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  1. As always. Thanks for the job you guys do!
  2. In the end they will do what they want with the game. Just as DAI turned into what it is. It's ok for them. I don't have to buy or support it. If POE is the last game I buy from OE before it turns into another DAI. Thanks!
  3. "As far as voice acting goes I would say they would do better with having less of it compared to the first game. " Or an option to turn it off. Would rather read than listen to any voices at all.
  4. Hope you get your issue worked out. Ignore most of the silly statements by some of these guys. There are some here who are willing to help you and will try their best. I just had an issue with mine starting up and found I had to verify the steam files. I know your copy is GoG though.
  5. Love the 4 games comment haha. Sure does seem that way. I had just found out about that place sometime last year. In the end. Im going to play what I like. Could give a damn what rpgcodex or anyone here or on the net thinks. Play what you like......
  6. Wow. The generation gap is bigger than I originally imagined, I guess. D:OS wasn't a particularly text-heavy game. That is to say, Unlike PoE, when you're talking to someone (or something) in D:OS, the game simply does dialogue. It doesn't, for example, spend 3 or 4 lines of text describing what the person looks like, or halt the dialogue every other sentence to give you an overly verbose description of their facial expression changes. PoE's a different beast. It occasionally DOES cross that line that separates gloriously wordy from unnecessary rambling. But NO, contrary to the whines of the casuals, the solution is NOT to friggin put more voice acting and cinematics in the game. The solution is maybe to...you know....get to the point quicker. And more efficiently. And weren't you people warned that this game wouldn't be for you? I seem to remember... Oh yes, here it is. A direct warning from the developers: Don't play this game if you dislike reading. Prob is .. most didn't read the warning so they had no clue....... Such is life...
  7. Somewhat, yes. Definitely some genres are more space-mariney than others, but it is a systemic problem IMO, in that the exceptions tend to stand out. As a thought experiment, why don't you write down a list of, say, 30 games you've enjoyed over the years, and then underline the ones which had a non-white, non-male default protagonist, regardless of genre or whether they even have a protagonist. I just did this experiment, only in the last year my ten most enjoyed games were: - Shadowrun Returns (you can create your main character, and choose gender and race. Option for dark skinned included) - Divinity: Orinignal Sin (you can create two main characters, and choose gender and race. Option for dark skinned included) - Blackguards 2 (locked female main character) - Tomb Raider (locked female character) - Might and Magic X: Legacy (you can create 4 characters, you get to choose races and genders for all. Option for dark skinned included) - Dark Souls 2 (you create your main character, you get to choose race and gender. Option for dark skinned included) - The Evil Within (Male white main character. Female sidekick that you get to play as the main character in the sequel/DLC) - Resident Evil Revelations 2 (two campaigns, 4 main characters, of which one is male and three are female) - Dragon Age Inquisition (you get to create your main character, and choose gender and race. Option for dark skinned included. Option for romancing dark skinned and male NPCs included. Even when playing as a man.) - Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor (Damn it, here it is. The locked white male character that makes the game industry systemic.) Of all those games, none of them has predominant white male symbology. DOS' cover has a male and female characters walking in tandem where none is predominant, MMX shows a party fighting, with two males and two females, and the rest of the games in that list mostly have covers that consist in banners with ornaments that fit the game's theme. My favourite game/trilogy in the last decade, Mass Effect, allows you to create any race, and any gender main character, and allows any combination of romances with both females, males, dark skinned and homosexuals (and aliens ). The main cover of the game even has a dual design, one with the male version of Shepard, and another with the female version of Shepard. You usually make valid posts PrimeJunta, but what you posted this one time around was mere and baseless bulls*it, which is also what some of these feminist SJW believe in their heart, even when it's not true. This is not the 60's, the world has changed quite a bit in the last few decades, and we love it. The problem is that unfortunately, some people prefer to keep playing victim, because it's easier to blame everyone else for me being a failure. Also gives you that powerful feeling of being a warrior, fighting against the system. Truth is you had the same treatment as everyone else, and you did not qualify. Assume it, and improve next time around. Speak for yourself. Sure may not be the 60's but it's the same bull going around here in the U.S. that has been around for years. The GAME has been changed is all. So while YOU may love it.. Some still don't. The GAME will always be played by those who win at it.
  8. Agreed. You have TONS of people who don't come here in the same fashion as some. We know you are doing the best to fix issues and it will work out in the end.
  9. Same. I find it really annoying to hear voice speaking while I'm playing. Being a person who has no problem reading books, I find it easier to read text than to listen.
  10. Lord more of this. I can't right now at 4 30 am. Going to sleep.. wow lol.
  11. Not for people who have jobs and like video games.Why are you even here? Hasn't anyone told you... Anywhere something good is going on .. Trolls like him exist. No matter the genre of game I have played online in almost the last 18 yrs. His type will be there So you know this is a good thing.. Without the haters where would we be??
  12. Haha if I did not go to sleep. I would pass out by the release time. I will be up by 8am waiting and ready!
  13. purchased my game from them back in Nov. No emails yet. Hope soon. ps. They just sent mine a few mins ago. Glad to know as I ordered a while ago. Pre-loading now.
  14. I was trying to figure out if you were serious too when you said to visit both places. Gamespot...... I then went over to check out neogaf... Like a zoo. Not my style. Glad to see you were joking lol.
  15. try http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html and dl their cpu z program. It will tell you information on your system mb,ram, and cpu.
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