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  1. I realize its been some time, but anyways...I started playing again. Picking up where I left off...still bugged in 3.06. Here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4vc_2TaQ3jgbzY4TlViUnN0UU0 Just send Itumaak into range of the nearest fungi, they shoot bolts of confusion, he'll either be hit for 8.4 sec confused or if it crits (and it often does) for 12.6 seconds. This is exactly the same duration of confuse he would have got without the talent. And the same duration a member of the party would receive. There's no -5 seconds being subtracted, as per the description. Si
  2. I'm pretty sure I didn't pay her, but sent Eder as an escort, and I'm suffering the same bug.
  3. Would have been pretty easy to make dungeons whose reward once they are started linked to how often you camp. (E.g. kidnappers - find person dead or alive, ritual - get to heretics before they complete it, etc). Even some macro passage of time events linked to progress: e.g. mother gives birth to wicht baby (soulless), or baby has soul at 8-9 month mark.
  4. Visitors are returning to the stronghold who I can't find (e.g. Geyda wants a prisoner for experiments, but can't find him -- I only saw him during his initial visit). I read its a bug in another thread, but makes me feel like waiting for the next patch is mandatory.
  5. 1. Deflection is definitely a factor. Enemies will run to my wizard then run away from my wizard when he pops hardened arcane veil. 2. DR is definitely a factor. Shades will move towards than away from a wizard who pops bulwark of the elements (e.g. to ranger with low cold resist). 3. I believe low health is also a factor, but less sure than 1+2. Pretty sure I seen enemies switch targets to pile on a ally with low health. 4. Engagements make enemy significantly less likely to pursue its preferred target. I believe multiple engagements further reduce the chance. Not sure i
  6. In this save, if I turn in two unrelated quests "supply and demand" and then turn in "Brave Derrin" I'll only advance one stronghold turn for the first quest. If I reverse the order, then I am rewarded a stronghold turn for each quest. These quests are not related, so I'm not sure the order should matter? I've noticed other missed turns as well, as I try do all my turn ins for the end of the week so I can hire cheap guards to increase revenue and max chance for positive events, but notice I was miscalculating the # of turns I would get -- turns out it was just skipping quests some
  7. There is no grimorie cooldown on mastery spells, that's already how it works. The point was about everyone being likely to master one-off spells because that's what frees them up a girmorie slot unless they can spend per rest points on the mastered spell, as if it was memorized in a grimorie. That and mastery not doing anything other than freeing up a grimorie slot. I don't know about you guys, but 1 caste of haste + minor blights > a dozen fireballs. Seems a pretty clear choice for me.
  8. The new survival bonuses have the same description for the racial accuracy bonus (+10 accuracy) at ranks 1 and 2.
  9. But my comment was not about making Mastery into spamming. What I said was there is no incentive to master a "spam" spell, like fireball, since you need to have access to multiple fireballs in many encounters. Mastering fireball doesn't make mastery more about spamming than mastering haste, since in either case one gets a free use: either one gets to spam fireball or haste once per encounter. My point wasn't about the amount of spell spamming, but the TYPE of spells that will get mastered. I don't think anyone chooses spells like fireball, because you don't get to remove fireball f
  10. Spell mastery seems pretty weak. Only 3 mastered spells at lvl 14, and they are lvl 1, 2, and 3. It seems like just a stub left of the per encounter system, just to say it wasn't completely removed. Also, I think grimories coming with their own extra / per encounter slots might have been the most natural way to implement this. I think the popular picks for mastery slots are going to be buffs, summoned weapons, because they can be cast as a one-off, and you only get one cast of a mastery spell, freeing up a repeated use slot. Suggestion #1: Player should be able to expend per res
  11. Not sure what was broke on it. But with 17 min dmg on the character sheet, I killed a few bar patrons, and the lowest dmg on a hit I saw was 20.8 (whic is > 17 * 1.2), and saw confident aim convert grazes to hits several times.
