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  1. For a couple reasons, I'd really like there to be less voices. Not only do the actors chosen most often NOT sound like I envision, but all that voice work adds to the size of the game file(s). If we could get rid of speech, I could download and start playing much quicker!
  2. Much of what the OP says is right and could have been solved by several million more dollars spent in production.
  3. This difficulty issue is so important it shows up on pretty much every game forum everywhere.
  4. I'm so beyond bored with all this nonsense. I voted for the separate thread, but would rather have it in an entirely separate website.
  5. I'm so beyond bored with all this nonsense. I voted for the separate thread, but would rather have it in a separate website.
  6. I'd like the ability for individual stealth, too, but it's not much work to leave the rest of the party behind while my scout goes out in stealth mode to see what's coming, The one thing I'd really like is the ability to name my saves, but I imagine that would be a lot of work that could be better spent on fixing things that more people complain about.
  7. We called that method a "Xeen-Sweep" from Might and Magic IV, the first game I played with those square maps. Left to right, top to bottom, but sometimes mixing it up for the sake of variety.
  8. My only problem with stealth is that the entire party enters into it. Like in most of these games, my main character is a rogue type who leads the group. Since I usually have her scout ahead, being in stealth mode is second nature. Also, in this game, it's a good way from having her look silly running around all the time. I'm sorry OP doesn't like, but since he used the magic word "immersion," maybe he'll get what he wants.
  9. For me its immersion. Although I don't like that word (to me, it's used like it's some sort of trump card in gaming arguments because some focus group found it resonates well or something), I agree 100%. Maybe because I don't like running, but it just seems wrong that my character would run very often at all, much less after getting in a fight or going somewhere she's never been before. I wouldn't do it in real life, and walking just feels "natural" when exploring.
  10. I like the combat pretty much just the way it is. It's probably micro-managing, but when I'm controlling a party, I expect to have to tell them all what to do each turn. I like that much better than the "set and forget" way, which I find about as "immersive" as auto-resolve.
  11. I <whatever the number is by now> this request. I routinely name my saves with generic names (good, temp, danger, hurt, talk, fight, selling, okay etc) and then zip them and archive them. This assigned naming puts me in the same position I had with Witcher, where I had to keep track on a piece of scratch paper what was going on with the saves and could only tell the difference by the time stamp. Yeah, I save way too much, but in my defense I hate having to go back and replay. I don't mind making a bad choice or having a bad outcome (living with the results is a big part of the fun), so I save all the time just to keep from having to do things a second time.
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