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  1. It is a good starting point for a sequel - we know there is a weapon that can kill gods, and we even know where a piece of it is. Maybe we get to whack a few more of them in the future. I'm coming for you, Hylea!
  2. That gun comes from a pirate captain in the cave, I got him (her?) on the third round of bounties. So it takes a while.
  3. And what would you accomplish by that? People all around the world consider the gods to be a very important part of their lives. Simply turning the gods off, with all their divine power, with all the blessings they grant their followers, might not be a wise idea. There's no divine power. They're just sharing their soul-power. They're not gods; they're Engwithan constructs designed to incarnate Engwithan prinicples and ideals. Destroy them, free everybody from the chains of Engwithan control. You forget that people believed in gods long before the Engwithans came up with this brilliant idea. People would make up new gods and worship them. Or maybe just keep worshipping the old ones (even if they die like Eothas). After all, one does not have to believe everything some bloke from the street says. And if gods fall silent, it's not like people will stop praying to them. Some will, but in the end faith is it's own reward for many. Especially since we are talking about a setting where your own conviction can make you stronger and change the world around you (paladins, priests). Yeah, but these aren't natural generated gods. It's like if I designed a computer AI, called it Jehova, filled with the teachings of the Westboro Baptist Chuch, and told everybody this is God and you have to do what it says. They're just constructs; their philosophies and ideals given form. ENGWITHAN philosophies and ideals given form. There's no gods here. It's just a long-dead empire trying to impose their concepts of what's important on future societies. Destroying these artificial, fixed, unchanging gods would allow people to evolve and modify/invent new gods. I'm not saying they would all be enlightened atheists. But imagine if we were still stuck with, say, the gods of the Aztecs.
  4. That's more 'nut case' than 'evil', after all, your character was traveling with them for a reason. Why kill them now? Especially when you are sick and might need them?
  5. I was upset we had no option to break the last machine, or somehow 'turn the gods off'. Maybe in the sequel...
  6. I don't think anything about it is cost effective, except the bounties, but it is an ok base of operations.
  7. Can't find wall button to open hidden room in Endless Paths Level 9 even with PER of 20. Two levels down, can't find a room stash. This doesn't seem right... My save game was from before patch 1.03, and I've tried a few different ones.
  8. All stats seem useful - Fighters actually can make good use of Resolve. I'm leaning towards keeping stats pretty balanced.
  9. Sagani may not do much damage, but seems to get a lot of interrupts, which are also useful. I wish I could enchant a bow to interrupt constantly. (If I can, I haven't found out how.)
  10. Related question, maybe - do merchants always keep what you sell them? Sometimes it seems stuff is still there, other times they seem to have refreshed their inventory.
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