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  1. Depends on whether they will also show in a demographic break down of crime committed in that area. Now days, so often people blame the government for everything e.g. I see parents who shouldn't be allowed to get near kids, ranting how the school system failed to raise educate their bully\retard kids. Bad bad teachers... And while in our case poverty is certainly a major contributing factor to crime, I hate when its being used as an excuse. Especially in relation to the afro-american community and their historical grievances. IMO there is nothing more destructive then the self perpetuating cycle of 'victimhood". There are two sides to every confrontation. While it is possible that your police force, which is constantly put to scrutiny, go through special sensitivity programs and work with the community in outreach program are at fault in this violence as a result of its "shenaningans" and "systemic racism". I wonder if it is a case of "shenaningans" and "systemic racism", or only perceived as such, and if so why most of the people who resort to violence there share a couple of particularly noticeable physical characteristics.
  2. To be honest, i (and most people) would feel a bit uncomfortable\self-conscious in similar situation, because subconscious\insecurities\etc tend to win against logic.. especially on topics like this.
  3. Actually, you can claim that you are Napoleon\Elvis\Jesus\etc, and change your name accordingly. And you can't lock up a person for that unless he present danger to self or others. Which isn't the case here. Also in most cases you can even preform cosmetic surgery without psychological evaluation, which isn't the case here. People suffering from gender dysphoria go through a lengthy process before.
  4. a. According to the article, this slogan is a direct quote. To be specific it is part of a music video, made by Hamas (the guys that govern in Gaza) and was broadcast as ideological messages on its official TV station (found using quick google). b. If the situation was reversed i.e. if any member of Israel government would have said this about Palestinians, he would be kicked out and shunned by his own. Meanwhile this is broadcasted by Hamas on official tv... c. Taking a stand means, that we need less Politically correct language, and more non-western prominent members taking a stand against this. d. Also Speaking of demonizing. That poster doesn't say this has anything todo with Muslims, it asks a question if you agree. Meanwhile, here is a better googled examples for you.
  5. Not all religions are equally intolerant. Some are worse than others. True, there are differences, but keep inmind the context in which it was said: "...its the interpenetration that mater and is usually follows the social progress". In other words its about the people, bad or worse you can find justification for anything you want in any of those texts.. Which is why there is a big difference between Christians\Muslims in African\Asian developing countries and their counterparts in North America\Europe which are usually more educated, older populace, etc... Who said anything about demonizing? Activist using provocative messages to highlight social issues all the time e.g. In the west, Christianity has been the punching bag for a while. If this will lead to prominent Islamic leaders (not in the west) taking a stand against this (not the usual lip service)
  6. Yeah, around here we have many people with "decorative" dogs\cats, some with "crazy hair-cuts", although I have never seen anything as weird :/ Most are just standard form (for dog shows) and mostly fun accidents (because we are too cheap for dog stylist, and do it at home), that once someone bought dog paint for independence day (luckily it wore off after a few days)
  7. I agree that they are provocative. I am not sure what narrative (false or otherwise) you refer to. As an atheist I find all religions all equally intolerant on paper, its the interpenetration that mater and is usually follows the social progress. With that in mind, I suspect that the goal of this campaign is to provoke outrage, forcing notable Muslim figures to rebuke them. I agree with the idea (going by our previous discussion on the topic of Islamist terrorism), but I doubt that this campaign will do much in the USA. We need notable Muslim figures in musim world (95% in asia and Africa) to denounce violence and promote tolerance, like it is being done by all other major religions.
  8. Good for him, he looks like a good boy-toy or man-whore, but what does he do besides that? Even if he is as good at maintaining relationships as picking one night stands, he is broke, without no job(education?). He will settle with who ever will take him..
  9. All the data on the issue, disagree with your idea of facts. What kind of data disagrees with me? Some pools or "experts" on Fox? ABC? CBS? One very good friend of me spend half his life in russia and grew up there, i do believe him more than a news outlet. I also happen to know people living in Ukraine (before some had to flee). All data. There are no organizations that are gathering information on the various freedoms worldwide that paint a different picture than that. (as opposed to your beliefs\facts that are based on the opinion of one friend) No they don't. This thread is about yet another law that is likely to limit freedom of expression in Russia, if you feel that pointing out the recent history of Russia's shrinking civil liberties has anything todo with "sense of superiority" look inward to check why is that. Add to that your initial silly generalization, and idea of fact, i'd suggest major butthurt or disenchantment.
