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  1. The VFW & American Legion are meeting together today. For the first time each since the covid breakout. The Memorial Service is in the morning. I think I'll skip that part since I just woke up an it starts in an hour. After that cookout and lunch at  Meeman Shelby Park. Should be fun. 

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  2. 20 hours ago, Gromnir said:

    you keep repeating the same nonsense, so am not gonna repeat self other than to observe the repetition and to note you continue to create your own definition o' insurrection while also ignoring the actual events o' January 6.

    as to the need for a commission, if before january 6 we had told gd that a bunch of proud boyz and trump supporters (am knowing the identifiers is a bit repetitive at this point) would not only attack the Capitol but they would succeed in their efforts to interfere with the electoral process, driving the vice President and members of Congress fleeing to secure locations which were for a time anything but secure, he would suggest we were being over dramatic... and any normal person who is familiar with english definitions and/or law would recognize that if you had multiple people working together to achieve the goals we describe, it would be proper identified as an insurrection. 

    the previously improbable happened at the US freaking Capitol. somebody should investigate to determine what went wrong.

    for chrissakes, if the Capitol were hit by a tornado, an actual unpredictable event beyond the control o' anybody in the federal government, and more than 140 police personnel were injured, there would nevertheless be some kinda commission to determine what could be done in the future to better prepare for tornadoes at the Capitol in the future. nevertheless, for some inexplicable reason, an avoidable and manmade calamity is something we all just need to put behind us, 'cause p00p happens, or some similar bit o' trite nonsense.

    will add meme worthy to keep gd entertained

    not actual meme worthy in retrospect... and we will note were unfair to say trump said people should inject bleach to prevent covid. trump said his science folks should look into the possibility o' injecting sunshine and bleach to cure covid... which doesn't make trump appear less ignorant or unhinged, but accuracy is important even in humor posts.

    HA! Good Fun!

    Do you think a Congressional commission can make a difference? Without turning into a s--t show partisan circus. It's not the 1960's anymore. Nor the 80's. Few members of Congress today put the institution above their own agendas and games. 

    I don't know. Perhaps my own bias clouds my judgement here. I don't hold the  institution nor many of it's members in particularly high regard. The majority party is far more likely to collaborate and decide the outcome before the first meeting and then direct all efforts to realizing that outcome rather than any kind of fact finding process.  I hope I'm wrong. But I doubt I am. 

  3. I watched the 2019 version of Midway today. It wasn't bad actually. I was expecting to hate it for a hot mess of heavily fictionalized Hollywood history. Especially since it was directed by the same guy the made that terrible Mel Gibson disaster The Patriot. But in terms of historical accuracy it was pretty good. My only complaint it it tried to do too much. It covered Paarl Harbor, the Marshall Islands, the Dolittle Raid, Coral Sea AND Midway.  So a lot of important details about the actual Midway battle were left out or glossed over. I still liked the 1970's Charlton Heston version better (because it was laser focused and detailed) but this one wasn't terrible. 

    Historical accuarcy in movies is kind of a big thing with me. It's why I hated Gladiator and especially Braveheart. Jeez they even had the freaking year wrong in that one!

  4. I’m not sure why we need a commission to investigate what happened on January 6. Some idiot down the street gave a speech and said “let’s go to the capital“ and a bunch of other idiots did it.

    and calling that an insurrection is a joke. They didn’t have a plan. They didn’t know what they were doing. They had no idea of overthrowing the government. It was a bunch of idiots who did an idiot thing and most of them are going to spend a few years in jail for their trouble. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. Firing on fort Sumter was an insurrection. Firing on the British at Concord was a insurrection. Calling that mob on January 6 and insurrection is giving a bunch of yahoos too much credit.

  5. Sunny is not the smartest dog I’ve ever met. But she knows how to get comfortable. She walked down to the creek and sat down in the 2’ deep bowl I dug out for minnows to spawn. Just her head was out of the water. That that water is icy cold. Feels good on a hot morning.

    She is awesome 

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  6. 14 hours ago, ShadySands said:

     The most extremism that I saw out in the open in my 5 years was of the Christian variety. 

    Remember boot camp? EVERYONE went to one church service or another because that was an hour each week no one f---d with you!. That first Sunday in Forming Week the DI on duty that day said we could either go to church ot stay there in the squad bay... with him.  He implied we wouldn't like that much.

    Of course know how that worked with everyone gone he could relax for a bit and watch TV or something. 

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  7. Deep-rooted racism, discrimination permeate US military

    I cannot speak for anyone’s experience other than my own. And I only served in one branch not all of them. But I’ve been hearing this a lot and I have to say it sounds like a cart full of horses—t. Yes the soldier at the center of the story was treated poorly. But I don’t know if it is systemic racism or systemic poor discipline. Military discipline exist for a reason. In the moment you start letting it slip for the little things you segue into the bigger things like this. All I can say is it will be inconceivable for her to be treated in this fashion in the Marines. 

    The other Marines who participate on this board may have had different experiences than I did. But if an enlisted men treated an officer the way she was treated she would not have to write him up for NJP. There would be a small platoon of NCOs ready to do it for her.

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