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  1. Nice, now how about the Godlike backer NPC's numbers seemingly so much more than the named NPCs(not companions!)? I have heard it can really break your immersion. Also not hearing anything good about the combat. I am still deciding whether to buy the game...
  2. There will be DLCs. I'm pretty sure about it. Even names of backers appearing in the game is a little annoying to me. Is Dracogen a name that is consistent in PoE world? At the end of the day Obsidian have to make money.
  3. I think I'm beginning to piece some things together, I maybe wrong but still, HELP! SAVE ME FROM THESE SPOILERS
  4. A question; has any games with AoO/engagement-disengagement rules come up with any indicators before or do we have to look at combat logs? I'm glad this has been brought up. Maybe a red line that connects you and the enemy when they are engaged. Meh, still sounds like a bad idea. Let's hear what the others can come up with.
  5. I understand now. Maybe each companion in your party will have different coloured circles and whoever the enemies engage will turn into that colour. Meh, I'm sure you guys can up with a better idea
  6. In any case, we should get a companions introduction video or update before release so guys who want to plan ahead can do so.
  7. Shouldn't there be an auto-pause feature at least? How about "You have been waylaid by enemies and must defend yourself"?
  8. I think it is up there with the KOTOR twist judging from Sensuki's reaction. Best not to know, if that's the case.
  9. I think he is Bhaal spawn, just like you. This could explain why Sensuki wish he didn't know.
  10. Alright Sensuki, this sounds like a serious one. Thanks.
  11. Why is Forton so despised here? I thought he looked cool.
  12. I sent you that PM from Sensuki, open at your own risk
  13. I am disappointed about Cadegund but extremely happy about another companion. That's all I'm saying since many here are particular about spoilers.
  14. I PM'd. I'm not that big on keeping away the spoilers. Plus knowing who your companions will be aren't really spoiling anything, I think. Many games reveal your companions before release.
  15. This thread is for the purpose of people who aren't clear about the game and want an answer to it that other members here already know. For added fun, if you can answer the person's question you get to say "Confirmed a Pillock of Eternity" and then give your answer. I'll start: Circa 2808 AI "The Saint's War informally ends when St. Waidwen was destroyed by a massive bomb north of Halgot Citadel" How massive is this bomb? And do we get access to bombs in the game? Any difference to 10 mages casting fireballs at the same area?
  16. Thread of the year, this. I'm surprised that the OP is still just a member and not already working with Obsidian.
  17. I'm not sure if this qualifies. I'm thinking where to put it, the complexity of spells thread or here and in the end, I chose here! How do spells like knockdown, blind and hold works? Are there saving throws? Does knockdown work on large creatures like a dragon?
  18. Dimension Door, Clairvoyance and Farsight is a must, free exploration. No railroading.
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