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  1. And I'm still not convinced that he was weakened in any way. He just tried to drain you dry... and failed because there was nothing to drain. Nothing more. That gave the PC a chance to fight him, but it doesn't mean that Nihilus should be absolutely incompetent with a lightsaber or the only Sith Lord that can't spam Force Lightning. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> imo he was weakened as he wasted energy trying to drain you and got nothing for it, its even said several times that he is slowly consuming himself, so the longer he goes without absorbing something with the force the weaker he is, so even if he wasn't weakened from the backlash of trying to absorb you, he was weakened probably from not consuming anything for a while anyway, so you didn't fight him in "top form" so to speak he seemed to me to be pretty good at lightsaber combat though , he was backflipping all over the place for me haha that said it didn't help him when he was dropped in two hits
  2. did anybody actually use GO-TO? i just saw how unbelievably rubbish he looked and kept him on the hawk for the rest of the game, plus he annoyed me greatly with motives being full of contradictions and annoying voice
  3. thats one of the main reasons why i don't play DS, simply cause i think the DS options are just plain dumb, like hardly any of them are subtle DS, its like beating up some kid in the playground for his lunch money you end up becoming this cliched evil moron
  4. in most rpg's you tend to think of a weapon master as a dual wielder, you would also tend to think of a weapon master as an offensive class well logically the prestige feats would therefore be for dual wielders since they are designed to dish out the most damage possible
  5. generally speaking, i hate prequels i much prefer it when they push on with the main story instead of getting sidetracked with backstory and prequels, mostly cause i wanna know what happens!!!
  6. seriously who cares about defense, you're gonna be hit no matter what, the best strategy is to kill them before they kill you
  7. And you don't deserve to call yourself poster, more like trolling spammer. But you don't see me complaining, do you? ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> dude its not like i am asking obsidian to part the heavens or anything, like one guy with a one sentence post to explain roughly when the patch will be out and/or how it is coming along is not asking alot i'm thankful one of the devs actually answered the question, i don't think it was that hard for him or that it took up too much time
  8. does visas say different things whenever she pulls off his mask? as i seem to remember my bro beating him and she said something different, maybe dreamt it
  9. force persuade is univeral since it can be used for good or evil purposes bottom line :D
  10. Well its been 2 months, if they don't have something to tell us yet then they really do not deserve to call themselves developers, more like timewasters
  11. the former was kinda of a lame attempt to try to make the last fight more interesting which for me just fell on its ass, i would prefer the person to actually fight with the said sabre in their hands lol Don't remember the part
  12. on the subject of lightsabers, notice how in the kotor games the devs are boring and gave every sith lord from malak to single lightsabers, But they should go out of their way to give atleast one guy some identifiying feature about his lightsaber, or make the way they fight a bit more interesting like in the clone wars with dooku
  13. the fact that obsidian are so tight lipped about the patch is a joke, seriously, how much could it hurt to ****ing inform people as to how close the patch is to release or atleast how its coming along Its not like one guy working on the patch or somebody with knowledge about the subject couldn't go to the forums and take 5 minutes out of his life to tell all the fans and people they have let down who've been waiting for the thing for months
  14. Adding all that stuff wouldn't take an extra 6 months, more like a couple of weeks if they got off their asses, its already all or nearly done, just not present in the game, you have to remmeber the entire game was made in 13 months, you're suggesting that it would take them just under half the time to add something like an extra couple of areas and some dialogue that has already been recorded tbh thats the only reason that i could think of why the patch is taking so long, its not out of the question that a patch would add the missing stuff, either that or obsidian are just incompetant and can't release an essential patch within a reasonable amount of time
  15. i hope the scenes between anakin and padme aren't the badly acted cheesefest that totally wrecked the clone wars ep 1 has jar jar, ep2 had that.... hopefully ep3 will be cheese free
  16. great post i'm sure the devlopers are on top of it..............caugh...... "
  17. out of those probably the radeon 9250 but i wouldn't by any of them, try looking for a cheap radeon 9600 or 9800 Stay away from both of those nvidia cards as well
  18. the xbox has the advantage over a pc of being more compact and you can just buy a game and play it immediatly but seriously if you get a high end pc, there is other gaming experience compared to it, plus the keyboard and mouse setup is superior for RTS, 3rd person shooters and FPS games And provided your pc isn't too old you could buy a high end graphics card that would run the newest games for the cost of an xbox, even cheaper if you use the internet
  19. i dropped it in one master speed/flurry attack i also didn't use one stim or shield in that entire game
  20. both games suck at the start, taris was the single worst part of the game in the original and peragus was the same
  21. my npcs were really dependent on my character, who could kill anybody bar the bosses in one lightsaber strike.....
  22. no the gamecube is much better, for one thing it has the best controller.. ever, i have played every games console there is to be played and the gamecubes controller is the best of the lot, in terms of practicality and comfort. The N64 had like 2 or 3 good games, lylat wars, goldeneye and super mario 64. Actually its alot like the xbox in this time period, only it has even less good games, atleast ones you can't already get on another console or the pc. Though that said, the Ps2 has the best games, the mgs series, the GTA series, the Final fantasy series, the gran turismo series, the list goes on and to the spastic who said there was no good games for the pc, 3 letters HL2!!!! The greatest fps of all time and one of the most groundbreaking games in years. Not to mention Rome:Totalwar, Warhammer: Dawn of War, Doom 3, Warcraft series, even the original Half-life is better than halo
  23. all the xbox has is halo, the most overrated game of recent times and a clumsy brick of a controller the gamecube has tonnes of unique titles like zelda, RE4, mario, metroid prime etc etc and no, superior hardware doesn't = better games, look at the N64
  24. in general, ATI cards run much faster and can handle newer games better than nvidia cards, though nvidia cards tend to make the games look better due to lighting and slightly more advanced pixel shaders for this game, once the patch comes out, hopefully it will fix the ati cards problems, ati cards will be better for it, while right now in its unpatched form, nivida cards are better as there are less hardware issues
  25. they sort of presume you should know that you can add the characters, the beginning, peragus and telos seems to be the parts with the most bugs where in contrast, the end, malachor and telos revisited seem to be the areas with the most cut out parts due to the game being rushed i couldn't find those mercs who fled to the telos planetside, i looked all over the place, checked the map that i had looked everywhere and killed everyone but never found them after they fled
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