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  1. More concept arts, by Molly Denmark. Source: http://www.studiodenmark.com/gallery/pictures.php?dir=32 Dashaad: Taloraan: Ossus:
  2. Last two bugs were fixed in build 0.9b1: So 0.9b1 is the next build, YAY! This also means that translations are now/almost ready. Nice to see progress! Getting closer!
  3. I know... Let's be patient... Be patient......... Oh scrap! I want it already!!! :'(
  4. OMG OMG OMG 18! EIGHTEEN!!! Were're not stuck in those damn 20s anymore!!! OMG! 18!!!! :aiee: :wowey: :w00t: :grin: :aiee:
  5. I was replaying K2 lately (DS male), and what I noticed is that there wasn't really an explanation of what really happened to Exile. I don't remember my first playthrough, but after that I red many articles on Wokiepedia and on these forums about Exile's past and what really happened on Malachor, why he was cut from the Force and so on. But yesterday I finished K2 for a second time and there wasn't any explanation. I know that LS players get every answers from Jedi masters on Dantooine, but what about DS players? Did i miss sth during my second time with TSL or there's no full explanation in DS playthrough ?
  6. 26 now. Jeezz we're stuck in those damn 20's I want it now! I was 100% that it'll be released this summer (after being disappointed for two last ones) but now it seems that it may not be released even in this year. NOOOOOOOO!!!
  7. Dashus i have a question to you (but first i would like to sorry for my bad english :"> ) Have you ever asked the devs, or Luca$Arts to send you original K2 script/scenario, missing voice files, *.dlg files etc so you could with Team-Gizka restore for example Atris as Traya part and other quest that were cut, we know they were suposed to be in game (like Atton/Handmaiden going with Kreia to Malachor V, Atris as Trya) but there's not enough pices to restore these parts. Mabey you should just ask them, and they'll be so pleasure to send you all necessary files. You never know
  8. Aurora, I LOVE U SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUCCHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (w00t) (w00t) :wub: (w00t) :wub: (w00t) Please don't drop this project, finish it! I want this mod ssssssssooooooooo baaaaaadlllllyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. How to see droid factory and droid planet? Can you tell me? is there some program to transfer to these locations? Please help
  10. Kotor 1: First game: Revan male (DS) Second game: Revan male (DS) Third game: Revan male (DS) Fourth game: Revan male (DS) Fifth game: Revan male (DS) Kotor 2: Firt game: Revan male (DS)/Exile male (DS) Second game: Revan male (DS)/Exile male (DS) Third game: Revan male (DS)/Exile male (DS) Kotor 3: First game: Revan male (DS)/Exile male (DS)/New character male (DS)
  11. Favourite: HK-47 Least Favourite: Bao-Dur (hate him SO much!!!!!)
  12. I would love to see: - Atris as Darth Traya, rather then Kreia - Party-members cutscenes from Malachor V - HK Factory quest - Cutscenes after your "death" on Jedi Enclave - GenoHarden quest - Master Vash on Korriban
  13. I preffer Kreia. Malak was another "i want to rule the galaxy!" guy. Kreia had far more interesting plan. To destrony the Force My sweet old witch
  14. I like the idea of Expansion Pack. Both PC users and X-Boxers will be happy. Oh, i forget. Hello :cool: I'm new here. Sorry for my bad english. Forgive me :">
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