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  1. Well, whatever respect i had for Avellone is now gone. "Unprofessional" doesn't even begin to describe it. And worst of all it's just pure gossip.
  2. Why is Avellone gossiping about Obsidian on RPG Codex? Seems very petty.
  3. Figured as much. And i'm certainly not passing any final judgements before i actually played game. Just sharing my thoughts and impressions so far. After all, you gotta pass the time before the game comes out somehow.
  4. Because in my mind it gives of the same vibe, more or less, as other female characters in Deadfire. Dark and moody. Where's her original concept art looked playeful and cheeky. Although i know people have varying opinions about this one. Saw someone in this thread, i think, describe her new portrait as cheeky, and was like "really? you call that cheeky, a barely noticeable smile?".
  5. Maybe tomboy wasn't the right choice of word there. English is not my first language, so maybe i misunderstand what it means. But basically i just want a female character that isn't a "strong woman" type of character. I know, i know, that's the current trend right now and all that, but i just find them to be very dull. I want a character that is fun and Ydwin's concept looked fun. Now her portrait, even the new one, looks like more of the same, which for me is disappointing. Yes, pretty much that. Fun.
  6. I should clarify that by fantasies i don't mean purely positive, pleasurable experiences. More that every experience that we seek meant to supplement something that is missing within ourselves, and these experiences are not necesserily positive or negative in and of themselves. So it's not always as straightforward as dreaming about dating a beautiful woman or something along those lines. In fact, most of the time, i would say, the psychology behind why we choose to experience certain things and not the other is quite complicated. But the bottom line is that we like things that we for whatever reason need. Not to say that our "like" detectors are perfect and we never make mistakes, we absolutely do, but that is, i feel, the general idea behind why we choose to engage with the things that we do. That's silly. Would you say it's narrow minded to prefer one genre of games over the other? Or one genre of music over the other. Or movies, or books, or whatever else. And i never said that i want ALL characters to be designed a certain way, did i? I only commented about Ydwin, that's it.
  7. I am not mistaking this at all. What exactly does role playing do? Why do people want to play any role other than their own in the first place? To fulfil a fantasie. As simple as that. Or to be more precise to fulfil some psychological need that is lacking from their daily life. So to berate someone for having fantasies when you're no different is hypocritical at best.
  8. I wouldn't have if you guys didn't have such an extreme reaction to what i consider to be a very benign statement.
  9. Right, so you're saying in your daily life you regularly save the world? Help every random stranger (or kill them), fight terrible monsters, boldy go where no man has gone before etc? Are you saying that you are exactly as daring, witty and handsome as Commander Shepard and every other PC in existence? If so, then accept my apologies. You are clearly an enlightened being that plays games for their philosophical and speritual value rather than anything else. But something tells me you're none of those things. So, i hate to break it to you, but you play games for the very same reason us filthy "fappers" do. And i'm not making a fuss at all. I simply said that i would've preferred a different character. No more, no less. It is you who seems to triggered here.
  10. Games are fantasies by their very own nature. Everything in them, everyt single aspect is a fantasy. It's all wish fulfilment from start to finish. So what i personally find weird is people blaming others for preferring one fantasy over the other. As if fantasies that they prefer are somehow better, more "enlightened". Just ridiculous.
  11. Definitely prefer the new portrait to the old one. Although still would like her to be a bit more feminine. Feel like there's already enough tomboys in Pillars.
  12. Have to agree on Ydwin. In the concept she looks cheeky and playful, but in the portrait she looks bitter and angry. It kinda reminds me of that guy actually. http://criticalrole.wikia.com/wiki/File:Percy2.png And i absolutely hate him.
  13. There's no evidence that he even left, let alone got kicked. For all we know he's still working on the game. And stop with the strawman and trying to create drama where there isn't.
  14. So the story here is that nutters from Gamerghazi started a witch hunt against some guy who posted some opinions on some website, who was also hired by Obsidian to do some contract work for them. And that's about it.
  15. So the guy from screenshots does seem to be the writer for Battle Brothers. According to their website it's someone named "Casey". So, it has nothing to do with Eric. Case closed.
  16. What evidence is there that it's Eric exactly? Because i see none. Judging by his bio the guy in question lives in Texas and, if i'm understanding his signature correctly, a writer for Battle Brothers.
  17. Gamerghazi trying to ster up controversy, eh? What else is new. If this is indeed Eric, then some of what he said i agree with, some don't, but there's really nothing all that criminal. So, in short, outrage warriors can go to hell. Also, Obsidian handled the limerick pretty much the best way they could, considering the circumstances.
  18. While i do not at all subscribe to the idea that everything about us is determined by society, this is not really relevant here. The point is that what you're describing is supposed to be some massive effect that shapes us at every step we take. Veer slightly to the left or to the right, and society immidiatly tries to put you back in your place. And that is something i simply do not see. Neither in my own experience, nor anywhere else. And to clarify, i'm not oblivious to the fact there are stereotypes, and some expectations and so on. But any of that is hardly enough to start inventing new genders.
  19. Doubt it. Unless we have in Russia some equality paradise that i'm not aware of. I mean, of course there are stereotypes. But stereotypes are a far cry from these gender expectations that apperantly shape everything that there is about us.
  20. See, that's the problem. If this gender thing is as profound as you say it is, how come i never noticed it? If it is as big as you say, why i never felt any of it? And i am, being a straight man, have a much stronger feminine side than an average male would. So, if there were these big expectations, you'd think i would've noticed them, but i didn't. Never really felt like i had to conform to any kind of expectation.
  21. This is incredibly confusing. In russian there isn't even an equivalent for "gender", there's just "sex". So i'm having a big difficulty understanding what gender even supposed to mean in the first place, let alone when it's non-binary. And judging by the answers i'm getting, it's not that much clearer for other people as well.
  22. But there is no binary, that's the point. Saying that there is implies that there's some kind of a strict definition of these terms, which there isn't. When you click on male or female when creating a character, all you do is select your character model. Your personality, who you are is entirely up to you, and is not determined by the choice of that model at all.
  23. Yeah, i know what you meant and agree completely with what you're saying. Just that in the current context, both with PoE and other games, i don't see too many people protesting LGBT or whatever else if it's done right. Sure, there are some fringe arseholes, but most don't seem to care, from what i've seen anyway. But there does seem to be a big push from the PC crowd, that's why i focused specifically on them. And to clarify, i personally have nothing against including these kind of things per se. I just hate it when they are being forced in with no concern for any kind of logic.
  24. That is a very vague definition, you have to admit. What does it actually means in practical terms? And more to the point, does male/female (both irl and in the context of the game) actually imply some kind of pattern of behavior or something like that? Something so profound that someone would feel the need to be called something else. Because as far as i can see, you're a he if you have a ****, and you're a she if you have a vagina. And that's really about it. Although there are transgender people of course, but that is not relevant here, since those people would play as the gender they indentify with. Edit: lol, p enis is bad word, but vagina isn't?
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