  10. Damn, how much I miss the snow covered landscapes "Ski" resorts are fun, but its not the same as waking up in the morning and taking a stroll in a new scenery with new smells (and don't get me started on the traffic)
  11. What the particulars of that 'western mentality' you speak off? Also isn't Neo-Nazism is quite popular in Russia, in fact they established a youth group to oppose the growth of 'fascism' within. Although its rather nationalistic and intolerant group, and their definition of "fascist" seem to refer to enemies of Russia (Given the centrality of the great patriotic war(ww2) in Russian identity, fighting Nazism/fascism taps deeply held emotions and is a guaranteed tactic to solidify support, hence Russian narrative for Ukraine) P.s. yet another thread by oby about the decadent ways of the west..
  12. You'll be happy to know that there quite few of you here, who purportedly live in a western country, and have an extremely opinion about the west... "because wester narative is biased to no end AND full of lies" - what about your narrative MR, you are western too, no? All the data on the issue, disagree with your idea of facts.
  13. I have upped my game ever since I got a dog.. despite her being the most affectionate joyful creature, size matters and people in the street who aren't accustomed to dog jump out of my way. Which works fine for me
  14. ^ Stop torturing yourself, let a medical professional to look at it..
  15. Quote fail and BS. Also I wish there was module for this forum that would allow to intersect activity to identify sockpuppets.
  16. Woman On Welfare Wants Taxpayers To Pay For $15,000 Wedding, Being A Bride Is A ‘Basic Human Right’. (link) She is overweight and can't work, collected benefits for years, and now we need to finance her "Dream wedding", including a castle party, a designer dress, a horse and carriage, and a honeymoon , because "I deserve.." !!! Oh really?! please someone tell me its a hoax, to calm that angry eye tic I got.
  17. Good news everyone! it isn't necessarily cancer, and if it is you are half way to victory with that attitude (and iirc that is the most easily treated cancer) 3 weeks to a GP? you are a very paintent man.. where you from ?
  18. Getting old, couldn't remember one good riddle from my child hood... so for the last hour I have been googling fun riddles for 5-10 year olds... and somehow found porn ?! Either google is giving me a huge hint about my extra curricular activities, or its finally time to turn on the family safe filter :/
  19. The irony is not lost to anyone
  20. I found rationalwiki to be extremely useful in cases where the hacks crawl out of the woodwork, and apparently seriously speaking of myth and untold truth that you will only going to hear at.. RT ! sure it lacks fineness but its straight, to the point, and saves time.. For example: It also comes handy when people seriously compare publicly controlled organizations with government controlled media organizations, whose funding is separate and on top of the usual local tv\radio tax, which where created with purpose of projecting Russian POV to other countries. Which is highly politicized and has a bone to pick with the west.
  21. This reminds me a similar assertion: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/RT
  22. There is a difference between "state sponsored channels" (i.e. through the usual television\radio fees) and state owned\run channels. In particularly where state run channels dominate the media sector, and the government sets editorial policy for them, while stifling the independent broadcasters. That why the comparison between BBC in UK and RT In Russia is foolhardy strawmen in the first place. Yet another generic statement, that while true adds nothing of substance about the abuse of laws in Russia (e.g. their authoritarian\political application and corruption) It is like saying 'yeah, but all government types has problems', in a response to a discussion listing the major issues with Theocracy.
  23. Please stop with BS! This has been done to death: Step one: Some disenfranchised kid claims the "west" just as bad as X in Y Step two: Making a generic statement that is true for both Step three: Appealing to ignorance, spamming their original research (usually with googled popular cases related just to the USA ) Step four: Repeat last Ad nauseam. Alternatively: If all fails they cry "bias" against all the scientific data against you... If you guys want to argue that there are issues with world media, western media or USA in particular please go ahead, but the constant deflection from Russia MAJOR issues pointing to anything related to the USA that you can find feels pathetic. The only myth here is that "west" or its media are some sort of singular entity, like most of Russia's media. And Self criticism is a common place here, even in the USA there are many outlets that doing your so called myth busting. Which is in contrast to Russia, where RT (which can be compare to FOX news on steroids ) represent its full reportage, and the constantly report against western "Myth" mostly works as confirmation bias to the populace who is stuck behind.
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