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  1. Warframe for like 3 hours straight. Is it "grind" when you're having fun?
  2. Still Warframing. The game's like crack - and the worst thing is, from what I've previously played of the game, it just felt extremely repetitive and not particularly interesting. As it turns out, the world is actually interesting enough (including the tidbits of lore the game drops in dialogues, albeit the villains are, so far, just bloody ridiculous), the game is rather varies with a truckton of repeating objectives that you can play infinitely to farm if that's what you're inclined to do (kinda hoping the game won't force farming on me too much, otherwise I'll end up quitting) and the combat is fast, fluid and ridiculously fun - dropping dudes with a pistol from distance as I close in for the kill with a sword is just satisfying af (and since Switch has the amazing motion-controlled aiming adjustments for most of its shooters, I can even be precise with my long-range shooting! Yay!) Anyway, yeah. I'm doing the second quest in the codex + a few runs of random missions around the map, still sitting on Earth, altho I already fulfill the requirements to move on to Venus. I'm looking forward to getting more weapons (bought a shotgun and automatic pistol to not have to bother with crafting and have at least some selection to start with, and this is one satisfying Mr. Shotty) So... That's what's happening. I got addicted. Good timing too since I'm stuck doing morning shifts with a fussy baby - which brings me to: Warframe, altho you're an online game, thank you for allowing me to pause you in solo to be able to show the little gal that, indeed, the goddamn pacifier still exists in spite of falling outside of her view range and remind her that catapulting it out of her mouth will not, in fact, allow her to continue devouring it.
  3. I think Artifact died on its monetization tho, we'll see how will this hold up - and ... Right? I was never interested in Battle Royale games but Apex actually looks half-decent. ... I'm still not going to play it, but I'm closest to playing one yet!
  4. Apex Legends has reached 10 million players in 3 days Well... That's rather surprising
  5. So I got to Cetus in Warframe and holy open world batman! a) I had no clue there's anything like that in Warframe, I thought it's just small-ish instanced levels b) How on Earth does Switch handle that!? c) Hour of my life gone
  6. ... And lacks any quality of life features that Blades of Shogun has, so if you're interested in getting into the genre, actually starting with Commandos might be a good idea because going back after Blades of Shogun is damn near impossible, unless you have Commandos ingrained in you by hundreds of hours imposed on you by Dumb Kid school of time management.
  7. Oh god, Watframe got me. I remembered it's out for a Switch so I'm now Warframing in the bed, Warframing on the couch, Warframing when someone's calling me. The first thing I did when I launched the game on my Switch was to drop all graphical settings down to minimum and the game still looks way better than it has any right to - no doubt by large part due to the small screen in handheld mode. It also runs completely smoothly now (30 FPS, but I've never been one to particularly fuss about that in particular.) I swear to god, if Switch becomes my Warframe machine I'm going to hate you a-holes who keep mentioning it on the boards. Also carrying on with Battlechef Brigade. I do like the 'jobs' in the game, offering exclusive puzzle, combat and cooking challenges to practice the game's systems before challenging an opponent. What I do not like is that there's no way to find out stuff like which gems will be preferred by referees - so it's cute that the game allows you to focus on certain colors in your loadout screen, but that's just not particularly useful when you've got no clue what you'll be up against.
  8. It's not long and there are some fun little nods from Resi 7 to Resi 1. Just saying, I love that kind of stuff and was kinda sorry I played them in reverse order afterwards.
  9. Just curious, did you manage to get through Resi 1?
  10. https://youtu.be/mPTCq3LiZSE Know what? I think it's high time I gave Warframe another chance
  11. Yes, I know. My point is that a position for Titanfall can mean literally anything related to Titanfall franchise, including Apex. It in no way, shape or form conclusively suggests work on Titanfall 3 - not to mention the other Titanfall title that's apparently in the works.
  12. Thus the rumors, for all you (and the two dudes on Youtube who did not bother with matters as trivial as quoting their sources properly) know they were hiring for a game internally known as 'Unannounced Titanfall Battle Royale'. Edit: Incidentally, Another Titanfall title isn't out of the game either yet, albeit that doesn't confirm Titanfall 3 in development either. I for one am hoping for SP-focused thing! ... Won't happen, but it could! ... Also, the article quotes sources properly :-P
  13. How exactly did Respawn cancel Titanfall 3 when it never got announced in the first place? In fact, most rumors on Respawn's work after Titanfall 2 point to them developing something that's not Titanfall.
