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  1. Ok, here is what I had to do to make it work: Any time your party changes (or the party order), and you have a custom formation, you need to go back and edit the custom formation for it to re-save the order. Then it works. It is a bug, but at least there is a work around. Thanks
  2. It's not a Unity bug, the version they have does not contain the support.
  3. Seven hours on my laptop ($2000 gaming laptop) and no issues other than the custom party formation post I made.
  4. Thanks, I will try to rearrange the party and recreate the formation.
  5. I have three people in my party and set up a custom formation with my tank and mele DPS on the frontline, and the wizard in the back (plus there is one empty row between him and the front line). I have this formation selected (it has the selection marquee animating around it). What I noticed is that after moving around with just left mouse clicks (no right clicks) and changing directions, the formation will rotate 180 degrees and the wizard will be the front line and the tank + mele DPS is now in the back, so I constantly have to rotate the formation with the right mouse button! I assume this is a bug because the formation feature is useless if you constantly have to adjust it using the right mouse button. Note: Probably doesn't matter but this is on the PC version.
  6. You act like you invested $1 million or so, just quiet down and stop whining.
  7. Awesome videos, can't wait for the next one. Watched them all so far!
  8. According to Steam, it will not unlock until 10AM PST tomorrow. Shows it right on the store page. From steam right now... Available: March 26This game will unlock in approximately 1 day and 3 hours
  9. According to steam it will not unlock until 10AM pacific on the 26th, not 9am.
  10. I pre-ordered on Steam about a month ago, and am just curious if we need to do something special to get the bonus items? I am pre-loading the game right now and looking forward to tomorrow
  11. This discussion is moot because if they do not add respec, you can simply use a game save editor to do it anyway. This discussion is stupid because we have a single player game here, if someone decides to respec it does not in any way impact other players! If you do not like it, just don't do it, simple as that. Anyway. like I said there will be savegame editors, there already are! So the discussion is moot!
  12. Why did you respec your character then? Also, PoE has no online mode.
  13. I would like to see a respec feature! Since this is a single player game, not a competitive multiplayer game, it has no negative impact on anyone. If this were multiplayer, I might not want it, but even MMO's today have respec.
  14. That is what I think too. I am no expert at PoE, nobody really is since all they have played is the beta. But with that said, I would assume an Obsidian employee that works on the game is an expert, and yet he failed (and gave up after multiple tries) to get past them. I like a hard game too, but these are the first things you fight in the game. Difficulty when done properly should ramp up and expect the player to gradually learn the system and gear up to fight properly if they want to keep moving ahead. I am going to assume that they made them hard just to mess with the beta testers, and that the release game will do as expected and ramp up the difficulty.
  15. How do the rules vary from lets say Icewind Dale or BG2? I assume the beta content is somewhere beyond the starting content that will be in the release game. I just thought it was funny because I can easily own the humans outside of town for one quest, but the beetles that come as soon as you enter the second zoen destroy me no matter what I do Plus, like I said, the Obisian employee (I assume he knows the rules) wiped twice and gave up on them at Gamecon! hehe
  16. Are they supposed to be godlike in difficulty? I know this is only a beta zone that will not match the release content, but considering these are the first mobs you have to fight in the beta, is there a reason why they are so difficult even in normal mode? I assume in the release the difficulty will ramp up like it does in Icewind Dale and other CRPG's PS: There is a video from Gamecon where even the guy who works at Obsidian could not kill them bugs and wiped twice trying! lol
  17. Thanks for the key Sensuki. I assume I still need to purchase the retail copy (or pre-order) to get the full version?
  18. I thought that the backer beta did not turn into a retail copy. In other words, I still need to buy the full game anyway, so I paid $25 + $50 in the long run
  19. Making a major change at this point in the development cycle is something they would likely not do. I've worked for various game and application developers for the past 30 years (worked at Adobe before I retired), and usually at this point the code is locked down to making bug fixes only. I think it should be left up to modders... BTW, I take it they used Unity 3D?
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