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  1. So you found a mod, guessed the intentions of the author, and then made a huge generalization? Here, check out this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/4dnn8u/beamdog_statement_on_siege_of_dragonspear/ Beamdog just announced they're removing the Minsc line and expanding trans character. Count how many people are upset by that and want character removed.
  2. Because black and white approach is... Well, black and white. You have only two choices, two sides to the story. Why do that and cheapen your story so much when you can potentially have so much more? And nuanced doesn't mean "not evil", it just means nuanced. Like Hitler was pretty bad, but he's still a human being with his own story. To me that's much more interesting than just some dude trying to enslave everyone just because.
  3. One thing i'm hopeful is that it's not going to be cheesy, black and white "evil". Other than that i'm pretty excited. Screenshots look great, like the style a lot.
  4. If you're voting for Trump because "SJWs", then, quite frankly, you're part of the freaking problem. If you want someone to blame, blame yourself.
  5. That's definitely an interesting idea.... If nothing else. Make rape legal so that women be more careful. Genius.
  6. It is. But it's also about many other things, and i would argue that ethical issues were just a part of a much larger problem. That's why i think making "ethics in journalism" into some kind of mantra was a mistake. Just limits the movement and gives other people an excuse to dismiss anything not ethics related.
  7. Well, that's mostly due to the the fact that there wasn't really much to talk about when it came to journalism. Most of the legitimate concerns were adressed in the first few months. That's why imo the decision to center GG around journalism was wrong, since it's obviously not the case and can only lead to confusion and misunderstandings.
  8. Oh my sweet summer child... It was an ok place when i first started reading it half a year ago. Plenty of idiots, but also a lot of reasonable people. Now though it seems that idiots took over and the sub turned into a bunch of fanatics whose sole purpose in life is to fight their "enemies", whoever they might be. Basically a mirror image of people like Harper.
  9. If i learned anything from this crapstorm, it's that so often "objective" truths happen to be so very subjective. More a matter of whose trench you're in right now, than anything else.
  10. So hold on, why the outrage then? Is it just people jumping to conclusions as usual?
  11. Lol. This is what someone just said to me on KiA. "TYT saying that if a women isn't wearing the clothes that a muslim man sees in his country then he has the right to rape that women without consequences." Of course they didn't say anything even close to that, but, i guess, truth is irrelevant now. Honestly, in all of this mess, not just this issue but this whole "culture war" in general, it's getting harder and harder to tell who's exactly the "outrage warriors" are in it. Almost everywhere i look, it's just outrage, outrage, outrage. Seems like a lot people completely lost the ability to discuss things kindly and respectfully. I've been following this thing closely since last summer, and i'm already sick to death of it.
  12. Can someone watch this video and explain to me what is so wrong with it? Even TB commented on it. What's so hypocritical about it? Because i honestly don't get it.
  13. The problem is the statement itself is very loaded. A lot of people reading that would immudiatly assume that people in favor are one step away from ISIS. Where's in reality it's obviously a bit more complicated. Like for example this article says that almost half of russian muslims want sharia law. With the exception of Chechnya that has its own problems, unrelated to Islam, i would've never guessed that they do because it's not really an issue in any way shape or form, not that i know of at least. The vast majority of russian muslims aren't going to behead anyone anytime soon. So this study says 42% support sharia law, but what does it actually mean in reality? What exactly do this people support? "The survey also show that Muslims differ widely in how they interpret certain aspects of sharia, including whether divorce and family planning are morally acceptable." That's what i mean. Saying most muslims support sharia law is misleading since most of them can't even agree on what it's supposed to be in the first place. Also, ask christians if they support 10 commandments. Most i imagine would say "Well, of course i do!". But how many actually follow all of them?
  14. I feel you need something to back up this claim. It's like saying most christians would like to ban sex before marriage. Some certainly would, but most? Very doubtful.
  15. Lol, bringing up America to argue a pro-gun case might not be the best idea.
  16. I doubt you have any idea of what you're talking about.
  17. Huh? Are you suggesting that liberalism is somehow a "western" thing, and since i was born in Russia i can't possibly come to it on my own? What kind of twisted logic is that? If you want to know, my views are heavily influenced by Indian mystics and their philosophy. You could say i'm an amatuer philosopher myself, and that's where most of my views come from. Or at least the basics on which they are based. And Putin is "bad" because i can see the consuquences of his rule with my own eyes. Corruption destroys everything and everyone. I don't particularly like corruption, hence i want him gone. Do you like it? Also, i don't view the world as black and white. There are, for the most part, shades of grey. Some things are better, some things are worse.
  18. Why would i be offended? And by what exactly? I'm simply stating what seems to be the obvious. You're incredibly xenophobic, you like dictatorships, and hate West. If that's not fascism, then what is? Though at the end of the day particular definitions are irrelevant. Call yourself what you wish, it won't change who you are. And just for the record, i don't use Instagram, don't go to Mosques, and don't "rile against patriarchy".
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