  14. Battlechef Brigade. I know it's like I'm leaking superlatives lately, but... Well, I do spend more time picking games nowadays. Anyway, Battlechef Brigade is really good fun. The combat's a bit floaty and the match three a bit chaotic, but it works damn well as a single package - especially now that I've learned to juggle gems between multiple pans
  15. Yeah, it's good to see Respawn is developing something worthwhile after bringing us a game with fantastic SP campaign. Now I can ignore another BR game!
  16. Poster of the quoted post is a good person, in any definition of "Good" that poster of the quoted post deems as "Good".
  17. Yeah, you totally don't want to skip Resi 1 based on experience with Resi 0. I didn't even finish 0, but 1's just an exquisitely designed game.
  18. Well, generate more discussion all across the internet, meaning more free PR for Epic store
  19. It doesn't, it's mostly that it handles installation and, more importantly, separation of all kinds of prerequisites so that one game can use a version of a library and a different game can use a different one, something I also have a lot of 'fond' memories from back then. 'Spose you're right tho, things sort of stabilized in the early 00s - then again, I have those strongly connected to DRM which managed to somehow ruin my optical drive, so... Eh.
  20. Just had a bit of a laugh at the notion that there was that golden era of computer gaming when all software you needed to mess around with was operating system and the game itself, as that's quite simply not true. If anything, you've had to mess with a whole lot more back in the DOS/95 era - then again, it was nice when it worked and you should consider yourself lucky if you did not have to go through a whole lot of troubleshooting on semi-regular basis. You're not, it's just that installers which both download the game, its dependencies and set everything up for you is the de-facto standard nowadays. With like additional 3 clicks for unified GOG installers. Those are neat (... Unless they still try to shove Galaxy down your throat)
  21. What a coincidence, I got Battle Chef Brigade during Christmas sale on Switch and just started playing it. Looks charming. And very Japanese.
  22. So... What did the Metro Exodus devs expect to happen when they announced they'll not be releasing the game on Steam on the last minute? Love and cuddles? ... And DirectX 9 ...c?. Oh wait, no, that's kinda glitchy, eeeh... What do I install to make the damn thing work!? Oh, right, the OpenGL installation is broken, so I just... Right, OpenGL doesn't support DirectDraw, so I'm stuck without it? Okay, let's see what's wrong with my Windows installation that it refuses DX now... ... And don't even get me started on the amount of hoops I've had to go through for a whole bunch of DOS games. But yes, you definitely didn't need other software, specific drivers or weird system configuration going for older games to work properly, no sir :-P If I love something about modern clients, it's that installation procedures got semi-unified (now there's one per client as opposed to one per game at the very least) and vast majority of installation and configuration is fully automated, so yes, I need a piece of software on my computer to do things for me - which is the whole point of software. "But DRM!" Yea, I dislike DRM either and will get a game on GOG whenever the opportunity presents itself. Which doesn't make gaming clients the source of all evil. Quite the contrary actually, and we've yet to reach the horribleness that was SecuROM or StarForce again. (But Denuvo! It fries SSDs! - No, it doesn't.) Yes, because online-only is a unique idea born in Valve's head which would totally not have happened with other games/publishers. Half-Life 2 is the sole game to blame for a shift in gaming that totally wasn't inevitable ever since digital distribution started rising up entirely besides whatever Valve was doing.
  23. Sunless Skies. It's like someone who's never heard of space outside of what you can see from your window designed a space exploration game, and it's bloody wonderful. Like literally, full of wonder - the playful imagination with which Failbetter Games craft their world(s?) gives the game so much character, not to mention the writing which is, as expected, absolutely stellar. Oh yea I also recruited a small rat mischief to be my first engineer, because of course I did. RATS!
  24. Sunless series is also utterly unlike anything you've played before. Imagine attrition-based survival game in a world where Terry Pratchett married Howard Philip Lovecraft and had a rather upbeat fun kid with a good dose of existential dread and looming cosmic horror. Incidentally, I have to say that Sunless Skies plays a lot better than Sunless Sea did. Edit: Oh and the rogue lite Iron Man mode is optional, by the way.
  25. Sunless Skies has story decisions as a means of levelling up, I adore this
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