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  1. Game's not out yet folks, you may find out it actually makes sense for a character to look the way they are presented.
  2. Oh hai Aloth. Okay now I really want the Watcher to wrestle a wand off a svef dealer who Aloth has crossed, then later, when Pallegina cheats on him, kill himself with it. "You're lying I never hit you! You're TEARING ME APART, PALLEGINA!" [Aloth walks into blacksmith's store.] Aloth: Hi. Proprietor: Oh hi, Aloth. I didn't know it was you. [Grabs random package.] Here you go. Aloth: That's meee. How much is it? Proprietor: It'll be eighteen go-- Aloth: Here you go! Keep the change. Hi, doggy. Proprietor: You're my favorite customer. Aloth [deadpan]: Thanks a lot. Bye. Pr
  3. I am personally doing a pass on all the tints - you'll have these options at release for sure.
  4. Not silly at all! I'll see what can be done about this.
  5. For whatever it's worth, the images Josh initially tweeted were works in progress.
  6. Like the Vailian NPC outfit, it's a coat, chemise, and hose (pants) - menswear, essentially. As with all other characters you are free to equip her however you like.
  7. All 4 of them? I painted the whole gang this time except Eder
  8. Nope They're emotionally engaged. It makes me feel like I've done a good job. The alternative is they could just not care at all and say nothing, which means not only do I have no idea what people are interested in one way or the other, but I don't have fun threads like this to read.
  9. @smjjames just aumaua they're a bit on the shiny side
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