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  1. Well, then do whatever you want im gonna still use per encounter spells even if i have to use a mod to achieve it, and since i doubt this will be implemented anytime soon i will finish my game with my "OP" wizard per encounter spells so i hope that at least gives TC diarrhea and everyone else that is QQing for nerfs in sp games and i doubt i will finish the game a second time, who knows, i dont think so since even with the AI and some improvements the combat still feels like a mess and cheesy, but thats another topic, thing is the only enjoyable thing for me is to use my Wizard and knowing im gonna get per encounter spells soon, the reward after having to rest every single time i ran out of spells. Eliminating this reward from the players that choose spellcasters is just gonna make the game more tedious than already is, which is not good for the game BUT whatver, shoot yourselves in the foot if you want and like i said, if this becomes a "talent" then people will cry about that talent being too powerful... You already have a choice, you dont need the devs to do what you can already achieve, you dont want per encounter spells, mod the game, thats it, there is no need to impose your BS on everybody else and make the devs to waste resources and time on something that is nothing more than a tantrum, thats what mods are for, to tweak the game as you personaly feel it would be better for your experience, but when you are crying and trying to make this changes to everyone else then it becomes a problem and you bet your ass im gonna stand against it.
  2. I like the "take as a talent" idea, a lot! Which everybody is going to take... and now you are making it mandatory. Um. In one of my groups I would, yes. In the other, no. And it's not a "competing against the rest of the world" game anyway, so why would it matter? Besides, no one from the devs has said they're going to do this, so why are you getting defensive? Because i dont like people telling me how should i play my single player games, also that talent would be mandatory because it would be just too good to not use it, which will then make people come here to the forums and whine about that talent being too powerful.
  3. I like the "take as a talent" idea, a lot! Which everybody is going to take... and now you are making it mandatory.
  4. You can criticize all you want but openly asking for nerfs is ridiculous, if Wizard or spells per encounter in this matter where truly OP they would have adressed it by now seriously, i mean they wouldnt even designed them that way, they could just do de same resource system with mana and stuff wich i personally like more but they decised to go this route for a reason. In the end what you want in a an RPG its to become powerful after all the suffering of the first levels, if you take that away then there is no reward.
  5. Deleted ~ Gorgon. And just so you know im using the mod to get per encounter spells at levels 6 and 9, since what other people does or dosent do with their single player games affect you so much i hope this gives you a stroke out of rage.
  6. Thanks, does this mod updates on a regular basis, i wouldnt like to not be able to update my game to the latest version every time obsidian launches a new patch, also what does it mean "party Los" and "Individual LoS" ?, what is the one that is vanilla like?, because i wouldnt like to change too muhc how the vanilla game works.
  7. Change scout mechanics?, i mean i really dont like to be in stealth forever just to find hidden stuff, or some way to make it even faster because ven when im on fast mode it feels slow, realy slow.
  8. But this is what i like, this dudes actually listen to feedback and now we have our AI even if ts crappy, thats a start.
  9. Can you resume it?, even if its not relevant to the topic i would like to know what it says, too lazy to read it though.
  10. Since the UI bugs are common issue and they already know about this im just gonna comment on what i saw starting the game, Calisca voice was bugged to me, the voice was kicking in the middle of what she was supposed to say, i mean she wasnt saying her lines complete, i dont know why but so far she has been the only one with this behavior, i hope no one else has this bug because that would prevent me to actually continue with the game, which is a shame because im just starting it....
  11. You may be right, having too much damaging spells may be redundant specially since the only thing you care about is the damage and in the end i doubt there is gonna be a lot of situations in where you cant just use fire or frost spells, i remember now that this was actually something i didnt liked about this game, spells are redundant, dosent help either that i finished DOS before playing POE, that game has a great way of make magic work so everything its useful and dosent feel redundant and the way the magic interact is just awesome.
  12. What?, its a good thing to ask, what about if he hasnt bought the expansion?, mybe he wants to ask before making a purchase.
