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  1. Way to keep it classy people. Humour is and always will be subjective, and that is just fine. Haven't finished the game yet mind you, but so far there have been some decent moments that got a smile out of me. Nothing that had me in tears, but neither am I expecting that from this game.
  2. He seems to be covering his bases more than anything. And I get that, he's a businessman after all. What I did find interesting in that quote (I haven't read the full article so maybe he addresses this further) is the part about wanting to create discussion. Have mature even offensive content, have it spark debates. I absolutely agree on that, and encourage it. And I think that is where they may have made a mistake with the poem. Instead of taking it down when someone took offence, perhaps they should have encouraged people to discuss it. Why is it offensive to person A? Why do some t
  3. Just stop posting in the topic if you aren't interested. If people spam new threads or derail topics I'm sure the mods will deal with it. Censoring things because you feel it isn't interesting or you personally feel it's run its course is rather silly, imho.
  4. Let me counter your question with: Does my right become more right if I am in a minority, and am I allowed to be more of a **** if I am? Does my right become more right if I also rile up people around me, who have no idea what my emotions are or who I am but they simply feel emotional because I am emotional? Take Denmark's embassy in the Middle-East (Yes, I am comparing with that, if you know what I am talking about), where islamists got riled up because a Danish artists had made a painting of "He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named" (lol). Whilst marching towards the embassy, the crowd became larger a
  5. English isn't your first language but you feel qualified to criticize the excellent writing in this game? Just wow... You dismiss someone's opinion on a games writing based on them not being a native English speaker? Just wow... FYI you don't have to be a stellar writer, to be critical of the writing of someone else.
  6. Pretty much this. It's been mentioned some times in this thread already and I fully agree. 8/10 is not a bad score, it's a really good score actually. And I can see why PoE would get that. It's not a perfect game, it is however a really good game...8/10. If there is an issue it is indeed that DA:I and similar AAA or indies friendly with the reviewer will get a crazy inflated score. That is why I stopped looking at review scores a long time ago. I'll rather spend a little longer reading forums and boards dedicated to games and gauge what the consumers have to say about it.
  7. This, however, is not fake. Don't know. The way some people in this thread has now determined the other one being fake is actual fact. Don't be surprised if some will question the validity of this one. Disclaimer: I'm not saying the original tweet is surely a real one that got deleted later. I am however saying it's impossible to determine. Some people have decided it's "clearly fake" - which is just ridiculous and a cheap way to try and get their views across. Why do people always have to embellish?
  8. For what it's worth, I honestly don't see a lot of actual "Obsidian is RUINED" reactions in here, mostly snark and the usual derailed topic of whether or not SJWs are the coming of the apocalypse or saving the world (hyperbole very much intended). At any rate, fake or deleted is irrelevant for the purpose of this thread. Nothing will happen and I agree this should be closed.
  9. You mean gamergate? Yeah I think it is for the most part. I see this often, whenever people who are progamergate talk about anything but "ethics in journalism" many who oppose them get this "AHA, GOTCHA!!" reaction. Why? I am pretty sure the vast majority of supporters of gamergate are in fact gamers, with a large interest in games outside their involvement in gamergate. Being pro gamergate doesn't mean every opinion or discussion you have is made from that platform. As an example I'm a social democrat, doesn't mean every opinion and conclusion I come to is made with the mantle of social dem
  10. Give it a f*cking rest Calm down. Why even reply to it if you want the matter to dwindle, ignore it instead.
  11. Here is where your assumptions are wrong: I have a trans friend who sent me a text about this whole matter. She is far more livid about Obsidian caving than I am, I am mostly disappointed. You seem to assume that being trans means you speak for all trans people. Because you have some kind of hivemind? Sorry to break the news to you but trans people are just like everyone else, they come in all manner of personalities. They can be the greatest friends, annoying dramaqueens, the biggest d-bags and everything in between. Nobody gets a free pass on being a decent human being ever. Not becaus
  12. Wow that reads like any politician covering their failed election promises.
  13. Then start by being angry at Eric: the man who calls for all men, logically including those like him, to be murdered! I have no idea who Eric is, but the woman who first brought up this whole thing has indeed joked with "Kill all men." Very clearly joked. Are you seriously using that as an attack? Because that's... pretty darn hilarious, actually. It's like when I got called a eugenicist for doing a joke bit pretending to be an old-timey scientist. For someone so adamantly defending an offensive piece of humor, you really should pay more attention to what is and isn't serious! No
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