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  1. Took me a couple of attempts, but i did it, despite not knowing what would do damage to her or not. I generally tried to keep all characters as far from her as possible to avoid that insane AoE one shot attack, only having my tank being at her holding the aggro. I spent most of my time healing, buffing up and casting spells and maelstroms on her, maelstrom seems to be doing quite a bit of damage, so that's definitely viable. Never really used paralyze, only took control of her once with my cipher to kill off the minions and position my charcters. I barely killed her. My tank died while she had very little hp left, so it was a race against time.
  2. You think that it become more easy with a melee cipher with grv mother than a melee rogue with her? Ciphers are probably the most powerful among classes in the game right now. They have skills with huge damage, huge CC, and charms that can take over a group of enemies for 10+ seconds leaving them defenseless while you can hack away.
  3. After beating Thaos and dealing with the souls, i was expecting Woedica to be pissed and come after me for revenge, but the game just ended. Luckily i got a proper fight once i went back and did the remaining floors of Endless Paths. That one was quite brutal and took some thinking and mico managing on hard.
  4. Well, the game doesn't really tell you anything about Woedica after you're finished, so there will probably be a DLC, if not a sequel, about her.
  5. Nice to see this hotfixed, but 600 mbit surely seems a bit excessive for something such as that.
  6. Wow. I gotta admit... if censorship like this is gonna be a general thing, i see a lot more of these people trying to censor things, because apparently their cryouts are enough to get things removed from the game. Yet murdering of children and adults is okay, magic, anti-religion and what not is also just fine, but something as harmless as this is not okay.
  7. Awesome. Was thinking of streaming this once the beta starts :D
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