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  1. This is hardly a new issue, I've seen plenty of threads regarding this problem, but it seems I'm unable to unlock this achievement. I've just completed a TCS pacifist run and managed to unlock every other achievement that I expected to unlock except for Zero Knockouts, which obviously should have popped as well, seeing as it was a solo run. Do Heodan and Cassica count for this achievement? Because the stats screen says "None" in the most knockouts category. If so, how do you avoid invalidating the achievement? Do you have to keep them alive until their ultimate demise? I'm slightly miffed about all of this, considering the hoops I had to jump through to defeat Thaos...
  2. No one can be expected to read the comments on every update; They're basically just white noise. Any information offered in the comment sections might as well have been screamed through the window of Obsidian's studio to similar effect. The last time I had checked the FAQ, the information wasn't there. And it wasn't exactly a burning question in my mind until way after the campaign had ended, so I had no reason to peruse the FAQ on a regular basis. Admittedly, this is partly my own fault, but this is the kind of information that should have made it into the updates themselves when it was announced, not into some footnote somewhere. It was a perfectly reasonable assumption that since the game was released on both Steam and GOG, that you would, at the very least, have the option to choose your preferred platform. I know that this is not Obsidian's fault and there's nothing they can do about it, but it doesn't make me any less salty. A lot of people simply have no use for a Steam code or a coupon on a store with no regional pricing and we were looking forward to it.
  3. The fact that the coupon is only redeemable on Steam saddens me greatly. I wish they would have informed us of this caveat beforehand, but I guess they couldn't afford losing pledges. I suppose I'll wait a couple of months in hopes that a GOG option is provided, otherwise I won't be buying the game.
  4. Because modern games are incredibly complex systems and will invariably have any number of bugs or other issue of varying magnitude. A thousand bugs doesn't mean a thousand game-breaking bugs. It just mean 1000 bugs. Do you think Skyrim had fewer at release? Because the game was finished. At least as far as their schedule allowed. Was it perfect? No, but there probably hasn't been a game in the last decade that was anywhere close to perfect state. The best a developer can do is keep fixing the issues until the software reaches an acceptable point where most of the issues are minor enough to be overlooked. If they kept putting off the release in order to quash bugs, they would never get around to releasing it because bugs are an ever-present thing and each fix has the potential to introduce more of them. Also, a game receiving updates after release doesn't mean that the game is unfinished. Evolving and polishing a game with the help of a community is likely the best model you can have these days. It unburdens the developers and keeps the players invested. Every active MMO has this model and it's a good thing. If you don't like how things are done, then ask for a refund and go play something else, but don't come around whining about it like you have any clue what it takes to make an RPG of this magnitude and complexity. No one forced you to buy it and no one's certainly forcing you to play it right now (even though it's completely playable and has been for a while now).
  5. That is almost never the case. In most cases, achievements are goals set by developers and therefore, by definition, a very much intended way of playing the game.
  6. Considering there's an explicit achievement for triple crown solo playthrough, I'd say your definition of "intended" is a bit lacking. All official modes of play are intended—that includes all difficulties and any number of party members including solo—and all of them deserve balance in all things.
  7. So yeah, there's probably a lot more that hasn't been mentioned in the patch notes...
  8. Part of the reason why people hate druids in D&D is because they get a bona fide fighter along with them as a class feature (animal companion). Personally, I don't see anything wrong with having to sacrifice upgrading your ranger to upgrade your pet. I do, however, agree that there should be some much better choices both in what pets are available and how you can improve them. It's a little depressing that you're a master of beasts and you can't tame yourself anything even remotely resembling one.
  9. You clearly have no idea what a psychopath is if you're willing to put that stamp on any random murderer. I could not decypher the rest of the sentence even after accounting for the missing puncuation. Attractive to one what? One psychopath? To anyone? I think you're projecting your own subjective sense of morality on a group within a society that has little in common with ours. Some of the people in there could very well be psychopaths, but such a lifestyle is no less likely to attract people who are not psychopaths, so there is zero correlation between the two. You say that as though I'm not relaxed. I argue for the sake of arguing. I don't get worked up over it. For the record though, telling someone you don't know to relax is gonna backfire on you 99% of the time. Don't try it in a bar.
  10. Well, let's see... The Doemnels are scumbags and thieves, profiting off of others' misfortune and hard work. The Dozens are a bunch of ignorant wankers panicking over things they don't understand. And the Crucible Knights are a somewhat elitist police force keeping the peace and order. Since there's no honor among thieves and the Dozens are afraid of their own shadows, the choice was pretty easy. You can unlock all three merchants anyway, and they'll keep trading with you forever.
  11. I agree, actually, but "race" is an accepted word, even in the scientific community, to distinguish between the ethno-racial groups within our actual biological race. Nearly ever study, poll, and statistic I've ever seen ostensibly supports my claim. That is not to say I haven't seen claims to the contrary, but it's hard to say how much of the "evidence" on either side is just propaganda or undeliberate misinterpretation of data (which may or may not even contain a valid sample). As I am not an anthropologist, I have never put any of the research under scrutiny, nor would I care to do so, as it would require drawing some very hard lines and only lead to pointless arguments. That said, I care little for being politically correct. I do not blindly believe that men of all races are equal or that men and women are equal. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We are all different, wonderfully so in fact, and part of that is because of our genes (and sex chromosomes). I don't have any evidence to support my guess. Which is why I said it was a guess, merely based on my personal experience in the gaming industry. I know anecdotal evidence isn't worth squat, but if you can find any evidence to the contrary with regards to cRPGs, I'd be more than willing to concede to my error. I'd actually be quite interested in making a poll for the PoE community, but that would probably be too tacky.
  12. White women are by far the most universally liked of all the races, so you have your pick of the litter. I would also wager a guess that cRPGs are played most prominently by white people, so that would be a target audience as well. I know people like to pretend that we're all equal, but the simple fact is that there are differences between people of different descent, and negroid physical features in women are often considered less attractive than those of other races. So, if you're gonna try and make an attractive black woman character, the best selection of women to model your character on will likely be some of the famous "black" women (since fame is largely about appearance these days). But also more than likely is that you'll end up with a handful of mulatto women whose physical features are more white than black. It's not racist to acknowledge the differences between the human races and how these features affect the perceptions of people around them.
  13. I'm pretty sure the "bug" has been reported. Whether it's been added to their bug tracker or not is anyone's guess though.
  14. Just be glad you can't quicksave during combat. I can't tell you how many times I've screwed myself over by quicksaving/loading at the wrong time in games where you can do so.
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