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  1. Trying to find logic in a Bethesda game is futile. Doesn't seem like they bother themselves with it all that much.
  2. I'm not too familiar with your spoiler, this is all I've HEARD being discussed around it: Yes, this is pretty much what they are.
  3. Pretty much how i feel too. It's the same style of design we've already seen from Bethesda. Very well crafted world, but a completely dead one filled with thousands of faceless enemies waiting to be killed by the player. People in the game keep talking about the Commonwealth, but i'm like "where is it?". I'm running around the map and all i keep seeing is raiders, mutants, ghouls and stuff like that. No signs of life at all. And basically, this video applies to F4 too.
  4. You know, as ridiculous as it sounds, it actually might be.
  5. Something similar was in Lost.
  6. I hope in 5 years, when no one as much as looks at Malaysia, let alone attacks it, you'll reevaluate your beliefs.
  7. And all the relatives of these "fake" people, i'm guessing they were fake too...
  8. Do you honestly not see how ridiculous this is? And all the dead people from Netherlands, what "they" did with them? I mean... this is just mental. No one is going to attack anyone. Certainly no one is going to attack Malaysia.
  9. MH17 was shot by mistake, by russian soldiers. Real target was russian plane that was in the same area at the same time, to serve as an excuse for attacking Ukraine. Nope. Literally an hour before the news came about the plane, russian rebels started gloating on twitter that they shot "ukranian" plane in the exact same area where MH17 happened to be. I know all of that, i watched the situation from day one and read reports from people on the ground. There's no "nope" here. There's literally no evidence whatsoever to suggest anything other than what i said.
  10. MH17 was shot by mistake, by russian soldiers. Real target was russian plane that was in the same area at the same time, to serve as an excuse for attacking Ukraine.
  11. Qistina, this is silly. They're not going to attack Russia.
  12. What i'm saying is that it is unlikely that there's a global conspiracy. Most actions of politicians can be explained either by greed or stupidity. And USA is not going to attack Malaysia, that's ridiculous.
  13. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
  14. Most likely, as i said, it's the same as with Ukraine. Economic situation is getting worse every day, so he needs to do something. He can't fix the economy because in his 15 years in power he didn't built anything, the country is pretty much dependent on oil, so the only other option is a small war. Distract people, give them some kind of "enemy" to think about. And it's perfect, especially with ISIS attacking our plane and now Paris.
  15. Isn't Syria being friendly to Russia in their interest ? Seemed to be their motivation for bombing everyone not Assad, so to speak. Still, have to say he's done more with his theater than the US has, advantage of having ground troops that are somewhat reliable and all. It's not "their", it's just Putin. He's basically a dictator at this point. And i imagine most of his interests are to stay in power as long as he can, and to stick it to the West, just because. If being friends with Syria achieves one of those, then great. But as soon as it's not, he'll be out of Syria the same instant.
  16. They are trying to solve a problem, and they have ground elemens working with them, Syrian army and Iranian troops (I think). Might be messing up ISIS, might be messing up Syrian rebels or both. Since ISIS blew up their plane, they may decide to work ISIS over a bit more as they probably are a more competent threat to Assad than the rebels. Trust me, Putin is not trying to solve anything. He couldn't care less about Syria, ISIS, or anyone else. This is mostly a political move to gain some support which he is losing every day in Russia. And the fact that he's a maniac with a Napoleon complex. He failed in Ukraine, so now he wants another triumphant little war.
  17. I don't understand what exactly are you trying to prove. That everyone in the West is evil? The fact that you're talking here and people actually being very tolerant of your opinion (all things considered) alone proves that that's not the case. If you want to say that their governments aren't all that great, then i imagine they themselves will tell you the same thing. So what's exactly the point of comparing how much muslims is in different parliaments?
  18. NEVER watch Fox News. It's not an accurate represantion of anything, and there're even reports that it can give you brain cancer.
  19. Is "West" a single entity? Or maybe it's a hive mind? Why are you talking about it as if it's a single person instead of dozens of nations, cultures, religions, ideologies and so on and so forth? My country, Russia, did some terrible things recently too, are you saying i'm to blame for them just because i happen to live here? People here are mostly from "the West". Are you saying they're all terrible too? I mean if this is the case, why are you still here chatting with people you despise?
  20. Isn't it exactly what you're doing right now too? If the west don't start it, i won't That's a weak excuse for labeling hundreds of millions of people.
  21. Isn't it exactly what you're doing right now too?
  22. I know exactly what happened in my country under communists and what to a degree keeps happanening to this day. Maybe you instead of insults should try to explain how on earth do you think mass surveilance is ever a good idea. Predictable. They're not really going to do anything about the underlying issues, what causes radicalism in the first place. Just more bombs and more fear mongering until the next attack.
  23. I'm not, no. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/05/07/us-usa-security-nsa-idUSKBN0NS1IN20150507#yr6DLdSCM3mS8wWe.97 But it does seem sketchy from a legal point of view. At least in some peoples opinion. Well, sure it's better. Like it would be better if someone breaks your arm instead of chopping your head off. And i wasn't aware i had to get a license to be able to criticise something.
  24. They were looking for patterns by collecting the data from millions of people they had no right to collect. And there's no telling how that data could've been misused. Just because they don't actually listen to every single phone call doesn't mean it makes it any better. So yes, they were spying. And sorry to disappoint, but i learned about this from american media, not russian. And i don't care what Putin says.
  25. That's what US government was doing, wasn't it? And you're upset that Snowden exposed it. Please correct me if i missed something.
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