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  1. Okay, but "completely uninspiring" and "crap" are a LOT different from what you were saying about the mods in the straight-5s post. If it's riddled with typos, blatant grammatical errors, and filled with very poor writing, that's one thing - but I've played about 20 mods so far at random, and I haven't seen more than one or two mods with any of those things. (And honestly, that surprised me, given the usual level of writing on the vault - I've played exactly one normal module that had very good writing and only a few others with passable writing). I've played some that started out slow and got
  2. I think that playing through enough mods per day that it becomes a chore to you is going to mess things up as well, though. Bioware says they'll go through them all, but they're getting paid for it and you're not. "Writers I'd definitely want to see at Bioware" isn't too bad a criteria, but if you want to be consistent, you really should play the mods for longer than 30 seconds - that's not fair at all. Yes, Bioware said that it's important for the first character/dialogue to be engaging, but they didn't say that that should determine everything - I played several mods that didn't have brillia
  3. I'd like to mention here that I hope everyone who votes for writing contest mods does so by followingthe contest rules fairly closely. So far, I've seen a LOT of high scores given out due to scripting for mods with mediocre or okay writing, and several lower scores given by players who were sad about the mods being "too short," and that is not fair to anyone in the contest. Knocking off points for typos & scripting errors that leave you unable to finish the mod or certain quests is one thing, but judging a contest entry as if it were the same as any other mod is another, significantly more
  4. Excellent. Now I can finally ask WHY WON'T YOU RETURN MY PHONE CALLS, OBSIDIAN? Oh. Filtered chat. Crap.
  5. Oh, my god. That is far too tasteful for me to find fault with.
  6. I think people are getting hurt, but that is a quite more complex topic than this and would just branch out into insanity if pursued here. I have a problem with sex being marketed to sell most anything, but I think it's definitely effective in certain cases where it's not in computer games because they're totally different products, and also often because those products tend to be cheaper and/or necessary in a way that computer games are not. For simpler products like deodorant, clothing, recordable DVDs, whatever, brand recognition matters a lot more than the quality of the actual pr
  7. So how many people in this thread have bought games solely or largely because of hot siliconed bikini chicks (Playboy Mansion & Leisure Suit Larry excepted)? How many have even bought games they otherwise hadn't heard of because of hot siliconed bikini chicks? I buy that "sex sells" sometimes, though I'm repulsed by the idea that that makes it okay, given that only one narrow, vicious idea of sex is generally used in the mass media. I don't buy that "sex sells" for computer games the same way it does for foul-smelling deodorant. Computer games are a larger investment of time and money
  8. They aren't guidelines, they are rules, and you get a hefty fine for not following them. I think there are better ways to change the whole booth babe standard. This is more of a threat to behave, perhaps they should try and spin the fact that a more child friendly and less sexist E3 will help greatly with PR. They need to open up the Boys Club of video games, but attacking the door with an axe is not the smoothest way to do so. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's a rule, yes, but it's still a private event, so it's not censorship. "Child friendliness" is also irrelevant since you hav
  9. New guidelines for a private event = censorship?
  10. I'm suspicious of the reasoning behind the new rule, but somehow I can't think that anything but good will come of it. Except the chorus of whines from kidlets who haven't figured out yet how to use the internet to find porn any time they want it - but it's such sweet music! Mmmm.
  11. And I posted before you edited, and it certainly is a good point. I just think it's amusing that you picked one of the few Hollywood actresses who happened to secretly transform into a semi-Olympian when you weren't looking.
  12. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/olympics/...vis_archery_ap/
  13. I just read an entire article in Reader's Digest about Geena Davis today, and an entire section was specifically about what great shape she was in, largely focusing on how she made it to the Olympic archery semifinals. Relevance. Look, I don't read Reader's Digest, it was just there. I'm going now.
  14. Oh my god, you really are Pete?
  15. I did know that he has a gay son, I did read the article he wrote about him, and I did link to it in my last post. I know over a dozen people who have gay friends and relatives and say they love them but don't support gay marriage, and several of those people get violently upset at the thought of a man hitting on them. I don't doubt that Shalit loves his son, but I don't think "some of my best friends are gay" has ever been a valid excuse in and of itself.
  16. I never said he wouldn't write it (though technically he speaks it), or should be forced to resign, or anything of the sort. But I don't think it's insane for someone to be upset over his claims, because, well, they're entirely made up. Ex: If he did, however, insult every one of the movies I mentioned to the same extent (his reviews are televised so I can't check) as well as other movies where the same thing which happened in Brokeback Mountain happened in heterosexual relationships (Titanic is actually a very good comparison), then he's not hypocritical and people are overreact
  17. Okay, speaking as apparently the only person who's seen the movie, Shalit is an idiot. Jack's initial "seduction" consists of putting Ennis' arm around his chest while he thinks Ennis is sleeping, after which Ennis forcibly pulls away, then pulls back and then they have wild obnoxiously-filmed consensual sex. If that's all it takes to seduce someone into gay sex, it's a wonder the whole world hasn't been recruited yet. His later "seductions" involve sending him a single postcard saying he's going to come by to visit, after which Ennis greets him with enormous happiness since it's been *four ye
  18. We already have records of three whole people swearing to buy K2 for the PC since we're iffy on the status of the X-Box mod. PROFIT.* We... are? Ahem, that is to say, we are. *crosses 'leisurely jog through Skywalker Ranch wearing only spaghetti and a banner with the address http://www.team-gizka.org' off the to-do checklist* Anyway, let's all try to keep this topic impossibly trim, much like a photoshopped supermodel. *But not the kind that's for us. Because of the illegal.
  19. Eh, when we have, in the US, porn stars advertising sneakers, rape and pseudorape shown for entertainment both in porn and on weekly television shows, and the hyper-sexualization of underage girls... ...then I just can't believe that we're less "perverted" or openly sexual than Japan is, and I can't get so freaked out about tentacle monsters. I can laugh a little at tentacle monsters because it's still creepy and gross but it's not real. I can't laugh the fact that there are many, many sites where 8-year-olds (and 6 year olds, and 13 year olds) are posed in lingerie and bikinis, in extreme
  20. The old topic was bigger than a rancor and just as deadly - don't ask me how, I'm not a scientist. Here's a new one, complete with questions so that ya'll don't need to ask them daily just in case the answer has changed. Look, it's our website! Much is repeated from our official FAQ. Q: Do I have to read this thread's FAQ before posting? Because I'm sure I can post something that isn't covered in it. A: Yes. Q: When will this mod be done? A: We don't have a projected time of completion yet. However, rest assured that we will keep you updated on our progress. You can ch
  21. Excellent, misreading all over the place. We both win! My God, upper 40s? I thought I had it hard here. I can't trade my purple pants, but I can give up my slightly torn pretend-satin pink penguin-and-star covered sleep-pants. They're warmer than pretend-fleece. Trade you around the corner of #mistresslair?
  22. I certainly don't mean to suggest that it's not a problem because it's not new. I just thought it was a bit of a "duh" moment, and was a bit puzzled that it focused only on racist remarks and not a few of the other -ics or -isms that are all over the game-internets, but I suppose the writer had a word limit.
  23. The way the writer only used examples from online consoles, which I think are all fairly new, gave me the impression that they were just discovering this. They do talk in more generic terms near the end, though. Also, I misread the X-Box 360 bit & took it to mean that these were people playing on the X-Box 360 Live. Mostly it was that part. All I've got are these purple pretend-fleece sleeper pants with sheep all over 'em. And it's dropped down to an all-time low of 64 degrees in this house, so I can't give them up - I depend on them for SURVIVAL in the unbearable winter.
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