flac files on my work harddrive. There's already a bunch of indie and AAA games featuring their soundtracks on Spotify, and I would personally really appreciate if PoE soundtrack could join these.
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