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  1. So i read almost all the comments. I was wondering... What do you guys think of a Morrowind modded to the core ?
  2. 4. quest and journal system. I like journal system for example when i play a game a week later i know where i let things last time. I'm not a big fan (not at all) of game that requires me to scribe down on paper to be able to play it normally. How the journal system is a way to dumb down a RPG (genuine question) ? I agree with the rest though and the cake metaphor too (gotta love or hate these metaphors...)
  3. Sick of the hostility around the forum...

  4. Can someone resume for me (please) the main reasons why people here have a problem with the wizards in PoE ? (or do i have to read all the 15th pages...) And yeah i know people say they suck but why ?
  5. I guess I don t need to remind anyone that the BB is just a slice of the actual game- imagine the ****load of bugs that exists in the full version, and will not get addressed until AFTER release. You're making me anxious. I think there are some ways for them to extrapolate from the B.B reports to patch the full game.
  6. What better ways ? I'm all eyes (it's a genuine question and concern). I really want to know more about sticky mechanics (i am still traumatized by a grouilleux who bypassed 4 warriors of mine to kill my weakened spell-less wizard in BG1) !
  7. With each patch it gets closer and closer to combat xp. If the current trend continues; combat xp will be in the game. ouch... Let's hope they will not take away the engagement mechanics and not drift away from their original intentions, i don't want a clone of DnD system.
  8. Here are the loading screens. Damn the loading screens sure look nice !!
  9. That would have been nice if the developers did a bit (i insist on the "bit") like fallout 2 with feats that makes you more diplomatic, or be able to carry more stuff... I will insist no more thanks Karkarov for the response (and yeah i understand the tactical advantages of fighting in a room with the traps disarmed...).
  10. Damn me and my bad engrish. Just to be more clear, when i use the term "skill" i was thinking more about feats, talents all but mechanics/athletics/lore...(even if there were included in my head...) Yay, now that i'm way more clear than before, hum, so there aren't non-combat feats/talents in the actual build ?
  11. I don't much about the beta (i am not a backer) but the thing i'm worried about is that some backers say there are no distinction between combat skills and non-combat skills. What i mean is apparently (not a backer remember just reporting what some backers say) with the merging you have to sacrifice non-combat skills to choose combat skills and vice-verso. In my humble (remember not a tester) opinion i prefer when those two are separated that way at every level you can have a character able in combat (which is still a main aspect of the game) without sacrificing the role-play elements.
  12. Thank you people for parasitizing this thread with your off-topic discussions. There are plenty of other threads to argue about specific points of the game or to criticize the game too. I will give my two-cents and show a bit of support. Thanks you developers for reviving this genre and making some changes at the same time. Kept the engagement mechanics, the no-bad build objective, your distance with DnD systems, the weapons system. Thanks you again and i wish you plenty of luck for the project.
  13. 4 Gigo ram minimum ! Damn tell me that not set in stone yet... Edit : read the other posts. Seem like it's not likely to have such requirements to play the game. Did the dev. tell anything about it ?
  14. No i'm horrified ! And to think that some children dream about swimming with one...
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