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  1. You mean Pathfinder, right? Pathfinder, what a snooze fest & more of a powergamers paradise than 3rd edition. It's all about 2nd edition, you know: where I didn't need a ****ing feat to side step. Imagination works well, I mean that's what the whole thing is about ... right? You don't need a feat to 5-ft-step in 3rd edition. A five foot step is both a free action and doesn't invoke attacks of opportunity. Also, I will never get tired of saying this: **** THACO. :-D Yeah but you can rewrite all that bull and make 2.75 to where you don't have Thac0 you just got regular AC and regular to hit. Give a little better bonuses for Stats below 16 and above 11 ... bham instant success. And yes, there was a feat for side stepping in one of the 3rd edition rule books, it's when I decided 3rd edition was absolute fail and anything replicating it is based in a system of fail. Edit: Okay okay okay, and make one xp table and maybe if you really want to get nitpicky mod the Thac0 tables a little, though there really isn't a need to as AC doesn't get better than -10 (or 30 to your preference) in 2nd edition. See the thing about second edition is that it's simple and exceptionally brutal without needing all the fancy rules and names for stuff.
  2. I would love to learn how to mod this game, I've got so many ideas that I would love to expand on. A sub-forum would be most welcome. Edit: You can respec toons with the IE mod.
  3. Best Part is you used Fighters, Paladins, and Wizards. 2/3rds of your party was made of the "lame" classes that every one says are so terrible. Props to showing them they don't really know what they're talking about. ^_^
  4. Hit the ` button > type in: iroll20s > cheats are now enabled and you can now type in: rest Use your best judgement on when you should use it to make the game a bit less of a pain in the ass, but still a challenge?
  5. You mean Pathfinder, right? Pathfinder, what a snooze fest & more of a powergamers paradise than 3rd edition. It's all about 2nd edition, you know: where I didn't need a ****ing feat to side step. Imagination works well, I mean that's what the whole thing is about ... right?
  6. That's cause you like power building. (Nothing wrong with that.) It's easy to compensate for this in table top games, not so much to do in video games. In table top games you just make everything fighting your character that much stronger even if it's just a normal level 1 skeleton to everyone else.
  7. You're right, it's not a "mod" it's just a large collection of portraits, though you know what I mean. As far as portraits go ... I think the game had plenty. I remember when I had about 8 or so to choose from in Baldurs Gate until people made 1000's more. Luckily it's a simple process to make your own and import more.
  8. They are able to be customized through the command console and there's a mod that allows you to reset them to square zero and build them back up. Durance is certainly one of my most favored NPCs in any game I've come across.
  9. Uhm, has anyone even checked the nexusmods for this? There's already mods that add plenty of portraits. Nuff Said.
  10. Aah yes. The lowest common denominator. Funny. Why, then, did they name drop Baldur's Gate? Why didn't they just...you know... name drop a bigger selling Bioware game.... Like Dragon Age or something? Silly Obsidian. Uhm because you don't get kickstarters funded by name dropping Dragon Age? Derp!
  11. Coming from someone who played NWN2 Multiplayer for years where they had run/walk toggle, I can say that I certainly used this all the time, as did most other players. I even leave my off hands empty in game to switch out weapons to hands when I'm in civilized parts of the world. The fact that I have to run all the time is quite annoying and I recall on more than a handful of occasions muttering under my breath about my party running all the damned time. Some of us like to sit back and be perspective about what we see in the game and not let the game tell us. Hell I even sit back and make notes in my journal about interesting aspects of the game. Like when you get to the strong hold, and there's that house surrounded by five protruding points with ridges and twirls upon them, I opened up my journal and wrote about how they appeared to be fingers. Lo and behold, the game makes mention of that not much later.
  12. Threat systems aren't bad, but taunt for aggro is a pretty gimpy imo ... sorry but if there's a wizard about to shove a fireball up my arse I don't care what you're yelling at me, my priority will still be to plant my blade in his neck. I think the engagement system works just fine.
  13. Maybe it's just me then Not really. While I agree with some of what you're saying here, the distinction you're attempting to make does not work for PoE. First, this IS a Combat-First game. Trying to shoo away its prominent "hack and slash" elements, as if they're some trivial distraction, instead of the game's very foundation itself, is absurd. Second, one of the name dropped, selling points of this game was the promise that it'd be a spiritual successor to, among others, the Icewind Dale series. And those are Hack-and-Slashers by every definition of that term. Plus the game has a 15 level megadungeon. Plus the game has an adventurer's hall mechanic. Plus every single village and city has a dungeon under it. None of this is coincidence, nor is it an "exception to the rule". It's what the game IS. And that being the case, when people come here and complain that they're not having fun doing hack-n-slash runs of the game, then that is a significant gripe that deserves a better response than: "you're playing it wrong!" Maybe it's just me then, I'm using companion party on PotD none of my guys are min maxed, and I'm on expert mode. I regularly micromanage my party during combat and it seems pretty tough to me. (I don't walk through combat like it's laughable.) I also think I'm pretty damn good at the game and could easily make the combat laughable should I chose to exploit the exploits. I'm also not shooing away the prominent aspect of it I'm saying don't min max, which the guy said in a previous post on another thread that he was using a party of 6 wizards in plate. To me that says he's using all hired characters. Load me up some proof of how easy it is on PotD difficulty without a min maxed party with expert mode on, and no command console cheating and then maybe I'll buy into the argument that it's too easy. Seen some nice video's of people using exploits and min maxed parties, but I haven't seen a full on legit playthrough on PotD and Expert mode be such a breeze. If it is for him then good job. Problem is his story doesn't always add up.
