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  1. I'm not saying that designers themselves are a bunch of hacks. But they don't make decisions, they just do what they told. I'm sure if it were up to them, they probably would've not released the game for another year, and a lot of things would've been different. But it's not up to them, it's up to a bunch of CEO's. I mean, at the end of the day there's really only two possible explanations. Either Bethesda devs get more and more incompetent wich each new game, or that the company heads are more interested in profit than making good games. Personally, i find the latter much more plausible. Why bother with making something complex when simple sells just as much, if not more with the help of a good marketing campaing?
  2. The explanation is why spend time and resources doing something better, when you can just say "screw it" and still get more or less the same sales. Some make money to make games, and some make games to make money, that's about it really.
  3. I think F4 perfectly exempifies the recent trend in AAA RPGs in that they are so painfully mediocre. They're not bad per se, but there're just so very few things to get excited about in them... You wonder around, you kill stuff but at the end of the day it all just feels meaningless.
  4. I don't think he needed that much convincing. He did go to Saudi Arabia to find a wife. So, totally not another Islamic terror attack huh? >BUT LETS NOT CONDEMN AN ENTIRE GROUP OVER Does it seem reasonable to condemn nearly 2 billion people every time there is an Islamic terror attack? Is that going to solve any problems within Islam? Is that going to stop Islamic terror attacks? Spoiler alert, it won't help.
  5. There's a mod at Nexus that adds tags on the inventory items to make it easier. Selling stuff is annoying as hell. I wish they had tabs when you want to sell stuff at stores. Like have weapons and armor under one tab, junk in another and crafting under another. I hate scrolling through all of that stuff that I want to sell. There are tabs for that actually. Where it says "All" there's an arrow you can click.
  6. At this point i'm not even sure why they bothered with it at all.
  7. Yeah, explains it really well. Though for me it's not even a good game. It's alright, i got to level 37 and completed the main story, but i have no desire whatsoever to go back to it and explore what i didn't explore. After some time the illusion wears off and you realise that there's nothing new you will find, just more enemies to shoot.
  8. And i hope no one teaches me that particular lesson. Blind "patriotism" is something that has led to many tragedies in human history.
  9. Pretty much, yeah. An exception that only proves the rule that people on the ground can't really do much against planes bombing them.
  10. All the people Russia and everyone else are bombing aren't exactly able to fight against that either. Yet i don't see you worried about it all that much.
  11. I very much doubt they heard of geneva convetion. And about shooting someone who can't defend themselves, it's not like these rebels can defend themselves against planes. So... And yes, Assad invited us to kill all of his enemies, so it all a-okay. Nothing wrong there whatsoever. But personally i see it as a very flimsy excuse. And btw, if we're talking about civilized people, i've heard plenty of horror stories (and seen some of those) from Ukraine, about what russia supported separatists did there.
  12. Yes. And he's just done it again. That kind of attitude common amongst Russian 'liberals' is one reason why Putin is popular. They have no loyalty to their own. The type of people that would put their own soldiers in prison while praising islamist head cutters as freedom fighters because "it's our own fault". I'm not praising anybody. I'm asking a simple question. Why us killing them is ok, and them killing us is not. Can you answer it? And yes, i'm not "loyal". Or i am, but to myself and my own pricinples. And i'm not going to abandon them just because the dead happen to be from my country this time.
  13. Wow, just, wow. He's the living proof that Putin is a democrat. Lol. Well, please explain me where i'm wrong. Why killing them is ok, but them killing us is not. I really don't understand that kind of logic. Come into a foreign country, drop bombs on the people daily and then be outraged that these people are fighting back... What exactly did you expect?
  14. While not excusing their actions by any means, it's interesting how people saying something like that forgetting the fact these pilots were dropping bombs on them in the first place. And i've heard reports that they're not even particularly choosy on who they drop them, militants or civilians. In any case, it's a bit hypocritical to expect these people to act differently. "We're dropping bombs on you, but shooting a pilot is just too much!" Really?
  15. Why not just nuke them? Just kill them all, men, women, children. Why bother. Just drop nukes on everyone and then we can finally have peace. Now I am not sure if this is sarcasting or does it have some backing among more nationalistic movements in Russia :D If it does, i'm certainly not sharing that view. It's beyond stupid to ask for more violence when the whole affair is ridiculous in the first place. Russia should've never went into Syria, and it was really just a matter of time before something like that happened considering what kind of person Putin is. The only positive solution here is complete withdrawal. but of course that's not going to happen and so there will be more blood.
  16. Why not just nuke them? Just kill them all, men, women, children. Why bother. Just drop nukes on everyone and then we can finally have peace.
  17. Not so long ago a war with Ukraine was unthinkable. Yet here we are, at war with our closest ally because of ambitions of a mad man. So, though i don't think they want war with Turkey here, nonetheless never doubt the stupidity of russian leadership.
  18. "Their" war? Remind me who helped create ISIS in the first place?
  19. So you're basing your statement on "videos from WW2", is that correct? Also, just because some people stayed doesn't mean they all became partisans.
  20. Encourage what? People expressing their opinions? I still don't understand the issue.
  21. "Only elderly women and children". Citation needed.
  22. I don't get it, are people not allowed to talk about the game if they haven't played it? What would change if he plays it? Seems like you just don't like that he's critisizing it.
  23. I finished the game and his criticism was completely justified, so i fail to see your point.
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