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  1. Maybe I'm missing something, but if mob lure bothers you then just run into the pack of mobs and swing away. Never disengage and have fun on Solo runs. Stop complaining about something you don't want to use anyways...
  2. I find I have to use this tactic in several fights. It usually won't work on internal locations anyways, depending on how much hallway space and rooms you have available to go through. Outside you can use it until your heart is content though =)
  3. I only have the 1 lol. It's okay, I'll try to get the gear to survive the blast and if not, I'll try to get through without it.
  4. Sadly this is what caused my issue, I tripped the trap and ran out. SAVED, now when I go back in the trap insta hits. I was dumb and didn't loot the chest while I was in there originally. I figured the trap would have gone off and hit no one since I left the room. It would seem not.
  5. If this counts as a spoiler, please feel free to move the post. I'm referring to the summons in the Heritage Hill monument. I don't have the mechanics to unlock the chest as I had put in Athletics for my solo monk run. Now the chest when I set off the trap hits me for roughly 400 burn damage and insta-kills me. I have 800 health but only like 200 endurance i think. I don't currently have any equipment to mitigate burn damage specifically. I have not come across any, but if you know of any please let me know. Is it possible to set off this trap and still survive!? Keep in mind I am solo running so I cannot use skills from another class, just level 1 scrolls. Thanks,
  6. For an achievement I would cheese everything I could find a way to. I have no qualms with it, I just was not sure if it was an intended method for people to use or just a byproduct of the baddies scripting
  7. So I am playing a Triple Crown solo run so for obvious reasons I find myself running a lot (Monk). It seems once you have increased movement speed you can just run away from anything until it is off screen and then it starts to reset but without getting health back. This is especially true when going around corners. So as a Monk in tough outdoor fights I grab the best bow I have and just hit and run. Is this the common strategy or is this super cheese that is not intended? Thanks,
  8. I love this game. This is my second playthrough (well third but I stopped on Barbarian as of 1.05) and I haven't even played my Witcher III yet which was pre-ordered. I look forward to the expansion I definitely spread the word when I can about it! Hopefully I get a few people in those stats
  9. Dang, mech 8 for this!? I'm only mech 4 and already lvl7 (been putting in athletics for my solo triple crown run). Looks like everything is Mechanics for me now.
  10. I have read there are quests that give stat increase as a reward. Heritage Hill was the example. How many of these are there? I'm trying solo for achievement so if I can get these I will definitely aim for them. Thanks!
  11. I haven't called them yet, but aren't they Wood Beetles which are easy to kill? I thought they would be quick distraction. I'll try them out tonight if they are that powerful :D
  12. Well I skipped the fight and was able to clear Caed Nua Main Floor, Bear Fight, Maerwold, and Morgans Compass (except Sporelings) without any consumables. I do have the animat summons. I will go back to the fight now that I have the animat and Beetle summons but I am disappointed I couldn't find a way through this fight earlier =/ Thanks all =)
  13. Position yourself next to the mage, kill him first. Call Animat on the archer or priest. Maybe stupid question so bear with me. It will take a few hits to take the Mage out, so I am summoning right away right? Not kill, then summon?
  14. You mean inside or out? I couldn't find a way to sneak past everything. I ended up having to fight the will o wisp with my Barbarian but couldn't get him down. I was only level3 though, so maybe too early? My alternative was slowly kill everything else and just avoid the wisps lol
  15. I was doing my first triple crown attempt with Barbarian and the Shadows and Phantoms were killing me on the outside of Caed Nua. What I ended up doing was the enemies on the south will stop chasing you once you turn the corner towards the exit, so i would peg them with bow and arrow slowly. I could kill the Blights the same way. Only the Will O Wisps caused me grief after that, but the outside is not a real issue although your method is more than likely much more faster lol
  16. Well i was able to pray to 3/4 of the shrines. The wolf one I should have been able to I think because I did his quest, but he never seemed to appreciate it. I don't know of any consequences, but the end game story sort of has a blurb about each God whether you chose them or not.
  17. I had just started a Barbarian build on Expert, Iron, Path of Damned but I read after 1.05 the Barbarian would not be able to do it. I plan on continuing until I hit a wall just to get a better idea of the difficulty of all the battles, but can anyone say if the Barbarian has been nerfed so badly they can no longer solo? What about the other classes?
  18. I've seen in the achievement list that some people have Solo'd the game and some even did the Triple Crown. What classes have you guys used for these feats!? I am a very slow learner for mechanics and still on my first play through in Easy but I plan on eventually trying these things out. My current party is 2 Fighters, Paladin, Wizard, Priest, and a Rogue. Just curious why you chose the class you did as opposed to any others, and if you find any impossible in the current state to do these with. Thanks,
  19. I'm doing good on Easy but I cannot imagine the game being "easy" for me on any other difficulty heh. Love the game though, Triple Crown is what I am aiming for one day!!
  20. No I have seen this and you have to *click click click* to direct them all the way around the furniture or group of people.
  21. Happened to me too. I walked in and everything came at me. Luckily my Pally squashes them all easily but i wanted to finish the quest. I was fortunate enough to read this post while at work today so I loaded my previous save and stealthed in. Was able to walk by everyone and nothing was hostile or forced me out of stealth. Completed quest.
  22. If you deal with the thugs for Maea before asking to speak to Serel it will only cost you 500cp instead of 1000cp but the log still says "Maea told me that Serel would cost one thousand pands for the night". I cannot load to see what her actual dialogue was, but i know i got the reduced rate of 500cp so it would make sense the Journal entry should indicate as much.
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