  14. Stop using a 6 party min maxed group, that's not playing a RPG that's playing a Hack and Slash. There's a huge difference, besides the best RPG in the past decade was easily NWN2 Multiplayer. If you missed out on that then I don't know what to tell you. Some servers were absolutely brutal and if you attempted to min max your character well ... you actually had to Role play your **** stats, if you didn't want to RP then you obviously don't actually like RPGs you just like Party based tactical hack and slashes.
  15. You bore me mageling. If this game has server side support similar to NWN and NWN2 then this game will be huge, why? Because NWN1 and NWN2 Multiplayer was amazing when you got on a server where your character could actually make a difference in the story of the server.
  16. I noticed that the patch screwed this up for a game I started, I kid you not, I started a character did the first fight with the Wolves, there were two wolves ... Then I went to sleep woke up and patched the game, the guys at the camp weren't the same number as my first play through on hard ... I was like WTF is this? So I remade the character and put it on hard and voila, everything was good. The Patch reverted the game back to an easier difficulty. That's the only explanation I can conjure.
  17. Does anyone have the numbers for total XP earned over the entire game? You will have to base numbers off of that. To me, the level ups in this game are rather lack luster, but I guess as a group game they kind of need to be or else it would be way too easy (and it's already pretty easy on Hard Mode with Expert Option on).
  18. Paladins are good DPS, Tanky, Healers, and add good group Bonuses. Probably the most well rounded class in the game saying they suck simply means you don't know what you're talking about. Where as they may not be number 1 in all things, the certainly stand alone in how well rounded they are. Should they be buffed for better abilities, I think so, but my main character in my first play through was a Paladin, I didn't seem to have any problems ( I played on hard with expert mode on).
  19. Besides, it's already been fixed. Here: http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/26/?
  20. The game is pretty easy (not that this is bad, the IE games were easier), so you can really get away with anything. The reason people are upset is because Wizard is already worse than Cipher/Druid and this just widens the gap. No it doesn't. It just fixed two broken spells. The buffs more than make up for those. If you win games by finding the broken mechanics, then exploiting the bejeezus out of them, then moaning when they get fixed, you're denying yourself a lot of fun. Slicken was nerfed not fixed. Chill fog was fixed not nerfed. Nerfing is lazy and ruins something that could still have the potential to be effective. It's already been stated that it's a classic spell - Grease. Using Grease on a spell caster is quite a normal trick. The buffs don't make up for anything if you don't value them, also the nerfs don't harm in any way if you don't value them. Personally the "rebalancing" from what I've read just makes the game easier, and it certainly doesn't need to be easier.
  21. The game is pretty easy (not that this is bad, the IE games were easier), so you can really get away with anything. The reason people are upset is because Wizard is already worse than Cipher/Druid and this just widens the gap. Let them be mad, this is what people get for bitching about balance. There's a command console to allow you to rebalance yourself as much as you want, also learning to mod things the way you want also helps in this regard. I find wizards to be powerful enough as is without slicken or chill fog.
  22. I'm playing on Hard with Expert mode on in my first play through, I've not ever used Slicken or Chill Fog and I'm using a human paladin as my main character, which everyone says is pretty gimpy in comparison to other classes. I'm managing just fine.
  23. Ahh, leveling up, something that has been bastardized for those candy asses who always need to feel rewarded with something. I'd much rather see level ups be a harrowing experience and a grueling task to even achieve but make each level up significant. Even in Baldur's Gate where leveling up took millions of experience and quite a long time once you hit later levels was still too much. Old School D&D did it right, a level five is down right scary, a level 10 you'd probably think you came across a God if you were a commoner. With that said, I would love to see leveling proved to be much more of a challenge yet also prove to be more substantial.
  24. Suggested Attribute Spread for Talky Character ... Console Command your attributes to your liking ...
  25. The lead designer of PoE does not like Wizards. They represent everything wrong about class design (according to his opinion). Right now even my fighter/tank is using more abilities per combat then my PC Wizard on auto-attack...Its really ironic... Well ... is he making the game for himself or for the players? Looks like he needs to get his head on straight. Cant EDIT: tried to keep the intent with less personal language. BTW: I do the same when the post is about any member, dev or lowly schlub like me or you.
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