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  1. No, it's good and actually amazing and fun to see how far you can push yourself even on PotD with 3 casters (mage druid priest) even before level 11. I usually clear dungeons with one rest only or no rest.
  2. No, it's onky related to your mechanics skill when in stealth mode. No influence of perception!
  3. A rumor I just started says that if you very quicky change between the Black cat, the Orange Tabby and the Obsidian wurm so that all three of them are briefly on the screen at the same time, an easter egg triggers and they do something biological and after three turns the Black cat will give birth to a hamster named Boo...
  4. I'm a hardcore BG veteran with hundreds of hours sunk into the game and I like PoE - more so than Wasteland 2 in fact but I know I will never spend as much time on it as with BG2. BG1 yes, but not 2
  5. Btw, for all those old school fans who don't know the site: absolute must read is http://crpgaddict.blogspot.de which is documenting playthrough of all RPGs ever commercially released.
  6. I don't know you, but if I did you'd be dead to me. You should be ashamed. And just to make sure we're clear here: Not "dead" in the PST-just-get-off-your-slab-say-hi-to-Morte-then-we-start-again-type-dead but the BG-God-of-Murder-sucks-your-soul-to-the-Abyss-never-to-be-seen-again-variety.
  7. Hard to compare against real old school games (I started with Bards Tale I on a C64) but if we're talking modern oldish school I'd rank it PST >> BG2 > ToE = PoE > NWN 2 > BG 1 at least for 1-2 playthroughs to explore the companions and try out all the classes (plus maybe a solo afterwards). But even during my second time around I find very few new things / surprised in features, quests etc. Simply cannot compare to BG 2 from a replayability aspect.
  8. Amost through second time, not a single crash or story breaking bug. A few graphic glitches, e.g. I once had an animat appearing at the same spot on every map, started calling him Forest, but all those go away aftera reload. Also no scaling or similar problems at 2800 resolution (imac 27"). Very fast patching and overall amazing maturity and response especially compared to BGII EE where it took almost a year for the first patch to come out.
  9. Absolutely, prevents that stupid rush to get them all at level 3 before they mess things up
  10. Exactly, blunderbuss is the weapon of choice for his one, at least till patch 1.05
  11. Generally go for crowd control over damage, especially confuse / paralyze / blind and then some nukers for finishing things off. 4 guys fighting each other confused is worth more than a fireball...
  12. OK, finally got carnage to proc and things seem a bit more manageable now that I have reached indoor areas. But it seems you really need a reach weapon in the second row, generic two hander not enough. Does the DR bypass of an estoc and other weapon modifiers get applied to carnage or is it flat damage?
  13. Especially in combination with the infinite stash: on the one hand we have the cheesiest of convenience features for loot, while on the other hand the guys can't sleep in the same tent and bedroll two nights in a row.
  14. 10% rebate on your next hire if you literally "fire" them!
  15. First sight in the city: BG2: Circus tent PoE: Tree with hanging corpses Any more questions?
  16. Hmm... that's not the playstyle I had envisioned. Might be workable with fighter tanks, at the moment (level 3) I am hard pressed to keep aggro with my chanter and pal tank and keep getting overwhelmed / outflanked. I'll see if hold the line at 4 makes a difference, if not I guess I'll go back to fighter tank and see how it goes with a barb. PotD is really tough, might have to go for 2 tanks and 4 artillery after all
  17. Hi, started a PotD-run and thought I´ll go for a almost completely different party composition this time, among them a barbarian. I was planning to use him as a second row melee damage dealer - but so far he´s absolutely underwhelming. -Pathing problems: even with quarterstaff he has problems striking from the second line and keeps running around the enemy mobs to attack directly and not across my tanks, of course getting slaughtered. -What´s the range of carnage? Is there any way to display it? I have him with 18 int but don´t think I´ve had a single carnage trigger from the second row on those occassions that i could get him to strike from there (leaving aside the stupid fact that carnage radius is int and not weapon based which I find almost revoltingly stupid). How do you use a barb properly? I have 2 tanks (pal and chanter - as I said I wanted a different party composition so no fighter) but he causes me nothing but grief so far and without the carnage triggering from the second line what´s the point? Might as well go for a ranger or range rogue with less hassle... Thanks for any help, somehow i desperately want to like him but it´s just not clicking yet.
  18. Blunderbus with the soul talents and envenomed strike -> all the separate bullets shot benefit from extra damage, penetration and poison.
  19. Working now, GOG has a new version of the patch out that installs. Took a long time though, be patient
  20. Same problem here, wrong version message. Re-downloading the game is not a good option, bad dsl in India, literally took me days to get it in the first place. Checked the known issues post but didn't see anything that looked relevant to this problem.
  21. I've been playing on 2013 27" imac, current Yosemite, GOG version (so no patch yet) and have not had a single crash with quite a few hours invested - party is at level 9.
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