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  1. half-life 2 is just head and shoulders above doom 3, doom ran out of new ideas by the 4th level, theres only so many times you can pick up something and have an imp spawn behind you and it will seem exciting, also the game was soo bloody dark it just wasn't scary, try annoying half-life 2 had superior graphics, an actual physics system, superior level design, superior AI, better weapons, a far better storyline and better way of storytelling and had tonnes of new ideas in every level its a bit of a no brainer really
  2. Yeah< its really flawed...I tried for like an hour once doing all the right combinations but nothing happened
  3. kreia said he was a product of the jedi civil war in a dialogue option, which would make sense, cause you are led to believe he was a student at or atleast present the korriban academy when revan went there in the original so he probably wasn't all deformed at that point
  4. no it doesn't :D the whole turn-on for people was the way you could play as a jedi and develop your powers through the game, i would've been bored as hell if i was forced to play as some han solo type character with a blaster for the entire game
  5. thats one of the first things you hear when you talk to her, not much of a spoiler tbh lol
  6. get the new .4 catalyst drivers from the ati webby, they fix everything, ie dantooine lag and other kotor issues
  7. even if you set revan as lightside, the npcs still kind of hint at revan being darkside just to be general during the course of the game which confuses alot of people
  8. if you go consular go dark side, either that or make sure you have a lots of charisma as well as wisdom if you plan to go light side light sided consulars are not as much fun and are pretty useless since they can only really use one or two offensive force powers without a large fp penalty the way light side is set up is that most light sided force powers are designed to buff up your offensive physical attacks so generally speaking only go LS if you intend on being a guardian/sentinel, DS you can be anything really since you aren't at much of a disadvantage no matter what you do
  9. Hey now. Kreia had Kinetic Combat, man. Plus, I seem to remember being stunned several times in a row by Kreia spamming Force Wave, Kill, Insanity, and other stunning spells against me, too... But, hey, for the poll, by being a "better" Sith Lord, do you mean better as a representative and leader of the actual Sith or better as in a more interesting character? 'Cause Kreia wasn't really much of a "Sith Lord" since her beliefs weren't very in line with the teachings of the Sith at all, making Darth Malak the better Sith Lord, but I would say Kreia was a more interesting character... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i had the better sense to only teach her insanity and then give her stuff like master heal and master battle mediatation lol like to see her use that against me :D
  10. i do the same thing only leave my dex and charisma really low and plough the rest into strength, cons and int makes for a really strong guardian type char as far as those crystals go never got any of them lol, i did get cyana though, for the first time from the guy you rescue from the enclave sublevel who gives you some jedi artifacts, i reloaded my game and got it plus an opilla crystal
  11. in terms of being gigantically useless, it was easilly GO-TO bao dur was pretty rubbish for me as well, but i didn't get the chance to turn him into a jedi, since handmaiden was my guardian and most of the bao dur influence chances i used on atton
  12. being the son of anakin probably counts for something too
  13. this is a great thread, drakonnen has hit the nail on the head so many times while dabise has basically stated everything wrong with the way the game ended i hope obsidian are taking notes
  14. they made an rpg superior to most others in half the time, that has to count for something if they had an extra 2- 4 months, tsl would have been perfect and would have surpassed its predecessor as a game as well an an rpg
  15. i played as a LS character and i tend to think like one they were the most ungrateful sods, its not enough their order is dieing a death then they have to go and try to disconnect the most powerful of them from the force again out of sheer misguided belief that you were their biggest problem i get the whole way kreia hated both the sith and the jedi councils arrogance, obsidian made it really easy to dislike them
  16. they went a bit overboard with lightsaber colours in this one lol the game also keeps throwing violet crystals at me, makes a change from all the red ones in the original anyway
  17. i agree with evrything you've said nihilus was a tragically underused character and should have been the bullwork which the ending of that game was built upon, and i agree with the boring as hell dialogue tree with traya at the end, thats an awful way to end a game, having everything explained by the person you were out to kill after you effectively beat her it seemed really underwhelming going from a huge spacebattle to malachor where not alot was happening
  18. its clearly the evil mastermind behind the HK factory
  19. it may be an idea to wait for the patch first before trying to restore the lost content since that leads to more problems and other issues once the thing is actually released
  20. ati cards are better and run faster, with them you have a better chance of running new games all nivida can do better than ati is make the games look slightly better as they have more advanced pixel shaders, but all that means little since the cards don't run as fast so you'll probably experience lots of slowdowns for graphically demanding new games that you wouldn't get with ati when the patch is released the game should run fine with both cards
  21. forms are pretty useless imo they don't make that big a difference to your damage or defense, like i played through the whole game with the "default" style and totally forgot about them until almost at the end of the game i can't say that i did much better than i was already doing once i remembered about them
  22. i am certain a 3rd game will be made there is no way even a money hungry company like LA would stand in the way if they could help it and anyway, its their ticket to even more cash since they own the rights to the massively successful series, so they would be silly not to commisson another game its like trying to stop another final fantasy or metal gear game
  23. its a wait and see for me the graphics look a bit dated and it looks like its would be a really slow paced game
  24. correct me if i am wrong but were obsidian not given a 13 month deadline at the START, or was the deadline changed constantly coming closer to the release date? cause if they were given the 13 month deadline at the start, they were either really confident they could get the game fully finished in that time, or they could have said " this is BS, we can't get a finished game done in that time" cause if it was the former then their confidence was slightly misplaced
  25. replay value aside, its pretty annoying having to do DS style choices when they are really cliched pantomine villain style choices half the time, especially if only to talk to HK it would have been a good idea to find some way so that LS characters could still get the info off HK somehow, like applying repair skills to HK to force him to tell you etc, something along those lines
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