  13. When traveling to another place the window that says to you how many hours it will take you to go to that place somehow is not showing the "accept" or "cancel" buttons, i can still click on them even if they dot show up. EDIT: Actually this is happening even in the window that tells you if you really want to quit the game or dont, i cant see the accept or cancel buttons either. Also i noticed that Calisca at the beggining of the game dosent speak her entire lines, i mean the voice kicks in like in the middle of what she is supposed to say and then the voice is normaly heard. Is this some common bugs or this is only a problem i have...
  14. I wish i could edit the tittle, i apologize for the way i named the thread, i think i just wasnt thinking straight and let myself carried away by a video on the net that turns out wasnt really that accurate.
  15. I dont know how you got your hands on this list but this is really good, i guess im gonna go for philosopher then even if its not optimal because 11 its a lot to me. Thank you very much.
  16. Philosopher comes often or it dosent? that would be my RP pick but i would have to pick either aristocrat or artist for min/maxing does come often?
  17. For roleplaying purposes i would like my character to be a philosopher BUT that would give me a point in resolve that would not be "optimal" talking about mix/maxing but i could tottally forget about that if my background is going to come often in conversations... since i already made a human and that got me another resolve point but i really dont want to make another race for the same thing. If it dosent come often or only at the start of the game when you talk with calisca then i wil say **** it and pick whatever fits better my stats. Help please.
  18. Well at least you gave me an idea on what to look for, im gonna think about that sneak attack and the dangerous implements, if i really need them or i can replace them with the lighting and corrode talents, im not really a fan of bosting too much pasive auto-attacks and the dangerous implements sounds really dangerous lol considering that i will wave a really low con to begin with.
  19. Thanks for the really informative posts pi2repsion i cant thank you enough for all that information. If i take the talents that improve the damage of corrode, lighting and ice would be good to improve some of my spell damage or they are not worth it? I remember when i first played this game that when i saw the talens a lot of people were picking the ones that gives you more spells per rest and i saw those talents that give you more damage with your elements and thought it was weird no one was taking those.
  20. Thanks for the post, im interested in the blaster Wizard you are describing pi2repsion what talents should i pick?, also i dont know why but it seems that the video i linked is not showing up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46aelfrCo-0&list=PL4UqltmSKaEeCbgMY7nx2U0kngJ77wwhX&index=12 If it still dosent show up just put this on youtube: Pillars of Eternity: White March - Wizards Guide The guy in that video says that Wizard damaging spells is terrible and that you should focus on the weapons they can conjure, a thing that i didnt liked one bit. I want to play wizard and i like magic overall in games since i like AoEs in games, so thats what i would like to focus in BIG AoEs that do damage thats also why i would like to go for the "blaster" that pi2repsion mentiones because it sounds fun.
  21. I want to try this game again since now they implemented the AI and see if thats good enough to not need to micromanage every single damn thing and i was thinking in starting over and making a Wizard since i love magic classes, the thing is from some info i got from Youtube and other from steam, it seems like Wizards arent still good... also before i remember i put a lot of int and migh and dex now a video i saw its suggesting to put perception instead of dexterity, which i really dont understand since dexterity means faster casting... So... is Wizard any good or i just do a Cipher if i want to be a "caster" type, thing is i actually want to do damage, it dosent work for me a class that has "fireball" and does crappy damage with it (as i heard in a youtube video which im going to link below), i really want MY NUKES or else whay would i pick a wizard that isnt a wizard at all... This is the video i saw: Its really disappointing to hear that they do more damage in melee with a stupid weapon (weapons they conjure) than with nukes.... i picked adamn Wizard not a damn fighter, Jesus.
  22. Yeah I got up to get a snack the other day and the game finished itself before I got back - then it uninstalled itself - then it went online and found a new game and finished that one too - by the gods I love playing these games... Hahaha, you are so lame.
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