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  1. Looks like it's the final stage. 1.0b11 build was recently released, which means only one (1.0b12) is left till the public release (build 1.0c1). Dashus is working now on fixing all the game serious (game-crashing) bugs that prevent the mod from being released
  2. Me neither, I personally couldn't care less about the graphics but I realize how important this aspect is in making one game a smash, thus I actually hope AP will present good visuals.
  3. Actually, I (for example) care more about political theories than if I will be able to marry my boyfriend Relax Hurlshot. It's not that people do not want to talk about this subject. The discussion in the thread just naturally evolved as it often happens.
  4. It won't. BioWare has surely enough of Obsidian taking their games and doing a better job than they did.
  5. What are the odds that this might be related? I'm jumping on the "three" theory. So NWN 3? Kotor 3? Baldur's Gate 3? Iceawind Dale 3?
  6. This is the best trailer released yet! I can't wait for this game! :D Now I hope the next trailer/footage will contain some more of conversations
  7. K3! K3! K3! *prays* Hope we will hear new info soon! :D
  8. I actually don't know since I saw this Total Recall quote being used as an answer to release dates questions on various different gaming forums already How I am suppoused to know if Dashus isn't using it the same way too?
  9. Speaking of updates, what's this from Dashus? http://forums.team-gizka.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4776 Is Dashus saying it will be released in two weeks? No. He's saying it'll be done when it's done and... that's it. "Two weeks" thing is a reference to a scene from a movie "Total Recall", Arnie keeps repeating "two weeks" thing over and over again, as Dashus the "When it's done" phrase. Here: At least that's how I think.
  10. As I see it, we will have 4 dialogue options at max right?
  11. I'm sure they have enough of people for this already But I could help with the K3 developement so they could focus all forces on AP
  12. This way the game's gonna be much more polished. Happy to hear that!
  13. Sega is working! Impossible! Seriously though the shoots look great! It's more recent build isn't it?
  14. Same here. I understand that most of the videos from the game released will focus on action mainly as that what sells, but I hope we will get some pure RPG footage from AP too. Personally, I would love to see more of the convo system. I love the bits I've seen, I think the limited decision time concept is a really good idea that fits into the game's theme perfectly but I wish they showed us more
  15. I think those are simply footages from different stages of the developement put together into a one video. Some locations/objects/characters look splendid, with high res textures, while others don't. Same with facial animations. The purpule-hair girl has alot better facial animations during the convo with her than other characters. It shows progress and I'm glad to see it. I'm positive Obsidian will be able to polish most of the important stuff in time.
  16. They would if Sega was doing it's job at marketing it properly.
  17. The combat looks great but I hope we really get to see some more dialogues in the G4TV footage. Anyway, I already know I'm getting this one! QFT
  18. I remember replaying Kotor 1 about 2 years since my last playthrough and it's been almost like playing the game for the first time. While I of course new the general plot already, I didn't remember most of the quest, not to mention the smaller ones. Unfortunately, I played TSL so much (along with modding) that I doubt it'll be the case here
  19. Funcroc's gonna hunt you down As for Fallout fans being the worst, I guess Feargus never been on Tomb Raider forums.
  20. The thing that I hated the most about Nico in BS4 was her voice. Her character was voiced by a different actress in every installment of the franchise and the first three did a great job and fitted perfectly. But the one in BS4 was pretty awful IMO. I think BS4 was a great imporvement over TSD, but BS2 and especially 1 are still the best IMO. BTW Broken Sword 5 is rumored to be in developement and guess what? It'll be most likely 2D!
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