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  1. 36 minutes ago, Hurlsnot said:

    Everyone needs cardio buddies to make it more enjoyable to knock out the miles. My running group gets me out of bed very early, but I'm always happy I did.

    I don't know that I'd call my Cycling group buddies. They are all jerks and my entire purpose in life is to not let them ditch me too early into the ride.

    Motivation is where you find it!

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  2. 9 minutes ago, BruceVC said:

    Didnt your brother come through? 

    No they got in about 8 o’clock last night and left about 8 o’clock this morning. They couldn’t get gone fast enough. I had to insist on making them breakfast. They said they would get something on the road. Whatever.

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  3. I bought a Boston Butt to cook in the smoker today. I expected I’d have folks here to feed it to. Thought it would make for a nice dinner. But turns out they had other plans. Looks like I will be eating smoked pork this week. All week.

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  4. @Gromnirfor whatever it’s worth my “they are all the same” sentiment in this case is not directed at any political leadership. Rather it’s directed at “the people” who are pushing for them to be everything they shouldn’t be. If Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, heck even McGovern and O’Neil could see the Democrats today they would be horrified. Ditto for Coolidge, Eisenhower, Goldwater and Reagan for the Republicans.  

    CPAC has been around since the ‘70s. A lot of very intelligent people have attended and addressed that convention over the years. Economists, scientists, decent political leaders. Most of them wouldn’t recognize that band of idiots that are there right now. If I had  come up to you in the 1980s and told you they were seriously discussing how to make a private citizen the President of the United States in a matter of days you probably wouldn’t even believe me. I wouldn’t have.

    The People voting for the Democrats are the other side of bad. The crap they’re asking for is way too “Year Zero” for me. Plus it’s clear none of them have ever read and economics book. At least not one of the good ones.

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  5. I’ve got some company coming today. My brother and his wife are spending the night. You know in 14 years they’ve never visited my house? I’ve been to see them three times in that time. Well I do live pretty far away from them. They’re driving up to St Louis to visit her family. My brother and I are not particularly close. No reason for that really we just fell out of touch. But it will be good to see him. Since our parents passed away we’ve barely spoken.

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  6. 22 hours ago, KP the meanie zucchini said:


    There's a level of irony that people who spent decades saying everything was a slippery slope to the government seizing control of our lives want the government to seize control of our lives so they can post slurs on twitter.

    And you guys wonder about my nihilism and my cynicism. Politics in the United States is little more than a Civil War between two tribes who want their own flavor of autocracy.

  7. 15 minutes ago, WDeranged said:


    Woah.  You two are balls deep in mods.  I'm surprised the game even loads 😆  I tend to keep mine super light, mostly fixes and a few dozen handmade gameplay tweaks.  Years of crashy Bethesda games have literally traumatised me.

    Talking of Beantown Interiors, I once helped the author with his New Vegas mod.  I spent about a fortnight fixing up all the spelling errors and lore inconsistencies in his notes and terminal entries.  The bugger never used them though.

    That’s very cool. I never knew that. That has been one of the best efforts in fallout three, new Vegas and four. Since you were part of that you get a Nuka Cola from me!

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  8. 1 hour ago, WDeranged said:

    I nibble away at FO4 every week or two.  What's your mod list?

    There are a few that are indispensable. Beantown Interiors and the ones at add interiors to many of the buildings are must have. True storms in the other ambient weather and lighting mods are also essential. I want my buildings dark, my subway is darker. Night time outside also. Light from light sources only. I like having to rely on the flashlight. I have a few that enhance difficulty, wasteland survival is a big one. Even at high level you’re not going to be able to take more than one to two bullets before going down. I have a few that slow down experience gain. I also like the ones that add constant to existing areas. Except for diamond city. I’ve tried a few of those but they seem to have conflicts with some of the weather mods. Plus you don’t spend enough time there to make it worth modding. I also have radio mods for WRVR, Cadillac jack, and galaxy news radio. Those are all really well done. I’ve got one that adds a new area to the map but I never did find it. I can’t remember where the entrance is and I did never looked it up. Maybe this time. Other than that I have a few of the immersion mods that enhance the atmosphere and add a little details to the game.

