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  1. I, too, wish more FFT/TO in my life. Inject some of that Sawyer 'balance into it would just be sublime. Valia though would be pretty interesting; I'd rather Pallegina been a wiki for that place than Sagani's wiki for Inuit-land. At least the republic sounds interesting, and has an impact throughtout the game.
  2. Yeah, DA2 had better scripts than DA. Base DA, anyways, there might be a mod out there that adds more. Don't get me wrong, of course, the combat was still pretty meh (mostly, ASAP CC and Burn the Mage/Assassin in the pack, AoE the leftovers), but I had fun making setting up the AI to auto pilot the same battle over and over as efficiently as possible. Which, come to think of it, was probably why tactics worked so well in that game: dang near every non mega-boss battle was the exact same thing, so just had to craft one good set of tactics, and you're set. As for auto attacking AI in PoE, just setting behavior to Aggressive should do it. Can set the top one to nothing if you don't want them to use any abilities, just so long as the bottom is aggressive they'll auto attack stuff. It's not even perfect for that, as they'll bug out quite a bit, get stuck on something, decide to target something really far away, or however the pathing decides to mess up.
  3. I will admit, crafting tight scripts made me like DA2's combat system far more than it deserved. Shame most games don't go that way (even the next DA didn't.) At the least, I'm pretty sure Second Wind will get used by AI, but that's about it on the issues listed.
  4. I dunno, the dork with who can literally peer into someones past to see the truth of a matter seems to be in a decent position. And Durance tends to have a date with Skein. Edit: Though I also guess in a meta sense, passing extrajudicial judgements is sorta a core thing that CRPGs protags just do, and we all implicitly accept they have that power. Instead, we debate when* they should exercise that power, not so much if they have it.
  5. Well, I spent a year doing capital defense (I don't recommend it), so it's not like I'm some big death penalty guy. But in reality, the alternative is always life in prison. It's never 'go along your merry way, all is forgiven'. It's not really useful comparison. That'd be more like, dudes been rotting in a cell for 10 years, and is on track to do so for the rest of his life. And then Devil wants to go down there and murder him. That's an easy choice to find what's 'right'. Not the guy's been unpunished for 15 years, and according to the townsfolk, still brags about it.
  6. Well, I don't think we're given any evidence the state (i.e. the Duc) ever makes some proclamation that Cold Morn are traitors, and needed to be rewarded as a traitor deserves. So, trying to defend the murder with something that's only a defense as a State action...doesn't really work. Dudes were just emotional rednecks who did some horrible stuff, and deserve to be put in the ground.
  7. Eh? He boasts proudly of his killings in the purges. He's just as bad as that woodcutter that Devil wants to kill. Do you think folks dislike him because he talks about using his prick a lot or something? (Which he also implies doesn't even work anymore). I also have no clue how Kana is SJW-like, who is actually pretty interesting, and reacts the most to your adventure, breathing some life into boring questing. I could kinda see Sagani, I guess. She's just a wiki article for a place and people we never see, and sound like we never should see, as it sounds really, really, boring. With the one 'cool' thing being all the woman do the hunting, I guess. It's not really SJW at all though, just boring.
  8. That's pretty much how I feel about Durance as a character. He's the closest we get to an 'evil' companion. And unlike say, HK-47, he's not entertaining at, personality wise. But his conversations are some of the few spots of generally good writing, also doing a good job of giving background lore to the player while building his character arc. Much better than the wikidumps that pop up frequently elsewhere. Still, he's a horrible person whose done horrible things, so easy to understand why you wouldn't want him with you. Especially on repeat playthroughs, where after getting everyone story, it's just that small personality that I really notice from the NPC. So I just feed him to the blood pool everytime. But Priest is hard to replace exactly. No other class really buffs like a priest, and while Lore can mimic the early priest spells, all the powerhouse ones that let your team face tank a dragon aren't there. Wizard's and Druids CC and AoE potential can largely be Lore'd, and even without that, Cipher's and Chanters to an extant can perform similar effects, but are limited by fair gameplay mechanics. But if you don't have a Priest, you're not getting anything crazy like Devotions or Crowns.
  9. Priests are pretty awesome; I guess their biggest weakness is they don't do much in the easy fights, and require lots of micro? Which isn't a big deal, a Radiance + Interdiction with follow up melee is enough for easy fights, and the tough fights are rare enough it's not terrible having to micro him. And actually, if you initiate combat from a distance with a pet/sacrifice/boots of speed and the party away, by the time a Priest is done buffing up the team, generally can just let the squad faceroll over the enemy. Even stuff like Adra Dragon dies to a simple buff strategy. I'd still put Wizards ahead though, and Druids a bit behind, and all of three ahead of the rest. But, that's just Vancian casters in IE games; always going to be on top. At least they're not necessary at all to beat everything on PotD; I've done playthroughs far more times with 0 casters than I've done with casters, and it goes fine, just less face roll.
