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  1. Yeah...I know? It was in response to how people in Earth do things based on religion, and possible reactions to man-made proof. So, like you said, a straight up comp doesn't work. Which was the point of the post.
  2. I guess the one difference here is, there actually are beings that do everything they say they say gods do.They just don't have the correct creation myth. Like if we had proof that heaven and hell and all that jazz was mostly true, just that Atlantis made God or something,he's not a natural occurring thing. Dunno how people react to knowing there god is basically real as advertised except for its creation. Might get more converts.
  3. Err....the writer stated she wanted to push an agenda. And the game does so throughout the entire thing. Which could still be fine if the writing wasn't god awful. I mean, I like Bioshock even with its contant whinging on Objectivism. But its got many more issues than just Beamdogs political leanings, those just make it hard to overlook the flaws and try and just enjoy some below average IE gameplay.
  4. That's a good point; off the top my head, I don't know if we're told exactly what she preaches beyond 'those gods over there aren't like, real creator gods. They're just man-made things that have power like we think real gods would.' Dunno if we have insight on what she stood for beyond that, or where she wanted the world to go. I mean, I'm not sure we even know she didn't want people following the gods, so long as they knew the weren't 'god' gods.
  5. It was a really on point review based on my own experience running through the game. There were a lot of issues in the game other than just the shore-horn'd in politics. And the worst part of that wasn't so much in game, but how Beamdog reacted to it out of game. But, plenty of media I enjoy even though the people who made it are tossers, it's a silly thing to let get in the way if the product is good. Luckily, in this game, they're tossers -and- the product is horrible, so don't have to worry about that, Though, it does seem as people who support SoD keep trying to push that the issue lie
  6. Well, I guess in a 'meta' sense that's an argument. Pretty much any RPG protag, and by extension, their companions, are mass murderers. Its unclear how much of that gameplay is meant to actually carry over into the story. In a more 'acceptable reality breaks', often PC's have murderous companions, who if we want to justify their spot in the party tends either be A.) I'm evil too! Lets go kill kittens B.) More Belkar in OotS; PC is essentially a walking Warden, pointing them at bad guys or more often, C.) I think it falls under the 'meta' above, and the story isn't really considering it.
  7. Yeah, as we get enough points to max two stats and leave the other 4 at 10, I just choose two to focus on, and leave the rest at base 10. I just think of it as choosing two 'favored' stats. I tend to play under self imposed limitations, as otherwise the games too easy. Also just want to re-iterate the endurance penalty isn't really a big deal. DR early game is so massive compared to incoming damage, endurance rarely comes up. And past Act 3 we get so many cool tools, it's very rare to ever drop below 50% endurance, short of tanking a Dragon Breath or something. The lack of health is annoyi
  8. Hire a random at bar when quest comes up, send them on it, murder them when they get back, and have Party menu remain empty? In general though, the game doesn't seemed designed with solo on mind, so doubt they go outta the way to accommodate the quirks of solo play.
  9. Yes....for all the reasons I just stated. There is more, of course, but that felt like enough to show the point. And as you don't have any reasoning of your own, I think we can close the case on this.
  10. People seem to be drawing the lumber jack crowd into this, as if the sentence is being passed on them as well. First, their 'existence' isn't very concrete, just being nameless NPCs. They whole, 'lets murder Hamke' thing never brings them up, and their random death charge on the team isn't even commented on by...anybody. Could very well just RPG convention (like the PC passing various judgments, or random strangers asking them to very personal crap all the dang time). You think if that was supposed to weigh in on it somehow, the writer would've given some weight to that. Or they just messed it
  11. By mostly doing the things you were doing anyways, really. It's just 35% Endurance and Health penalty, 7 deflection, and 21 Concentration penalty, it's not like it makes a character explode because someone looked at them wrong. You seem to have some idea it turns you into a glass cannon. It's really not that big a deal, not all of those penalties even matter. The deflection is basically pointless, as deflection in small amounts barely moves the needle. The Endurance doesn't matter, as the game gives you plentiful ways to reduce incoming damage to levels healing effects can keep up with it. The
  12. Yeah, I'm hoping PoE is to PoE 2 what SRR was to DF, NWN OC was to HotU, or NWN 2 OC was to MotB. Maybe BG to BG2, but I'm the weird guy who prefers BG1. The game did a lot of stuff in the right direction, just seems some hiccups in the development cycle messed it up a bit.
  13. Great review, sums up my feelings as well. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a game I've played that has more atrocious writing than what Beamdog put on display here. Every aspect is dreadful; characters, plot, dialogue, lore, it's all awful. Having to wade through all of that is not offset by IWD2 style corridor killing with worse combat. On more subjective critiques, the new UI drives me batty. But it likely is actually fine, and just me loving the UI I've played a dozen times already, so I won't hold that against the game.
  14. Yeah, none of those moments are anything I'd ever reflect on with my friends 5+ years down the line. They weren't bad or anything in-game, just not amazing due to the writing style, which seemed very workman-like. Not pretentious or fanfic at all, with no cringe, facepalm, or eye-rolls, which in this new age of Indie and Kickstarter RPGS, is an accomplishment in itself.
  15. I mean, the initial post was pretty much just a 'Hey, just letting you all know, put me on Ignore, kay?' Waaay too obvious in the troll attempt.
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