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  1. 1 hour ago, ShadySands said:

    I've eaten several kinds of meat (snake, goat, chicken, pig, duck, fish) that I've also had as pets but they weren't those same pets. I'd never eat a cat or dog or any actual pet of mine though. I do try to eat less meat because I do feel bad about it and tend to go for the more humanely raised stuff though non-factory farmed pork is especially difficult to find sometimes.

    You live in Colorado. You should take up hunting. You’ve got elk and mule deer a plenty and some of the best hunting areas in all the USA. Plus I happen to know that you know how to shoot. I’m like you. The animals that I have bought as livestock ended up being pets with names. Oh but I find wild game easier because I don’t know their names.

  2. Now that I know there actually is a link between the name in the city I don’t hate it as much as I did. When I first heard it I thought it was just a generic sports team name. Like the Wildcats or some thing.

    Still would have loved to see the Spiders get resurrected. What can I say I have a fascination with the dead ball era.

  3. Yeah even something referencing the presence of the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame would have been acceptable. Failing that you want something that ties the current team to its history. Let’s face it baseball has its history and its traditions. It’s one of the few things that makes the sport distinctive.

    The name of a team should at least in some part reflect the city. But I would imagine “trash fire on the Cuyahoga“ was probably too long to fit on the jersey.

    Edit: OK reading a bit more. The name comes from a couple of statues on one of the bridges. I guess it’s famous in town. Having never been there it was lost on me. It’s not the first MLB team to get its name from a statue. The Tampa Bay Devil rays were named for the statue of the manta ray in front of the Tampa aquarium.

  4. Hold on a second here. I made no comparisons between COVID policy and eugenics or NAZI BS. I only pointed out, in agreement with what you said that the State has the power to forcibly sterilize people who have done no wrong there isn't much they can't do. Any comparisons between COVID and that exist only in your mind. 

    Actually I knew about it of course, the terrible things done in the US in the name of eugenics. But I hadn't thought about that in years. But I'm currently reading this:



    It's upsetting to say the least when you read about things your own country has done in a book about NAZIs. 

    You are correct one one other thing. I do rely on memory, books I've read, and other sources of learning for a great deal of the things I post. Maybe that memory is starting to fail me more and more as the years go by. But that guy that got fined for fishing alone DID happen. Just not in Michigan and now I can't find the story. I was a little surprised to learn via Google how many people get cited for fishing without a license though. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Gromnir said:


    you know very well state and local government has authority to mandate mask wearing, but you don't believe they should


    HA! Good Fun!

    Yes that sums it up

    Of course its perfectly legal for the State government to kidnap someone who has committed no crime and forcibly sterilize them against their will. We were doing that here in the US even BEFORE the NAZIs did. And according to the Washington Post last year it has happened a late as 2016. It certainly happened in the 1960's & 70's. So if they can do that what can't they do?  

  6. Just saying here but I was not one of the ones who refused to follow directions. I wore the mask, stayed away from the other humans, the whole bit. Not that any of that was hard for me. I already dislike most folks and 6' was already way closer than I'd like to be. Once vaccines were open for the under 50 types I got my two shots. I did that because it was good advice and we do owe it to each other to do what we can to protect each other. But where you lose me it when it's "do it... or else". When advice becomes compulsory that's when I have a problem. 

    And before anyone comes up with the drunk driving argument, stop right there. I am completely cool with men with guns kidnapping and locking drunk drivers in a cage because that is an activity that is VERY likely to result in harm to someone else. 

    You can see people not wearing a mask and avoid the idiot. So writing people tickets, ordering private business to close, putting people on a sort of "house arrest" not cool. You give people advice. Tell them what they should do and then let them do it. Or not do it. You don't tell them "do as I say... or else". 

    At the same time I am 100% cool with private business enforcing masks, distancing, whatever in their business place. Don't like it? There's the door. Where you lose me is the "or else" men with guns will come and take you away. 

    @Amentep it's not that I think the idiots had a "right" not to wear a mask. It's that no one has the authority to compel them to.

    And yes Trump made a huge mess of this. My comment earlier that we couldn't have expected a better response from his admin was not to suggest he did all he could do. It was a comment on the incompetence of the whole lot of them


    @Gromnirthe fishing story happened in Michigan. It was noteworthy because within a week the Governor's husband tried to use her name to bully his way into launching his boat in a closed state park to do some fishing. I'm looking for it. 

