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  1. 5 hours ago, Achilles said:

    It's interesting to see how parties change over time. I think your post does a good job of illuminating the danger of becoming too attached to them


    Thomas Jefferson and I both agree with you 100%!

    ”I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent. If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all”

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  2. 1 hour ago, Gromnir said:

    the terrible reality is trump is winning where it matters most: his pac bank account. these ridiculous lawsuits has resulted in millions o' dollars in legal fees, but trump campaign pac solicitations has garnered hundreds o' millions o' dollars in contributions. trump may even believe he were cheated, but am suspecting his primary goal at this point is more 'bout money than electoral college votes. given his reported enormous debt which comes due over the course o' the next couple years, as well as multiple pending criminal and civil legal fights, am tending to believe trump is more focused on what happens to citizen trump after january 20, 2021 as 'posed to the fantasies o' another four years in office. sure, remain President would be a bonus for trump and would keep him out of rikers, but hundreds o' millions o' dollars in post election contributions for a campaign which were in the red on november 3, 2020 is a kinda win.

    is hard to believe, but is a no-lose scenario for trump. win in court means trump remains President, but win in court would mean an end to the court battles which is a money generating machine. converse, losing in court has the curious effect o' prolonging the money grab. remain President or continue to see mind boggling millions o' dollars funneled into the trump pac? where is the down side?

    the legal losses is an enormous scam and is all perfect legal in part 'cause o' f'ing citizens united.  we would laugh at trump losses if not for fact his working class base is paying for this newest Presidential ponzi scheme, and those blue collar patriots don't even realize they is being scammed.

    although we can't help but wonder if a few o' the sudden taciturn obsidian board trump supporters contributed to the myriad legal defense efforts o' the President... such would indeed be good for a laugh. at this point am doubting the board trumpers would admit if they had made such contributions, but you never know. have been shocked more than once by the stuff the trump faithful is willing to admit to and am even more puzzled by the perverse pride exhibited by the those who see their muslim ban grifter as the champion for the marginalized working class americans. surreal.

    HA! Good Fun!

    Which makes this story even worse... if possible... Arizona GOP asks followers if they're willing to die in effort to overturn election results

    I'm sure this was just rhetorical. There is no politician, or whatever Trump is, whose political fortunes are worth the fight that has ensued since the election. And certainly none ever worth dying for. That fact that this insane, unreasoning fanaticism that we have witnessed in this election battle should come from Republicans, REPUBLICANS for God's sake, is just a shock to me. This was the party of McCain, Reagan, Goldwater, Roosevelt, Kissinger, Douglass, Lincoln, and Fremont. This was the party of dispassionate reasoning, fiscal responsibility, and restrained government. They are trying to get the court to overturn an election even they KNOW they lost. Even if it were successful who would even want to be in power under such a circumstance?  The utter illegitimacy of it would completely neuter them during the next two years. And the voting public would be so infuriated the 2022 Congressional and State elections would see a near extermination of GOP political power even in Red states. And you can bet a new Democrat Majority on Congress will see Trump dispatched ignobly with another impeachment. God knows he's given them cause.  

    Sometimes you just want to grab these folks by the shoulders, shake vigorously, and ask "What the f--k is WRONG with you?"

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  3. The "Chosen One" or demigod trope is also irritating. Also having a PC that has a history you can't control. Particularly if that history makes them special in any way. From a narrative viewpoint the Courier from FO:NV is the best RPG video game protagonist. They have a back story that is completely opaque. They have travelled and can be expected to have the skills they start the game with, whatever you choose them to be. They can be young or old, good or evil, altruistic or selfish, it all fits. The Lone Wanderer you have a backstory, a relatively set age, and a motivation to enter the main story that are all pretty much chosen for you. Ditto with Nate/Nora in FO4. These are young adults who were well established in life. To roleplay them you are sort of limited by who they are. Yes, I know you can do anything you want but from a narrative perspective you can't. 

    There is nothing special about the Courier. They were not a vault dweller, nor a hero necessarily. They were a regular Waste lander doing a job and got caught up in a larger game. Then did what they did. 

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  4. Going in the hospital for an overnight stay on Tuesday. Ugh. For the past few months I've been having this problem that I've tried to ignore. It starts with tingling in my fingers and progressed to numbness in my hand, then later my whole arm. Finally it got to the point I could not ignore it.  So I saw my doctor and then a neurologist. Turns out I have scar tissue putting pressure on my radial nerve in my arm. I was in a pretty nasty car accident over 11 years ago. One of the injuries was a compound fracture on that same arm. Which ended up with a couple of pins in it. Now scar tissue inside causing problems. I was acrually relieved. When the doctor said I needed a nerologist the mind conjures up terrible possibilities. The truth was not THAT bad. 

