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  1. LOL. When I scanned through the posts I thought you guys were talking about Ruby Ridge. Big freaking difference!
  2. Nah. No first dog will ever measure up to Checkers. He was the only piece of political graft in US history no one had trouble with! actually come to think of it I’m not sure checkers lived long enough to become first dog. I’ll have to look that one up. Edit: he didn’t. Checkers died in 1965 at age 13 oh well
  3. Just heard on the radio the race has been called. Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States. So, let’s look at what he’s getting here. We’re still in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Half of the country literally hates the other half. A half of one of those halves thinks he was not even legitimately elected. The former president is going to go kicking and screaming and looks like he will make trouble for years to come. The country is $27 trillion in debt. There is a genuine risk of a currency implosion, banking failure, and its most important entitlement systems have about three yea
  4. Well folks I am officially sick and tired of election business. This damn thing is like a houseguest that overstayed their welcome and just won’t leave. That kind of describes one of the candidates too now that I think of it. I just got home from the grocery store. I stopped in the library on the way and checked out four new books and now I think I’m going to turn off the Internet and all my electronic devices off and just decompress for the remainder of the weekend. Problably spend the weekend reading, playing Stellaris and drinking coffee while watching the sun set. See you guys next week
  5. Trump prepares to launch a second term early, even without winning At what point does this become pathetic? Probably about two years ago.
  6. I suppose the first step would be to figure out just let the heck the party really was and what it wanted. In my experience you can’t get the same answer from two different people
  7. Nope. I am a card carrying dues paying member of the Libertarian Party.
  8. Do you remember the Cleven Bundy standoff in Nevada about six years ago? Where the government cordoned off an area in the desert 8 miles away from where they were set up. That was the designated free-speech area. And yes those BLM guys got very physical with protesters outside of it. Bureau of land management. Not black lives matter. An important clarification. The former gets to legally kill you. Anyway it happened again a number of times during the Obama administration and is still a common site on college campus.
  9. LOL! If I had told you on Monday that Trump was going to get the second highest vote total in history you would’ve thought he was going to win wouldn’t you? That is just too funny.
  10. You are right about that. It was the goddamned Democrats that gave us “Free Speech Zones” during the Obama years. Outside of which you could expect armed government agents to beat the absolute f-k out of you if you so much as uttered a peep.
  11. My guess is you weren’t on this board or you would know the answer. The Democrats massively overplayed their hand and lost control of the House of representatives in 2010. Then lost the Senate in 2014. But in the short time they had absolute power they rammed the affordable care act down our throats. Not that it is all bad but there’s a lot of bad to it
  12. Heck if I had 1/10th of Putin's money no one would ever see me again! Spasibo rossiya! Eto bylo veselo!
  13. The thing that worries me is the two Senate races in Georgia are heading for a runoff. That means in January there will be an election that will decide control of the Senate. Jesus. You think this election was bad? That will be some insanity because the democrats will be fighting for total control of the US government. That is an outcome almost too horrible to contemplate. And they will fight like savages for it. Control of the Senate means everything for the crazy left. Expanding the court, Green New Deal, unprecedented growth of federal power. To quote Orwell "We know that no one ever seizes
  14. Can you even imagine that? That would be like holding a fifteen in blackjack and asking for a hit on a dealer showing 10. That would be like pulling the pin on a grenade... then throwing the pin That would be like the coyote opening an Acme box and thinking "this time for sure"
  15. I heard Trumps comments from last night. A President leaving office has two ways to go. They can walk away with dignity, with head held high. Or they can go kicking and screaming. Looks like Trump has chosen the latter. But... of course he would!
  16. No! No more! Someone new please. New blood is needed.
  17. My favorite cartoon from a few years ago. Still relevant today!
  18. I see you've heard of Florida!
  19. I don’t know. I just thought this was funny
  20. Did Biden get an edge from Libertarian vote in critical swing states? Hey as---le voting for a candidate you believe in, especially when it's the ONLY candidate you believe in is not "throwing your vote away". I'm sorry... who are you talking about here? Who agrees with us 80%. You don't mean Republicans do you? Not even close to 80%. Look, if you want to get Libertarian votes then BE more libertarian. We are not disaffected Republicans and Democrats. We are a separate and distinct ideology.
  21. There is no way to know what districts will be important before the fact. That is why it's so hard to "steal" an election. If I'd said ahead of time Nevada might well decide the whole thing before Tuesday it would have sounded like a stretch.
  22. French Bulldog elected Mayor of Kentucky community
  23. No kidding! Elections don't steal themselves! People should appreciate the effort going into this!
  24. At noon Eastern US time today Nevada is supposed to announce the results of its election. If Biden has won, it is essentially over. Barring some unforeseen reversal in Arizona Joe Biden will be the next president. Assuming Trump will win Georgia North Carolina and Pennsylvania it won’t matter. So the Democrats lost seats in the House of Representatives, the Republicans held the Senate, and Joe Biden was elected. It is the best case scenario that I outlined a few pages ago. At the end of the day the Libertarian candidate got a little over 1.5M votes. I certainly wish she had done bette
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