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  1. Yes you can technically build a paladin any way you want. However going againsts class types sort of gimps what that class is then effective at. As you move to harder difficulty it makes little sense to try and build a DPS paladin,which you can, when you really need effective DPS from other classes and you are not making use of what your paladin can actually do well. At best the Paladin will be out DPS'd by almost everybody. The build I've seen that is effective is Ranged but who wants to play a ranged Paladin?
  2. Intelligence makes a difference in your Aura sizes and the affective length of your commands. If it's to low they won't affect anybody. I have been playing a build like so Might: 12 Dex: 10 Con: 10 Per: 16 Int: 14 Res: 16 I have been using 2 handed weapons and heavier armor and feel very very tough. My models at int 14 are affecting even my ranged who atm are not to far back. His damage is fine and once I get a few more commands he will be a nice front line mele support. Pretty happy with him so far.
  3. No faith and conviction works fine but does anybody know if it matters what you choose besides the negative listed alignments?
  4. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum but this seemed the most appropriate since it's a technical question. As long as you don't pick the alignments that are directly expressed as bad for your build does your faith and conviction stay the same? I'm having a lot of trouble determining which dialogue option work for my paladin order. I didn't pick the classic white night but I didn't pick the bleak walker either. It doesn't specifically tell you which dialogues are stoic and rationale for the Goldpack Knights and so far I'm getting just Diplomatic in my character sheet. It's kind of frustrating because I feel a lot of it is guessing dialogue inflection. So as long as I don't pick Passionate and aggressive, hard to really figure that out because cruel would come off aggressive to me, am I ok? I really don't want to blow a talent on Untroubled faith just the be ok.
  5. As I said before I'm totally fine with the concept of heavy front line support, with the ability to pick up the slack in a front line capacity. Totally cool with that. There abilities are just so situational and all over the map that having all 3 modals given without having to select them on your level ups (especially since only 2 are that useful) would make them a bit more attractive and give you a few more option to spread around on the battle field. Doesn't Zealous Charge lesson the disengage penalty? If so that makes for a good off tank pick up rush to the squishies if an enemy makes a break for daylight on your back row members.
  6. I'm not disagreeing with your point, quite far from it, actually, and this just adds to my support of +AoE being placed on Resolve, but it is worth noting that the Aura Modals of the Paladin seems to stack with virtually everything. Which is also why Zealous Focus is so much better than Zealous Endurance (DT +5? If tank, cool, otherwise, haha, meh) and Zealous Charge (+Move.Speed in PoE? Aaahahahahaha). That delicious Accuracy bonus that cannot be replicated is just too nice to pass up, by comparison. Hah I know that last bit is half in jest but SHHHHH don't give them any ideas!
  7. You have to pick these three modal seperately, if you do so, you will waste 1/3 of your abilities. Yeah so that seems like a waste. Changing that alone would make them feel just right imo.
  8. I'm totally fine with a heavy armored front line support character / tank. What I've heard, not experienced, is that they are underpowered in a support role and must be rather narrowly focused in what the buff, accuracy or defense, nobody picks the charge. I could be wrong but there big claim to fame is there modals but you half to select each one at 3 different lvls. If all were automatically available and then you could pick between the other active abilities and weapon/defensive/utility talents that would help IMO. If I'm wrong and you do get all 3 automatically I take it all back because then you could at least strengthen one through talents and have the ability to situationally switch between then making them more interesting.
  9. How does something like this happen? I mean all these guys are pro's. How could they create, in an effort to make a flexible armor system, a mostly useless one? Have the developers commented on these numbers at all? Do they think this is a problem?
  10. If they had access to all the paladin class abilities instead of 1 every other level they would certainly have the versatility. Swapping between different modals would nice when defense was needed over dps. Then strengthning the ones you wish to focus on through talents would let you focus one way or the other. Maybe that's to much to ask for but I originally thought that's how it was going to be.
  11. @Mysh Nothing wrong with theory Crafting a build ahead of time. That's RP to me as much as anything. Who do I want, or more importantly who does my Character want to become. That's part of it for me.
  12. Great point. You could walk around the whole game, effectively defeating a very challenging encounter, and never know what you were supposed to do with the damned Ogre head you put in your stash or whether it was just a waste of space. To bad I didn't talk to every NPC in town just incase.
  13. Hatchet and Large Shield for pure tank is what I used. 2h for damage - or I've actually had a ranged Paladin just to give +6 accuracy to my casters. What was your attribute distribution? What kind of armor did you use? For my Path of the Damned Paladin tank I used: 6 MIG 16 CON 6 DEX 20 PER 10 INT 20 RES I normally don't take much constitution but I'd figured for PoD this character wouldn't be doing anything significant with mid-high might anyway due to poor accuracy and no damage talent/abilities. His job is to sit somewhere and not die while things beat on him. Occasionally use a Lay on Hands or Liberating Exhortation. I've heard resolve doesn't do too much for Paladins because it increase ability length, good for maybe one skill because the rest are modals. Did you take it for just the added will defense because it stacks with Perception or does it really increase the length of your Exhortations? Edit: nevermind I see why you took it over Int since you were tanking and didn't care about your Modal AOE's. Will is modded by Int and Res not Per.