  7. 57 minutes ago, Gromnir said:


    the best advice, from the start, were voluntary social distancing, but when it became obvious americans (particular the obtuse, no compromise folks) were not willing to do so, masking and shutdowns became the alternatives. and yes, at the start, and in part 'cause the complete unnecessary shortage o' masks, we were indeed told it were pointless to wear a mask when asymptomatic spread was not understood. from start we were all told masks did almost zero to prevent a person from becoming infected with covid, and that observation has not changed. back in march o' 2020, wearing masks appeared kinda pointless for almost the entire population. unfortunate, lack o' social distancing by americans and new data 'bout asymptomatic spread changed the masking suggestions... as it should. when data and facts changed, so too did advice. just one example. the alt-right radio l00ns complaining 'bout conflicting mask info is just... bs.

    am calling bs.

    dear lord. more hyperbolic bs. gd is doing his best to channel marjorie taylor greene.

    whatever. hopeless.

    not funny.


    When a man gets arrested and written a citation for fishing by himself on private property what would you call it? When the state comes in and tells businesses thou shall not open and we don’t care if you go bankrupt or not what do you call it? As you well know there are limits to what the government in this country can tell you to do. And in my opinion at least they exceeded them. So yeah, a little bit of hyperbole for spice. But just a little.

    The conflicting mask info was not BS. They didn’t know. SARS has been around for years but this particular version of it was new. Nobody knew anything about it. There’s nothing wrong with that and there’s nothing wrong with admitting as much. “Social distance, wear the mask we think this will help”. Fine that’s great. Give advice based on the information they have. That’s everything a government should do. 

    Then they went too far. Shut down, lock down, oh you can’t pay your bills? F—k you. It’s for your own good. Way, way over the line. Fishing alone on private property? Can’t have that. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going off to a posh dinner at a fancy restaurant that is only open for me. You tell people what needs to be done. Explain to them why that needed to be done. Social distancing and masks. Then you get out of their way and they do it or they don’t do it. If they don’t and they get sick will don’t come crying to us. It’s when they started enforcing this BS at gunpoint that you lost me.

  8. Referring specifically to COVID-19 I don’t think “they” are out to “get” conservatives or anyone else. The problem with the pandemic and the response to it right from the get go is nobody really knew what to do. All of the advice we were getting from authority figures was conflicting. Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask. Wear two masks. It came from a lab. No it came from people eating bats. No develop naturally and you are a racist if you think otherwise. It was asking too much for the Trump administration to have handled this better than they did. When you have no idea what you’re doing you just slip in to your default position which is “everything is fine nothing to see here move along“. On the other side the Democrats went the other way into their default position of full on police state. Shut down, lockdown, obey, obey, obey. Especially damning when so many of the  the Democrat governors, Congressman and others didn’t even pay lip service to their own restrictions. Right away that tells people that everything is bulls—t and it feeds the notion it’s all about grabbing power. 

    human beings are selfish, greedy, grasping and stupid. Putting a handful of them into government and giving them power over the other human beings does not change that about them. And anyone who just expects the worst qualities of their fellow humans will seldom be disappointed. Those qualities have been on full display on both sides of the US political aisle throughout the pandemic. So one side locks everything down, shut down businesses, basically puts people on house arrest, and then goes to lavish parties and resorts, beaches where they have it to themselves, or like in Michigan they go fishing on the lake they ordered everyone off of. After that you have no credibility to come back and talk down your nose at people. Of course on the other side of the political divide we got an equally stupid and opposite reaction that the whole thing is a hoax the vaccines or some kind of mine control and you’re a tool if you wear a mask. 

    The other problem was they were painting COVID-19 as though it were the black plague. Yes it was dangerous. Half a million people in the United States have died from it. But it also has a 99.8% survivability and is so severe that often times you have to take a test even find out you have it. they created a disconnect between what people are hearing  coming from the government and what they are seeing in their real lives.

    you put all this together in a nation where people are already defiant of authority and mistrustful of the government just by their very nature and you get what we had the last two years. 

    Biden is doing it again. It’s true he’s not talking about actually censoring social media. He’s asking them to do it for him. If half the country already thinks you’re a monster the worst thing you can do is become one. Or sound like one. I would just tell everyone not everything we read online is true. Caveat emptor. 

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  9. 45 minutes ago, Pidesco said:

    Not a lot, when taking into account both the average wages, and the revenue of said companies. 

    Think bigger. The companies themselves, Virgin and Blue Origin are not that big. Their vehicles were build under contract. Those contractors employ thousands. The individual systems were built by subcontractors. Again, thousands. The parts and components were manufactured by other companies. Tens of thousands of employees worked on these projects over the R&D, build, and now operation time.  

  10. 50 minutes ago, BruceVC said:

    Okay so its not a free speech issue. What do you personally think should be done about  people using SM platforms like FB to spread their own views on the virus and vaccines. Should FB ban them and or remove the content? 

    I agree with Gromnir on this one. Facebook does not owe anyone anything. You are using their bandwidth on their servers for free. So you do it at their pleasure. They can kick anyone off at any time for any reason. They can edit or block posts at any time. Just like right here on this very forum. It’s actually kind of extraordinary that the way off topic forum even exists. It’s one of the most active boards on this website and it has nothing to do with obsidian, their games, or their business. That’s unusual in my experience. We are posting here on their site at their forbearance. They could kick you off just for saying you don’t like green eggs and ham. 

