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  1. Without resting there is no real natural passage of time. In BG1 you had one or two weeks to get to Nashkel after recruiting Khalid and Jaheira and/or Xzar and Montaron or they would leave(the same with Minsc and Dynaheir) . Per-rest mechanics and fatigue over time were two mechanics that essentially by themselves were responsible for giving meaning to what would otherwise be a cosmetic day-night cycle. This was especially important because normal resting was the most central device used to tell your character's story(through dream sequences) . That you were having those dreams when and where you chose to rest and not because you were teleported to "Da Camp of Da Heroes" rooted you all the more strongly in the world. This is a huge, glow in the dark line between role-players and power gamers.
  2. Because the aside grabbed my attention in a way that the debate over the "review did not... The iron crisis, it's accompanying economic and military collapse and the impending war between Baldur's Gate and Amn are the single most important events in the region in the game. Anybody who's anybody is involved, good, neutral or evil. Altruist? Not only has everyday life ground to a halt, but war is coming. Mercenary? People will pay big, big money to put a stop the banditry and poisoning of the ore. Power-crazy? The people behind it are the biggest fish in the pond, and you can feed off that power. I always thought that the main plot in BG1 was much more solid than the main plot in BG2, and it managed to largely sidestep the worst tropes of bad D&D writing(the absence of Rivendell, oops "Suldanessellar" and the pointy-eared immortal poet-artist colony within was conspicuous and gratifying) . Looking back on it, I'm reminded of the Witcher games. But to each his own. I like that PoE took a leaf out of BG1's book on that and other notes.
  3. Well, with four caster classes the spell schools are bound to be spread thin, no? Rather, the emphasis is on separate classes rather than subdivisions within them. At least that's how it seems to me, but I've not played around much with Chanters and Ciphers. As an aside, the most important thing for me to feel happier with playing a Wizard would be opportunities to apply my abilities outside of combat. That's where the real fun of being a Wizard in the IE games was for me.
  4. I think thats refering to the Orlan being able of getting the same stats and class as the Aumaua and human but not the racial traits. Well, the language of the sentence makes me think they actually meant size - I think they were confusing the Godlike ability to be any class template as a universal thing. (Gaming)Journalism at it's finest.
  5. That situation sounds fantastic, much better than if the rogue still went through with the kill despite the wizard's team mate putting an arrow through the rogue's rotator cuff. This isn't an MMO/MOBA and removing interrupts in favor of a more 'flat', 'reliable' real time combat system(or making all turns synchronized because you're too used to turn-based combat to adjust) would kill a major tactical part of the game. If the wizard gets shot and is interrupted, his timer starts over of course. Hit those three casters with a fireball and if they were in the middle of casting AND you interrupted them, their timers start over too. It seems perfectly natural to me. This hits the mark, I think.
  6. 'Intestinal Fortitude' is my personal translation of 'Might'. I like it, and I don't think it's unintuitive at all. Thank goodness muscle size isn't the measure of a fighter anymore. That's like saying Hulk Hogan could beat Georges St-Pierre in a real fight without breaking a sweat. Goofy stuff.
  7. Absolutely right. Heh, seeing all those great company logos on the tombstones made me sad.
  8. Yep. That's why it won't work in a system where it's "group-check-or-nothing". In BG, if you wanted to handle the traps while the rest of your party was fighting Seravok & Co., you kept your thief out of combat so that they could do a dedicated search. Absolutely. It was actually a nail-biting experience to have all your people run interference to buy the thief time to disable those traps before Sarevok/Tazok closed and forced you into the traps. The idea about having it structured as a passive ability that stops when the character is performing actions is definitely a good one, I think. It removes an "activity" for the player to do(push a button, tolerate dawdling speed, etc.) but not in a negative way. Wouldn't it make sense to have an individual pulse check with perception as a main factor, possibly modified somewhat by class and skill(mechanics being the natural choice)? A rogue might have an edge on other classes due to his 'profession', but nothing would stop your super-perceptive Paladin mechanic from handling things.
  9. Throwing insults at other people doesn't help your argument and is just troll click bait. Refrain from throwing insults and your posts might be taken seriously. Not to mention pretending to be a moderator. last I checked, it wasn't up to Panteleimon to dictate what gets discussed on a developer's thread. I never told you what to discuss, thanks. I just saw your poor conduct and couldn't help myself. It's considered a social virtue where I come from. I am legitimately excited for the patch. Can't wait to be able to relax a little bit and be more adventurous, fight the same battle a few times and all that.
  10. Throwing insults at other people doesn't help your argument and is just troll click bait. Refrain from throwing insults and your posts might be taken seriously. I called him on his conduct, nothing more. If you don't want to be scolded, behave properly.
  11. He was nice enough to respond to a direct question in brief. Stop acting like a complete baby.
  12. Couple hours until the end of the workday, we'll see.
  13. No, mostly these forums are quite small and the same group of posters constantly wants to grind their 'combat XP' axe and wring their hands any chance they get.
  14. None of your suggestions have ANYTHING to do with combat XP. They're modifications you think people who are looking for combat XP would be interested in. That's super, but has nothing to do with my post, unless my specifically mentioning COMBAT XP threw you off. As far as I'm concerned, your first two suggestions are fine(I think the only reward for filling out a bestiary entry should either be an advantage against those monsters or XP, though) and the third has no place in the game. But that's just my opinion. They're thoughtful suggestions, which is always good. So why don't you give your parents a call and ask them to teach you some manners?
  15. That is exactly what combat xp proponents want, we even proposed a compromise numerous amount of times as a solution. But yeah it's hard to find those posts when they are drowning in the sh1t that are your posts. It's only the quest xp guys that are all or nothing on this issue. There can't be compromise when that compromise is diametrically opposed to one or both sides. In this case, "compromise" is victory in disguise for the combat XP crowd, and pretending otherwise is incredibly disingenuous. There would be no real concession from the combat XP group, other than, what, having weakling enemy groups not give XP? Man oh man! How generous! Calling for "compromise" doesn't automatically give you the moral high ground in a debate, and the artificiality of that claim in this case is plain. Pulling the dictionary out is the poor man's last resort, but I think a lot of people are forgetting that 'compromise' doesn't have just the one definition: "To reduce the quality, value, or degree of something, such as one's ideals." So far it doesn't look like this view of the XP debate is any different, but given it has nowhere to go that's no surprise.
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