  12. Hello blinkicide, Check the Beta tab in properties again and see if you're still opted in the Beta. If so, close out Steam completely and log back in. Thanks. Okay, it's been so long since i signed up for the beta branch, I didn't realize it's visibility was password protected. Apparently I got removed from the branch for whatever reason, and couldn't see it. But now that I re-entered the password, it is visible again. Now I see [beta] next to my game in steam, but when i start it I'm no longer on 2.03, but 2.02.0749 again. Was 2.03 removed? I'm now back on 2.03.07
  13. The way the game is designed where enemies have access to the same talents we do, means engagements will be that much more threatening when the enemy does engage your priest, wizard, ranger, or whatever. Perhaps disengages can be strengthened to add a CC attack on disengage, but this means the AI which often gets a lot more units in many fights, will get the same talents to exploit when it inevitably does put a unit in melee against your squishier class. If forest trolls are easily kitable by your casters without slow effects, then everything should be easily kiteable with slow e
  14. Disengagement attacks can't be analyzed in a vacuum; if they were intended to control the flow of battle alone they would effectively just be fool-proof taunts. If anything, the AI seems overly cautious about breaking engagements - it seems much less likely to break an engagement than if a human was controlling the unit . Which is why defender is pretty powerful imo even on POTD. When enemies do start peeling for your backline, that's the time to start summoning melee units, and having your tanks switch to their 2 hand weapons. Not only do enemies have to run around the summoned un
  15. Beta branch appears to have been removed today; I was in 2.03 beta, now reverted back to 2.02 and don't see a beta branch.
  16. Also you are comparing a "fine" mace and an unenchanted sword. Fine gives + 4 accuracy. Still I would expect a 2 point difference between those two items. So maybe accuracy not updating correctly in previous versions could be the issue. But once you update, keep an eye out for that.
  17. They seemed to remove the beta branch, now I'm back on version 2.02.0749...
  18. Updated to 2.03 on the beta branch, but i'm not seeing any changes to wizard per encounters on my lvl 9 wizard.
  19. I'll go over this test in a separate post here, First, your second calculation seems to confirm that dex is indeed multiplicative. Otherwise the result would be wildly off. You got to within 2.5 frames, which could very well be due to rounding. But maybe we can get closer, also you use a lot of buffs, and frankly I haven't played / investigated all of them. Maybe one of them is multiplcative, who knows. That said, I notice that the frame counters are separating out the pauses into their own category. I'm not sure whether the reason for excluding these frames is on sound footing
  20. As to the specific buffs I investigated, chant (+20% ranged attack speed), swift (+20% attack speed), weapon speed mod (+20% attack speed) these all stack and reduce recovery as if they were negative armor penalty. They stack additively with each other (unlike the dex buff which stacks multiplicatively, or any of the reload buffs -- which are all multiplicative). Thus, if you have a character who is naked with these 3 buffs, their recovery time is only 40% of the original value. Taking this a step further, if you use an alacrity potion, you get to 90% reduction (not 110% because alacrity
  21. I respec'd Sagani, ranger follower, who I earlier gave predator's sense. I was not presented the option to select it during respec because it she (or rather her fox) seemed to retain the talent through the respec; according to the character sheet she still has it.
  22. The change appears to have been to make summoned weapons get credit from more talents. They have worked work with every appropriate talent I tried on my wizard chars. The talents recognize if the weapon is ranged or melee. (so a melee talent won't work on a summoned wizard wand for instance). They receive an accuracy bonus regardless if they correspond to specific weapon types listed in the talents (e.g. the accuracy talents). I haven't tried stacking multipel bonuses though. They are still the base weapon type. Hence a wand is still a wand, but it also a "universal" weapon if it w
  23. It seems that Deleterious Alacrity of Motion + chant + speedy weapon (50% + chant 20% + 20 weapon speed mod) is enough to remove the recovery period altogether (no recovery animation), even on a 10 dex character. A bit surprising since the bonuses only adds up to -90% by my calcs, Tested with forgiveness, gonna pick up some other speed weapons later today to test, particularly want to try the wand) So even with low dex, the right buffs = no recovery time. Still have attack and reload times, but makes some wand / war bow build ideas quite interesting. Especially wizard, since they can
  24. Ok I figured this out: Some buffs add/subtract directly to the armor speed mod. So if you have a naked character, your armor speed penalty is 1.0 (no penalty). If you then stack swift or chant on these, it subtracts directly. So if you are in 50% penalty armor with a warbow, and use Swift, it will be exactly like you are in 30% leather armor. (With a warbow swifts reload speed bonus doesn't come int play) In fact, I put two archers with same stats side by side, one in plate + swift, and one in leather, and they matched perfectly over dozens of attacks. Thus with both chant and
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