  10. Depends on the tactics if they remain viable; generally, dragons die to most tactics that work for the other stuff. A CC based strat can still pretty easily stun-lock them to death, and a buff strategy can still just face tank them, assuming you've enough Endurance to survive a breath. Just requires some debuffs for the former, and even more buffs for the latter. Luckily, dragons are slow, so you can have the party in a corner buffing up while a decoy initiates.
  11. Hmm...it's never made me quit, but it has helped kill a few of my playthroughs. Enough times of the 6 ranger team having 2 pets attacking the mob, and the other 4 just standing behind with plenty of room to circle around gets old. Or having 3 guys with Reach weapons and 3 with normal, and having the guys with reach just run in place behind a normal dude, where if they just stopped moving and started attacking, they could hit the mob. Like, if I just select the dude running in place and choose attack, he'll start hitting the mob. It'd be nice if I didn't have to so frequently micro stuff that should be handling itself. (Game still has a pretty terrible micro issue, though it's faaar better than it was in 1.X. Hello manually reloading weapons out of combat, ugh).
  12. Yeah, Harmke and all of his buddies are horrible people, with no valid mitigating circumstance. Devil....it's hard to tell. She said she never checked to see if they were alone, so she could have some innocent blood on her hands. Which wouldn't be justified at all, and make her a monster. We don't really know though for certain though. I guess a 3rd option would have to be the old 'revenge is empty' argument for Devil, and not lie that he wasn't the one. As Devil does indeed find out after killing the man, revenge won't make change anything. Of course, Justice is still a thing, so as soon as she walks off screen, Aloth should fireball them so they can all burn alive, getting the best of both worlds. I mean, Durance could burn them alive, too, but he kinda deserves to be on that pyre as well.
  13. Don't think I insulted anyone or used the words "mate", "lol" or "rogues are OP". So I can't find any brindleness in my posts. You may not like what I said, but I never attacked you or anything you said. At least it was not my intention. So maybe you should take a step back and look at it from a distance. I can see that you might think I was mocking the term "superlash", but that was not what I wanted. I just remembered my good old Unreal Tournament days with "Mo-mo-mo-monsterkill!!!". It was not my intention to make fun of you. If you had the impression I apologize. However - this discussion has turned into something interesting around lashes and elemental damage and how to squeeze the heck out of it. I like it! Actually your guys' ideas with dual Bittercuts and Spirit of Decay are great. Never thought about it, but it's the only one handed weapon that does elemental damage. So thank you for that. You've got the wrong impression if you think I was insulted (which...kinda fits the theme). I was just pointing out your post missed the point of mine. Of which the follows up continued to do so, in a Brindle fashion (albeit with far more coherence). If it was intentional, I'd call it trolling; I went for the benefit of the doubt. But hey, it doesn't matter, keep doin you.
  14. Some Brindle level point-missing there, good to see ya carrying that torch. But switching to the single larget hit topic, could always dual the Bittercuts; less potential, but higher upfront average.
  15. Another option for the Attack speed enthusiast is Svef. Only 15% compared to Swift's, 20%, Outlander's 25%, or Alacrity's 50%, but can be used by non-rangers for the former, lasts through longer battles unlike Frenzy, and is easier to maintain full uptime with unlike the latter. Tends to be my go-to way to push that little bit of extra attack speed.
  16. Swift still doesn't stack with Frenzy or Alacrity in 3.0 for what it's worth. The speed portion does work for ranged attacks with Ila, though the reload half of the Chant won't stack. And slightly off topic, if going Melee Ranger, Swift can be activated at the same time as Savage attack, further making a consistent rule for modals difficult. (Further off topic, Savage seems to be bugged to be +0.4 mod, -10 acc at the moment. Yay for melee's, I suppose.)
  17. Well, while not official, in the context I ever used it was strictly for weapons, and tired to be clearly defined. Mildly useful for pre 3.0 weapon conversations, when you'd frequently have to mention that a weapon can't both have a lash and a superb enchantment. Just a personal (and I'd hoped easy to notice) way to shorten something you'd have to mention multiple times when discussing the merits of weapons. Nowadays, doesn't matter, as all weapons can have both be superb and have a lash. Or a superlash.
  18. I wish some other class had Blast besides Wizard, as it's a really cool ability. But as it's on Wizard, I don't really get to work it out very often, as the Wizard is normally either using a hatchet and reflect shield using spells, or on the 'easy' fights, spending one spell on a stronger than any non-summoned weapon spell, and using it's 0 recovery speed to go wreck things. (Because Wizard also gets free haste every fight, which isn't really practical for other classes). Like, a Chanter would love if he could just be Blasting between Invocations or what not, but instead it's a very powerful tool that just is overlooked due to Wizard just be overloaded with very powerful tools for....reasons.
