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  1. you mean... like a scepter? becuause those are, in fact, what blasting skills are attached to already in this game: wands, scepters, rods. there is no need for a modified staff, because they already did that. maybe move rod from noble to peasant (since noble has scepter already), and make unarmed a general class everyone gets at startup. then your staff users can use a staff, or a rod, and the rod gives them the blast ability if they are a mage. No. I don't mean a one-handed silly looking fat metal wand thing. I mean like a wizard's focus/battle staff. f.e
  2. 'Eh, ideally it would've been two different weapons; A 'normal' Quarterstaff for monks, fighters & matrim cauthon wannabees. A 'blasting' staff, ala Dragon Age / Guild Wars. Perhaps we will see mods in the future, that add 'staff' skins to rods/wands and custom animations.
  3. Double Drain weapons is pretty obscene, it's funny how you see your endurance rush back up to full after taking a hit.
  4. Uh, upgrading the fortress should be an afterthought. Picking up good magical items (with great 'unique' enchants) is worth it, because you can upgrade them later with fine-exceptional-superb. You should also get Vulnerable Attack/Penetrating Shot.
  5. One Stands Alone grants +20 damage if engaged with 2 or more enemies afaik. Not sure if WAD or someone made a typo.
  6. You are seriously undervaluing Carnage and Frenzy. The aspd multiplier from Frenzy is quite considerable, might is just gravy. Threatening Presence and other -Fortitude effects combined with Brute Force is also quite nice. The Fighter might maybe have better single-target dps (I haven't done the math), but make no mistake, with 2 or more targets in Carnage range, the Barbarian is the king in melee damage.
  7. Two handers are definitely not worthless. Rolling with an Estoc is quite viable. Fighter/Barbarian work best.
  8. I'm not sure why you think he won't reach front lines. If you go with a custom character or IEmod Kana, you can get high Int. Place them in the mid-ground and they'll reach both front lines and the ranged just fine.
  9. Even with the nerf, Ila's is still quite strong. As long as you have at least 3-4 reloading ranged characters, I'd bring a chanter still.
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