  14. Hatchet and Large Shield for pure tank is what I used. 2h for damage - or I've actually had a ranged Paladin just to give +6 accuracy to my casters. What was your attribute distribution? What kind of armor did you use?
  15. So heavy armor negates any Dex recovery or attack speed bonuses? OR are the bonuses so negligible that once you're in Heavy armor you won't notice the difference between a dex of 10 and 18.
  16. People keep making the argument: having kill xp = slaughterfest. Or allowing kill xp = grindfest. People can't control themselves thus it must not be allowed. That's a bs argument. It means you can't control yourself. Honestly everyone against kill xp, can you really not stop yourselves from grinding? I just finished BG 2 playing a lawful good Boyscout Paladin. I didn't steal, I didn't murder needlessly, I talked or payed my way out if possible. I'm sick of that argument its logically unsound and this is a single player game so a players play style or leveling preference has no bearing on anyone but themselves. Just because kill xp is there doesn't make me want to kill things. To be honest the loot does! So no more Mob loots! No more tucked away encounters with challenging bad guys dropping sweet sweet gear because it encourages me to explore unrelated to story, thus encountering beasties, thus taking over my reptilian brain making me kill kill kill kill!!!!!!
  17. Have you never played Baldurs Gate online? It had all of what you are talking about. Yeah multi-player probably would be what you are thinking, bu in BG you could set permissions on who could pause and other different actions on the party. Also did no one ever remember TeamBG tools, or all the awesome mods. There is also something called GemRB which is the IE engine except open source... I played on GameSpy way back when I was in middle school/highschool but even before that online you also had something called MPlayer. A lot of the people that played Baldurs Gate told me about it, but I started playing when Baldur's Gate 2 came out.. at least online. I actually got the demo of BG first and loved it, but they stopped you at the end of the Naskel mines quest....haha No I've never played Baldurs Gate online. It has been since the 90s since I played BG. I do have BG 2EE, and just finished beating it again, but have never played multiplayer or know how it would work. I just go straight to the game.
  18. Good to know. Your the first person I've heard who's played that gave that kind of feed back. What kind of build was it?
  19. Your right I don't need him or want him to be the best Dps character, the problem I'm gathering is that he is underwehlming in every role including support which is his designed archatype. He isnt a healer, he is moderate at buffing. So whats his playstyle, tank ok. 2 of his passive are directly apposed to one another. If he can't kill anything what good is hasting exhortation? If they give more flames of devotion but reduce the damage let's hope it isn't to significant. Just being playable but a mess design wise does not a fun play through make for me. Also when other classes feel very flexible and strong all around it hurts when others are meh at there design goal with no flexibility
  20. Their racials are pretty good and remember there is no armor value on helmets. I imagine the enchants available for helmets will even out for the most part if you pick the racial that matches a playstyle your going for.
  21. I really wanted to play a Paladin because they appeal to me but what are they good at? Taking hits only? As they stand right now they don't feel like any Paladin I've ever played before or are the weakest possible version of any Paladin archetype I've ever encountered I agree they usually are. I'm pretty Disappointed. I know there is a lot of talk of play every class in any armor in any way but I still don't feel like there are many choices when it comes to builds.
  22. Yeah I'm confused by this class to some degree. He's not listed as a front line fighter, and yet he has deflection out the wazoo. The selection of abilities seems largely focused on making him tanky however his active abilities are all support based. I feel like this class would improve considerably with the option to gain a few more Flames of Devotion (maybe max 3 per encounter or 2 per encounter with a 3rd that is only once per rest) and perhaps a second Sworn Enemy per rest. Also Reinforcing Exhortation and Hastening Exhortation seem to be at complete odds with one another. Why bolster a friendly targets ability to damage and enemy increasing his chance to kill it depriving himself of Hastening Exhortation. What is going on with that?
  23. I understand the concept that the design team went for when making the paladin, Sort of a Marshal Champion with mostly buffs and minor offensive capabilities. I haven't played the beta and Launch is around the corner so my question is how limited is a paladins offensive capabilities (appears very)? This class generally is my favorite and even though they are never designed with the top damage output in mind they usually are quite respectable. I just finished another BG 2 run and my paladin was an absolute beast. Blackguards are badass as well. They seem to have only 2 offensive minded abilities, Flames of Devotion (once per encounter blah really? Why not just have it augment your attacks during a fight with burn damage and if you absolutely must, put a time limit on how long it lasts), Zealous Focus, and then Sworn Enemy which sounds amazing. Only problem with Sworn Enemy is it is once per day so this is boss fights only. Everything else is centered around Defense. Also if this character isn't really Offensive minded then how useful is Inspiring Triumph anyway? I suppose since the Paladin has so many Defensive stats then really he could wear much lighter armor and be pretty hardy with an increased attack speed. My point is, are they decent DPS and if not other than standing next to the group for your modal buffs and commands, what kind of gameplay can one expect. I'm underwhelmed by this class on paper. In summation, does he deal decent damage or would trying to make him do so gimp what the class can do? If it would gimp him, how good are the paladins buff? He doesn't scream take me over Chanter or Priest. Not being able to play the beta and test things out I really don't want to go in with a character concept that isn't going to pay off. Also looking at the wiki they got rid of Zealous Barrage (Modal) – The paladin and all allies standing within 3m have their attack and ability speed increased.Bummer
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