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  1. Hmm nice ad hominem there dude. Maybe they are not fanboys but are just pointing out that it's not bad design just because you suck at the game? Yeah i suck at a game with garbage combat mechanics.
  2. I like that immediately when someone points out factual evidence of a bad combat design in this game fanboys always jump to the conclution that is because the person in question plays CoD or likes Action RPG'S, even if that were truth that dosent serve as an argument or anything.
  3. Having to micro manage everything is just ridiculous, i just cant play it, i cant seriously, is tedious and boring to PAUSE, PAUSE,PAUSE,PAUSE, i laugh at people that say turn based breaks immersion NAH, this BS does breaks immersion, having to pause like crazy to issue orsers to every character is annoying, THERE IS TOO MUCH ****ING STUFF HAPPENING AT THE SAME ****ING TIME!!!! i cant take it, seriously it gaves me headache, then also not being able to rotate your camera to see stuff that is happeining behind a wall or a door?????????, REALLY????, your combat is a mess. Are you ever going to fix your mess or going to keep inisiting trash mechanics are now a "FEATURE"?
  4. Thanks, im using the hooded guy for my mage, it looks identical.
  5. Spells with individual uses instead of shared uses and no cool down for switching grimoires or a very simbolic one for wizard would fix the problem that exist with all the caster classes where they only use the most OP of their spells and the others barely see any use at all.
  6. I have an update on the matter, the issue only is worse by the fact that the sounds seems to replace one or the other, i mean, if someone else voice or another sound effect is playing then NO OTHER VOICE OIR SOUND EFFECT will trigger!, try it yourself, make 2 guys cast almost at the same time but one a bit earlier than the other and only the one that casted earlier is the one you are going to hear, in crowded battles with many sound effects you are practically not going to hear any casting at all.
  7. No... we are talking about your characters voice when casting.
  8. I just tested all the voices for male: Voices that have very low casting sounds (barely audible): -Sinister -Noble -Mistic Voices that have med casting sounds (Audible but a bit more would be nice): -Stoic Voices that have a good audible sound (Perfect): -Feisty I hope there is a way the devs can tune up the volume on the first 4 because i dont like Feisty that much, tough his casting is badass.
  9. Holy cows, then i have this too, and its a shame because Aloth casting sounds SO AWESOME. Any chance to fix this?
  10. Really?, i have a Cipher too with a noble voice which command input produce a voice effect?, i havent noticed any of this.
  11. I really like how Aloth speaks when he casts a spell and how his voice has an echo to it, it SO BADASS, unfortunately for my PC wizard i havent seen him do this and i think maybe it had to do with the voice i choose for him (STOIC), does anyone has a PC that does a similar thing like Aloth and what voice did you choose?
  12. Its funny how all the fanboys always call someone a troll just because we dare to criticize "their presious" whatever it is. Only fanboys full of nostalgia would call problems features when you could easily make a wonderful game but solving the stupid issues those kind of games had back in the day, there was no need to bring those problems back as if they were features, THATS STUPID, an the only way the devs did that its because all of the stupid feedback they got from FANBOYS which is the cancer in the gaming industry because they DONT THINK, they don use this precious thing called BRAIN and logic or any kind of reasoning, a fanboy always thinks everything is good and therefore everything is perfect so ONLY A FANBOY would think bringing this problems back would be a feature. Features /= problems.
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd agree, the combat is better, and I have 100's (literally) of hours is DA:O. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  14. With all due respect, this game was made for people old enough to remember Baldur's Gate. I don't think you're the target audience. Yeah, when does those games were released again?... Its 2015, they should have aleviated those problems, or now its a good thing to have all of this problems again just for the sake of the nostalgia?, seriously, why bring those problems AS A FEATURE, thats stupid.
  15. My most played games are RPG so you are wrong. Like i said to another person, this ARE PROBLEMS NOT FEATURES. I didn't say RPGs aren't up your alley. I said this kind of game isn't up your alley. I mean, if Obsidian said "OK we have to change the game to fix everything Zherot said", they'd have to make a pretty different game, right? They'd have to rebalance basically the entire thing, too. I think that's a pretty good indication that this game, at least, isn't up your alley. Didnt you read?, the things im reporting ARE PROBLEMS NOT FEATURES, please dont make me REPEAT MYSELF.
  16. Yeah, well you are wrong too, because i never complained about DA:O which is the best of those series, BUT here is the thing fanboy, DA:O has NONE of this problems that POE has.
  17. My most played games are RPG so you are wrong. Like i said to another person, this ARE PROBLEMS NOT FEATURES.
  18. -Micromanage everything... sounds like FUN(sarcasm), seriously why no any kind of AI even the stupidiest AI of DA:I would have been welcome... -Friendly fire and no option to turn it off, i think what hurts more the wizards or any kind of AoE spell is the fact that you cant use them, the enemies always surround your party leaving all enemies and allies clustered in one place... and that makes cipher an other classes with only FOE AOE more usefull... -You cant see **** when everyone gathers together you cant tell what the hell is happening and because of the way the game is designed you cant obviously turn the camera or something. -Spell limits is THE MOST STUPID THING I HAVE SEEN IN AN RPG EVER, you have all this spells with your priest BUT GUESS WHAT? you are going to save the uses for the spells that restore endurance only because thats the thing some spells ARE more usefull than others AND you WILL be saving the spell uses for those not for the other spells... -As far as i can tell there is no aggro mechanic so good luck trying to make your squishy characters to survive if an enemy randomly decides to attack them. Is NOT FUN to pause the game over and over and over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER because you have to micro manage EVERYTHING it hurts even immersion seriously, the epic music is playing in the background while everything is frozen until you do something and one milisecond later pause again so you can do another thing WTF i cant see myself controlling 6 or 7 dudes this is stupid. You dont even get exp in battles... so maybe they did that on purpose so you skip the majority of them because they know how crappy the combat is... lol. A shame because i was really liking the other stuff in the game, the classes (not really the spells i think they are random spells that dont even have some synergy or something just random ideas thrown in there), the story of my character and how you interact with other people and stuff i mean NOTHING MIND BLOWING but it was entertaining and decent, but hell the combat sucks BIG TIME.
  19. I agree. My PC is on auto-attack whole time, while i am controlling G-Milf every combat. My party level is currently only at 7. I was looking forward level 9 to start using Fog/Slicken more just for the fun of it... Well what you can do when lead designer hates wizards. I just do not know... My PC is always Wizard...I feel like completely stopping playing PoE, until some big IE spell mod is created. You can use a trainer to give you unlimited camping supplies.
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