  19. Yeah, I think my new 'best' weapon sets will change to a speed+stun set up. Starcaller+Unforgiven's one as you just said, and other two front liners will roll with Danulya+Cladhaliath and Strike Hard+Godanstunyr. Get that zero recovery for the massive dps increase, and not having a ton of armor won't matter, as everything will just get stunlocked to death, easy peasy. Will need a priest for WM2, as the defense get in the 120's there, but once one stun gets, the rest will come easy. Additionally, 3.0 lets most of these weapons get Superb+Lash, which before made us choose between a stunning weapon or a more optimized damage one. Best of both worlds now.
  20. Ah, wow, I didn't know they had changed weapon stun to a real stun now. That should skyrocket all stun-on-crit weapons to top tier.
  21. I used to use it as shorthand to describe a weapon that can both be Superb and still have room for a lash, two of the biggest things a weapon can have to boost it's damage. Pre 3.0, some weapons could not hold both due to pre-existing enchantments, greatly hurting their ability to be considered a 'best' weapon. An example is Cloud Piercer, which due to it's Jolting Touch spell striking, could not hold both a Lash and Superb, knocking it down a peg. However, it's pretty much not a consideration anymore with 3.0, as all weapons now have 14 slots instead of 12. And while one might assume it just changes from 'SuperLash' to 'LegendLash' or some such, it's not quite the case. Legendary comes so very late in the game, I basically don't even count it as a thing. This means pretty much any weapon now can get Superb+Lash, despite whatever enchants it comes pre-built with, shaking up the 'best' weapon discussion a bit. For example, Blade of the Endless Paths lost a good bit of luster due to no Lash, but now that it has one, it's easily one of the best weapons in the game.
  22. Well, while it's cheesy and I don't use it, Spelltongue is amazing for Barb. Anyone else and it's a thin line if they can keep the buffs up, one swing from a Carnage will generally give enough leeway when Monk #42 knocks you on the ground. And while Spelltongue also boosts potions and team buffs, Barb at least comes with some nice in-house stuff to get started, keeping up a perma Frenzy and Savage Defiance. As for Shields, I like em, but not the Soulbound one, because it can't get Durgan'd. Helps get that recovery down to zero, and lets you just keep swinging with the Unlabored Blade rather than alternating with something that's not as good. Only weapon I'd really share with the Blade would be a Spelltongue. As for 2hand v. 2Weapon, it depends. Dual Wield is great if you can't otherwise get recovery down to zero, as dual wield makes it a breeze to do so. Just by itself, it'll take away 52% of recovery once Durgan Steel comes, where 2hand will only be at 15%. Sword'n'board at least can get 30% as well, leaving 2hand at a distinct disadvantage post Durgan Steel. And teh madx dpsors comes from getting that recovery down to 0. Dual Sabers is great early on, as the main issue with Sabres is that they don't really have a top flight one for endgame. Best they'll do is +0.5 Crit mod and draining, which is actually a decent mod for a Barb as they do so much damage. But nothing cool like Unlabored Blade, which can just wreck stuff with it's proc. But their weapon trait, basically +18% base damage, blows the other weapon traits outta the water, so before the other weapons get their cool uniques, just picking up 2 Sabres is the best bet. Can even get two decent ones early, as the 4th floor of Endless Paths has one with 0.5 crit mod and 20% graze->hit, and can buy a cheap Exceptional on in Salty Mast shop. Both of these will be picked up around level 5-6, and it can last until you've got more a handle on the game and can find some uniques to decide which way to go. And what exactly is the malus for Carnage? I read back in 1.X it was a -0.33 mod, which is basically nothing end game, but I've never gone and tested it. I think it just be a mod rather than a % would fit more with how Pillars normally does mechanics, but I've no first hand knowledge on it.
  23. I generally prefer Rains for my Cipher over Cloud, but it depends on how you're doling out gear. Getting to 0 recovery, like haste in all games, gets you increasing returns the closer you get to that value. Pillars doubles up on this by also making each additional piece of Speed giving a bonus multiplied by the previous gear, in a really poorly thought out idea by the Devs. So, while in a vacuum, going from 120%->100% recovery with Pen.Shots on isn't that big a deal, going from 48%-> 13% with just the Speed from Rains is really nice. (The first instance is like a 12%~ boost in attack speed, the second is closer to 50%, just showing how 20% less recovery varies in value based on your set up) Of course, With Time Parasite, Gloves, and Steel, even Cloud Piercer can almost get rid of recovery, and only be down 2 DR but with one talent in the bag, plus the one shot Jolting Proc (which gets less value as well the later the game goes on and the fights get larger). There's a limited amount of Steel in the game, clearly, and depending on how much you game the system, you'll have a limited number of haste gloves, as well as the limited Dragon eyes the CloudPiercer forces you to use. For me, I don't like to dedicate so much limited resources to essentially just save a talent point, so I take the much less low impact Rains, and dole out the Eyes and Haste Gauntlets elsewhere.
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