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  1. In the area Anslog's Compass there are (at least) three hidden stash locations that contain a page from Fulvano's Travels. If you put them in the stash together they stack. Each of the three pages is supposed to have a different story (one about the gloves, one about the boots, one about the compass) but when they become stacked they evidently seem to take the form of the first one in the stash. So now I've got three Fulvano's Travels pages that all discuss his gloves, even when I take them out of the stash and separate them.
  2. You don't want to bring in Bioware. Casey Hudson would just **** it up royal because his ideas supercede other ideas. A better choice would be Beamdog, which has many of the fine gentlemen who worked on BG. Though I've heard Black Isle was recently resurrected, and I'm not sure what talent they have currently.
  3. I can't help but notice that you have not mentioned recieving liscensing from Wizards of the Coast. Am I correct in believing that you *do not* have the ability to base this game off of D&D rules at this time?
  4. You're missing the best idea: Have an option for either. Part of the human condition is enjoying that feeling of control, hence being given more options is always preferable to not having them. One of my favorite things about fallout New Vegas was hardcore mode since it gave it that added realism of weight and forcing the player to think about sustenance. Having an option for gold to have weight can only be a good thing. Why make the decision for the players? Why not let them make it for themselves?
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