    But a overnight stay in the COVID factory? Ugh. 

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  5. This isn’t fascism. I don’t think there really is a word for what is going on in this administration. The scary thing he was probably unmoored  from reality the entire time and we’re only now getting a good look at just how much. First the election was rigged by the democrat controlled state legislatures of states that traditionally vote Democrat anyway. Then it was a conspiracy between Cuba, Venezuela, China, and now the FBI and the DOJ are complicit. And Kerbs. It’s pretty bizarre.

    this administration has mostly been a train wreck. But you know the sad thing is there are a few accomplishments he could be proud of. He could have walked away from the office with dignity, with his head held high and resumed his old life. For five years down the road nobody will even hate him anymore. Ex presidents tend to be remembered favorably despite their performance in office. Just look at Jimmy Carter for crying out loud. But this recount business the lawsuits the idiotic tweets and statements the baseless conspiracy theories and having to be dragged kicking and screaming from office there will be no post presidency honeymoon for him. And whatever he did accomplish will be forgotten. 

    it’s like leaving your job. The last thing everyone remembers about you is how you left. No matter what the circumstances of your departure be it voluntary or involuntary your shake everyone’s hand and tell them how great it was to know them and work with them even if it wasn’t true. At least that’s what normal people do but this guy was not normal

  6. 35 minutes ago, Achilles said:

    There's a time for idealism and a time for pragmatism. Neither one should dictate every decision.


    The Dems and the GOP are offering us two different flavors of heavy handed authoritarianism. Where do you turn when it’s the authoritarianism that is unacceptable, not the flavor? Some principles are so important they may and must be inflexible as Mr. Lincoln put it. I don’t think putting libertarians in charge of every thing is a particularly good idea. But someone needs to advocate for sanity and restraint in government. No one else is.

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Chairchucker said:

    So like


    just better schools?

    Hopefully. Somehow I'm still picturing barbed wire and armed guards though :lol:

    Besides, to quote Assata Shakur “No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them. Nobody is going to teach you your true history, teach you your true heroes, if they know that that knowledge will help set you free.”

    IMO the best education you can possibly get is ultimately self directed. The best service a public school can give (beyond the basic curriculum) to to teach children how to learn on their own and inspire the desire to do so. It won't take for everyone I guess. But the world needs ditch diggers too.

    One thing that gives me hope is the one teacher on this board tries very hard to do exactly that!

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  8. A wise man in the USA today should give up on his fellow Americans as well as his government. Not only can they not be saved from themselves, they don't even want to be. A wise man should be making sound financial decisions and preparing to take care of himself and his family because you should assume no one else can ever be counted on. If you are in debt, get out. If you are not don't go in. Don't spend money needlessly. Have a store of non perishable food in your home. At least three weeks worth. Buy a gun and, most importantly, learn to use it. Invest in diverse things and at least half in assets not tied to the dollar's value. Learn what hyper-inflation is and how to deal with it. 

    You've got to look out for yourself. No one else will. That is the truth. 

    Just my $.02

  9. I had an interesting e-mail exchange with an associate from work. Her team is working on a publicly funded solar energy project from the finance side. Now, this project will not actually accomplish anything. It will convert a number of landscaping lights in city parks to solar powered. Most of these are low lumen LED so they are already energy efficient. Converting these to solar power is a cost that will never, ever be recouped in energy savings. But, the city folks can go to the voters in 2021 & 2022 and thump their chests about their "green" energy initiative even though solar in this application is less environmentally friendly and is actually costing the taxpayers more. But.... I can't fix stupid. All I can do is verify material costs of re-working the non-potable groundwater irrigation system that must be moved to accommodate solar panels. Oh, and by the way, THOSE costs will not be counted when the city folks running for re-election crow about their cost savings even though they were only incurred BECAUSE of their pet project. That is how governments work.

    Anyway, if you hear people talking about power entire neighborhoods using solar energy just nod and back slowly away. They do not know d--k s--t about solar or electricity, or ecology, or cost savings, or much of anything. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, ComradeMaster said:

    I know, it may come off as a shock to a western elitist, but these countries are actually quite politically united and are putting forth big plans for the century.



    If unity at gunpoint is your idea of how to run a railroad you can count me out. In China and even Russia dissenters are imprisioned, shot, poisoned, or just disappeared. You want to see that kind of s--t here? I'll take disunity any day. 

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