    Personally speaking I have little use for Facebook other than business and of course to play chess for free. In terms of discussion and dissemination of news or current events I hear better conversations out in the hen house. Or here on WoT of course.


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  11. 16 minutes ago, Malcador said:

    Well, going to Toronto or Vancouver would not give you the right idea that's for sure, as those people more often than not would have fled the place for a reason, therefore you're going to get a skewed view of things other than weather and the flatness.  I'm sure you can find Canadian expats that ran to the US in Florida whose assessment of Canada is going to be skewed.  

    Have to consider time delay as well, I know next to nothing about life in Trinidad as not been there since the 80's and all I have is my relatives to rely on who have...uh..curious biases, heh.  

    Point was not that they are not qualified, but you have to consider the risk of getting as tinted an opinion as the other side.


    LOL I knew a few Canadian snow birds back when I lived in SFL. Nice folks and they loved to bend your ear on how great Canada was. Except the winter

  12. The Baltimore Orioles will have and all female broadcast team tonight: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/16/for-the-first-time-an-mlb-game-will-be-called-by-all-women.html

    This is a bigger deal than it should be. Susan Waldorman has been doing Yankees radio color for years. She does a good job of it. The Marlins Tommy Hutton is retiring and the radio crew now includes Kelly Sacco and she has been doing a great job. I catch most Marlins games on the radio. Jessica Mendoza was on Sunday night baseball for a few years and that was a great crew.

  13. 31 minutes ago, KP the meanie zucchini said:

    Kinda weird that Cubans struggling against austerity and the police has to be turned into what some geriatric expats think about healthcare in a place they haven't been to in decades and some instagram account's posts.

    That is a fair point. Maybe the health care system has improved over the years. Of course that doesn’t change the fact that the government is still brutal, tyrannical, and has murdered many of its own citizens. But then again that last part is pretty much true of every government everywhere. 

  14. 18 minutes ago, Malcador said:

    Odd to alloy the WHO's perceived bias to their opinion, but the people you spoke to are just purely credible.  Looking around I did get a chuckle of people criticizing Cuba's health care for being very two tier in that the rich get good care and everyone else gets terrible service, especially on an American heavy site.

    Let me ask you a question. If I wanted to get an idea of what life was like in central Canada would you be a good person to talk to? I find this whole notion that the people who actually lived in a country under government are somehow not qualified to describe life in that country and under that government baffling. Maybe that’s only so when it flies in the face of what the people who have never been there accept as “objective facts”

  15. 7 minutes ago, Gromnir said:

    oh, well, the cuban expats is your objective source? serious? ignore the statistics and rankings by WHO. brush off the obvious gdp imbalance. but yeah, is a whole bunch o' angry ex-cubans who quite understandable will never say anything positive 'bout cuba is the totality o' your response. a bang up job o' showing us how you is the one being objective.

    oh, and now gd sudden defers to some kinda gestalt The Media response as the measure for truth? want us to find all the times you has criticized media for their knee-jerk responses even when they did get it right?  but again, this time, 'cause The Media as you see it agrees with your narrative, you is embracing. your obstinacy rendered transparent.

    HA! Good Fun!


    First off I did not suggest the opinions of Cubans in South Florida were objective. I said they were credible. eyewitness accounts are seldom objective. I’ve never been to Cuba, much less lived there.  The people I know who have are all telling me the same things. and what they tell me about the Cuban healthcare system is pretty bad. I’ll summit up this way, if you need aspirin or a Band-Aid you get it. You need major surgery you will likely die waiting. Unless you know somebody in the government that can put you to the front of the line.  whether or not the data coming from Cuba is objective depends on the source. If the source is the Cuban government itself then you auto deposit it in the nearest trashcan. If it’s the WHO (as in your post) how much credibility does that organization have after the past year. It’s pretty well demonstrated they have a fetish for communist governments like to China and Cuba. And they are no strangers to fudging, ignoring, or even falsifying data.

    Second I invoked the media’s acceptance of the BLM purely to demonstrate that the Instagram post is widely accepted to be a “statement” by BLM. Whether it was or wasn’t is exactly what we were talking about. How does a leaderless movement make a statement you wonder.? How indeed. I’m sure not everyone who supports BLM is down with their program but we’re past the point where we can deny that there is a program. And it only involves saving black lives when there’s a political goal to be achieved. I’m not invoking the media is some kind of gatekeeper of truth. They are not and never have been. Case in point the selective reporting and quoting of the Instagram post. As you yourself said it’s not a very flattering post. And the media that’s already friendly to them ignored the worst parts. No objectivity there.

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