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  1. As always. Thanks for the job you guys do!
  2. In the end they will do what they want with the game. Just as DAI turned into what it is. It's ok for them. I don't have to buy or support it. If POE is the last game I buy from OE before it turns into another DAI. Thanks!
  3. "As far as voice acting goes I would say they would do better with having less of it compared to the first game. " Or an option to turn it off. Would rather read than listen to any voices at all.
  4. Hope you get your issue worked out. Ignore most of the silly statements by some of these guys. There are some here who are willing to help you and will try their best. I just had an issue with mine starting up and found I had to verify the steam files. I know your copy is GoG though.
  5. Love the 4 games comment haha. Sure does seem that way. I had just found out about that place sometime last year. In the end. Im going to play what I like. Could give a damn what rpgcodex or anyone here or on the net thinks. Play what you like......
  6. Wow. The generation gap is bigger than I originally imagined, I guess. D:OS wasn't a particularly text-heavy game. That is to say, Unlike PoE, when you're talking to someone (or something) in D:OS, the game simply does dialogue. It doesn't, for example, spend 3 or 4 lines of text describing what the person looks like, or halt the dialogue every other sentence to give you an overly verbose description of their facial expression changes. PoE's a different beast. It occasionally DOES cross that line that separates gloriously wordy from unnecessary rambling. But NO, contrary to the whines of the
  7. Somewhat, yes. Definitely some genres are more space-mariney than others, but it is a systemic problem IMO, in that the exceptions tend to stand out. As a thought experiment, why don't you write down a list of, say, 30 games you've enjoyed over the years, and then underline the ones which had a non-white, non-male default protagonist, regardless of genre or whether they even have a protagonist. I just did this experiment, only in the last year my ten most enjoyed games were: - Shadowrun Returns (you can create your main character, and choose gender and race. Option for dar
  8. Agreed. You have TONS of people who don't come here in the same fashion as some. We know you are doing the best to fix issues and it will work out in the end.
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