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  1. I was able to recall Sagani from escorting some wanted guy out of town (was going to take 5 days, there were 3 left when...). I was able to recall her from the escort and assign her to a Major Adventure. She went straight ahead on the mission and later the escort completed successfully. Expected Behavior: Companion fails to complete escort and escorted person returns to Stronghold OR Companion is delayed in returning/unable to start another activity. In either case Escort should not complete. Steps to repeat: 1) Assign companion to escort mission. 2) Wait some amount of time so that escort is fully underway. 3) Click Recall button and assign companion from escort to another activity. Behavior: Escort completes at normal time as if companion completed normally. Companion goes on other activity successfully. Steam version Windows 7
  2. I think they merged sneaking and searching to the same animation due to the similarities in action. Either way you have to be slower and more careful.
  3. Durance is my 3rd place tank usually grabbing a straggler I'm following similar tactics to what has been provided above. The issue isn't that we can't make it. I'm playing on normal which means things are a lot easier overall I'm guessing. I have just been concerned that as to why my Cipher is SO far ahead in terms of damage and if I should worry about that.
  4. I figured early fortress would mean faster money, and it has started to pay me back (Keeping security at >2 over prestige) But I like their quips and stories And I don't want to use Cheat engine to fix things... don't trust that program.
  5. So I have a Cipher as my main character with base stat over 14. He primarily uses Mental Binding and Mind Blades. He has done over 50% of the damage compared to the rest of the party. My party consists of Eder, Pallegina, Durance, Kana, Aloth (who may be switched out for Sagini) They run up and do....6-9 damage. I take one shot with a pistol and do 42 damage... I want to experience the pre-generated companions quests, but they are so far acting like they can't keep up. I have the strongest equipment I've found on them (all cash going to the fortress because I'm hoping not to buy something expensive and immediately replace it in the next dungeon). Fights tend to go REALLY easily or we get crushed because they either can't make it through the 3 tanks or they melt them. Tanks are in Fine+ armor, best shields, Durance and Pallegina are right up there to heal each other and Eder. Most weapons are Fine+ Aloth is.... an interesting character, the next highest damage at (2500, compared to my Cipher's 12k overall). Am I doing something wrong here? We're level 5 and I'm guessing about or past half way through Defiance Bay side quests. Maybe this is just carry over from before the Mind Blades nerf? I'm just not sure if I am doing something wrong or if they are going to catch up. I understand that the pre-generated companions are not optimal, but neither is my main character. I'm playing on Normal. I hear people clearing the Odd Nua dungeon to level 5 at level 5 on higher difficulties, but the level 3 boss fight kicked my teams face in.
  6. So I've been running with: Eder, Pallegina, Durance, Aloth, Kana (had Sagani for a little while). Everyone has the best gear we've found, my Cipher is rocking Forgiveness (Pistol). Pre-Item stats: MGT 14, CON 10, PER 14, INT 12, RES 14 <- So, sub optimal. (items/perm-buffs will be aimed at INT to compensate) I use Mental Binding or Mind Blades most of the time. I have Recall Agony and Fractured Volition for boss killing. I don't really touch the level 1 powers any more, that focus is better dumped into higher stuff. Main character: 11k damage (at level 5). Everybody else: Less than 2000. I am DESTROYING things. I don't mind that... so much. But the rest of the party is lagging so far behind I feel like I'm some how not serving them right. Everyone hates on Aloth's stats but he's the next highest. And don't get on a high horse about how bad their stats are, I want their stories and witty quips
  7. I'm getting another patch at the time of this post. I had already updated to 1.3 and played (?) Steam account
  8. They *are* saying that they recognize these bugs and that they need fixed. I think what you are looking for is an apology. Which you might get, but you have to understand this is embarrassing to them. They have been is getting a lot of positive review, they did good work for the crpg community. But they did not have a gigantic team of testers to try to beat the thing into submission. Not to mention the fact that this got by all of the Backer Beta testers or was introduced as a side effect of some other fix. I'm upset. I want to play my game, but as soon as it started getting odd I came here and found other people had already found the trigger (saving at a location you picked up a companion). This is far from the only issue they are dealing with, so even though its the most important one for you... The most efficient way they can release the fixes, is in batches. Be patient. We're all excited to finally play, were all frustrated and (many of us) feel we have to stop playing with our shiny new toy for risk of breaking it further (or loosing out on the challenge). Patience.
  9. There are other issues going on with character stats that have been tracked to save locations. You might want to bring your information to this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73449-stat-bonus-modifiers-can-erroneously-be-applied-multiple-times-allowing-stats-to-grow-beyond-intended-values/
  10. It is nice that you have provided a fix, but cheat engine doesn't have the best rep, so you shouldn't be surprised that people are hesitant to use it or files from someone they don't know. I personally am hoping that Obsidian comes through with an official resolution soon.
  11. The key I found on the mercenaries in the 2nd floor of Purnisc's house opened the door to the room he was held in.
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