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  1. I dunno ... my Hearth Orlan Bleak Walker Paladin of Skaen hits with quite a lot of critical hits ...
  2. All in all PoE is a game, it's there for your enjoyment! I want to play a Paladin of Magran, the orders be damned, so I force it via the command console. If one must get mods to change the game to your liking then why not simply use the command console to ones own advantage? I do, I roll my stats because I dislike limited point systems, I give my character free talents and abilities because I can ... my paladin can't turn undead, okay so I gave him the ghost and vessel hunter talents, I also gave my paladin the Scion of Flame ability once I felt like he was worthy of it. If you don't want a balanced character then modify him not to be balanced, besides it's also easy to keep yourself relatively balanced even when using the command console. The only "cheating" you're doing is cheating yourself of fun because others might have some righteous opinion on how you should play YOUR game. If you don't want to use the command console then keep in mind resting and food bonuses for stats, also I feel Paladin DPS is highly underrated as Flames of Devotion does some pretty terrifying numbers with a good two handed sword. Try a Fire Godlike and don't focus so much on deflection but go for maximum DR. Just remember that when all is said and done - when it comes to single player games - the player is Ao and you can pass around whatever portfolios and blessings you choose.
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