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  9. 8 hours ago, Gromnir said:

    and if your nihilism were consistent, it would still be comic but at least it would be believable. unfortunately, you distinguish them, the established parties, as corrupt and irredeemable and then do your broken record bit o' repetition lamenting how voting democrat or republican is a kinda voluntary self mutilation... at which point you observe there is an alternative. government is broken. the democrats and republicans is all bad. you rage 'gainst the stoopid o' the people for not seeing as clear as you do. how may the people ignore biden and burisma (*snort*) or the florida gop trying to legislate free speech on college campuses and not rage at how such is flip sides o' same coin? (huh?) is no winners. only losers. well, almost. 

    your cynicism takes you to ridiculous places where you suggest they is all broken and beyond hope o' redemption, and then you vote seth cohen, and not as a joke but 'cause you see such as the intelligent and reasonable alternative. you take any example o' a government fail, even if you need manufacture such fails with the help o' fringe radio conspiracies, and use such to justify the fear they is just looking for an excuse to take your guns... or whatever is the current hobgoblin running naked and screaming in your brain today. taxes is theft and the government goons who come to take his rusty chain saw (and pay him for it) deserve a lethal reply.  is tough to keep track o' gd's fever dreams 'bout the evils o' government... though based on past comments gd fully expects government to protect him from fellow citizens who wanna take his stuff, which is kinda hypocritical given the statement which started this current side journey.  "flamethrowers" indeed.

    HA! Good Fun!



    The Libertarian party became a joke long before 2020. But, when both the Republicans and the Democrats are unacceptable which has been the case for me ever since 2012 and before 2008, where do you go with your vote? Leaving it blank does nothing. Voting for a 3rd party does next to nothing. But hell would freeze into a solid block before I ever hand my vote to a low villain like Donald Trump or someone as inept as Joe Biden. Biden is inarguably a better man than Trump for whatever that is worth. That does not make him an acceptable alternative. Just a different flavor of bad. My cynicism didn’t come naturally. It was hard won.

    And yes I do believe in the absolute sanctity of private property outside public domain. Unapologetically. If what is mine is not exclusively mine then we do NOT live in a country. We live in a bandit kingdom. Not that anyone is banging down the door trying to take anything… right now.

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  10. A Tale of Two Dakotas

    All of the politics behind the admittance of Puerto Rico and Washington DC as a state got me thinking. With the exception of the original 13 I don’t think any state has ever been admitted to the union without consideration of its political demographics. Prior to the Civil War no slave territory would be admitted without also admitting a free territory. That is largely what the Missouri Compromise that saw Maine get carved out of Massachusetts and Missouri added as a slave state was about. After the CW the same politics have been applied (mostly) only it was the D vs R politics that are considered. If Puerto Rico were likely to lean Republican their application for Statehood (although I think there is far more interest in DC than in San Juan) would be DOA. 

  11. LOL “the people“. I’m long past the point of giving a s—t about the people. I’d call them sheep but that would really just be an insult to real sheep. A real sheep can’t help being a dimwitted heard animal. People have to choose to be that. God gave them the intellect to be otherwise they just choose not to be. People believe lies because they choose to believe lies. When those lies confirmed preconceived biases it just sugar coats the lies. Some 17,000 people went to see Trump in Sarasota and every single one of them seems to actually believe the election was stolen from him. Just as the same simple minded sheep on the other side of the political spectrum believe the Biden administration that the crime rate and inflation is entirely the fault of the Republicans. As you well know the truth is more complicated.

    Political demagogues, machine politicians, and earnest  civil servants all look into the media cameras and lie to us every freaking day. The fact that people believe lies hardly surprising when lies are all they are ever fed. And why wouldn’t they lie to us? People are stupid. They don’t have the patience to hear complex explanations. They don’t want the truth. They want to hear a story. They want a hero to cheer for and a bad guy to boo at. They want to hear that all the bad things that are in the world are only there because of the malfeasance of someone or something they have already been preconditioned to hate. Complex explanations of complicated events like inflation and debt monetization leave them emotionally unsatisfied. They want to hear that it’s all the Republicans/Democrats fault. 

    To hell with them. They are getting the government they deserve on both sides. The fact that that government occasionally does good is the smallest of redeeming qualities. The fact that you’re better off with it then without it its a little better. A necessary evil at its best, an intolerable one at its worst.

  12. This is my fourth, and likely final, trip through fallout four. And I just noticed something I never noticed before. In the prewar scene in the beginning if you click on the special book in the babies room Nate or Nora will “wonder what Sean will grow up to be”. I busted out laughing when that happened. 

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  13. 7 minutes ago, Gromnir said:

    @Guard Dogthe word is "independence." what is day of independence? the suggestion there were no independence 'til 1787 beggars the imagination. articles and constitution are a non issue.

    funny. you are trying to rulez lawyer this for some reason. you think you found a flaw in the reasoning and logic, but you is utter missing. 


    so, happy independence day.


    HA! Good Fun!

    😆 i’m sorry I thought the title of this thread was happy birthday!

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