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  1. I'm using this now. http://magestrix.com/K2End/downloads.html Fantastic site. I installed all of the fixes, makes KotOR life much easier. Edit: Ahhh, sorry - Dashus and Razorfish already said this... :"> THANKS folks!
  2. Same here, tried it ~10 times (/ and *) without success. So I went on...
  3. This is 15, not 13! But I tried it anyway. Exploding... *sigh* But thank you, I'm desperate. Can anyone remember what he did to solve this riddle? I can't imagine all players left it behind.
  4. I should have mentioned it, I tried both possibilities and none of them worked. "/ or *" it still keeps exploding...
  5. Hello (possible Spoilers ahead), during the second visit on Dxun, the party has to enter a sith temple right near the entrance are two walkways, each one of them leads to a computer with a crate, solving the riddle in the computer opens the crate - so far so good. I can't open the crate with the "equation riddle". It says you have to balance the equation "(6 _ 2) _ 8 _ 9 _ 1 = 13" using + - * / in the _ spots. Fine, I used "6*2-8+9/1=13" and if I'm not completely stupid, this actually IS 13. But the crate doesn't open, the computer explodes, end of story. Is it my fault, doing something wrong, or is this a bug? I will leave this crate behind and will continue with the game, but it angers me, so at least I would like to know what's behind all this. Thanks for any reaction, SL
  6. LOL. What do you expect? Even if there is gonna be no patch release, they would never tell this in the open. Hell would freeze. Thousands of people going crazy etc. :D I guess their method is to wait a few additional month, until no one's left who cares. Partially their method already has been successful. Few have the patience to wait this long - it's still about a patch for a pc-game...
  7. Yeah. I heard the release is around the same day Duke Nukem Forever hits the stores.
  8. Everything (concerning game patches) from LucasArts was stand-alone this far. I really doubt they change it for KotOR 2. The built-in updater is just for the lazy folks.
  9. It's a guess. But a good one. :D It's the most likely explanation. By the way: Where is the topic "There is no patch at all!!!"? :D
  10. Ah okay. I'm very sure they offer it as a singe file AND through the updater. So you can download it from work without having kotor installed. That's 99% sure.
  11. Strange Question. Of course it will be a single file. What else should it be?
  12. (w00t) LA already loves you. :ph34r: :D For the answer: Obi-Wan could handle that! :cool: I'm sure he would!
  13. They never should have posted this "soon-sentence" on the main page in the first place. Big mistake. Stuff like that is published when it's SURE and only then. Otherwise - well by now you should know what you get otherwise. Angry and frustrated people everywhere, who are sick to wait any longer.
  14. Why is "anyone" saying this? Maybe I'm too pessimistic, but we have no evidence for that, it's wishful thinking. This is the last thing I red about it: For me the part "We haven't changed anything about the patch in a while..." is very interesting. They haven't changed anything in a while and are "just working on getting it released" (whatever that means), but they don't release it. What does this mean to you? Because I'm not getting it at all.
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