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  1. just something i noticed that would happen after story cutscene type events with the player character http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/713034701441250611/B4390C20803576C1306681F3C943E2CEB1234E0C/ crossbow is set way lower and away from her body. reloading save/unequipping weapons didn't seem to resolve this issue. not a big deal, but thought i should bring it up
  2. think this happened to me as well. deep pockets talent no longer works on my player character
  3. i dont overuse sneak+fast mode. tend to just use sneak in dungeons to scout ahead a bit, or in towns where i think secrets might be. basically the same way i played the IE games with 1 thief. sure it's optimal to play with sneak on all the time, but playing the optimal way is boring imo. its an rpg, gotta rp baby - not fuss about having tactical advantage all the time
  4. playing on hard, and i've used both slicken and mind blade - but even post patch they still seem quite good lol. when i read the patch notes, i thought slicken was going to change to a spell like divine pillar where you have to select an enemy and then theres a small aoe around that enemy. but i can still target the ground with slicken? what's the difference
  5. thanks for the tags dude! legit get ocd about this stuff, so glad it's been taken care of. great music btw. reminiscent of soule's work on iwd
  6. 30 hrs in and this is one of the finest rpgs i've played in a long time. i'd put it up there with the other IE games, and that's a legit compliment good job obsidian
  7. eder being my main tank has deflection at 76 with defender mode on and with a good shield. level 5 at the moment. does that sound right?
  8. it's a unique battle system, with mechanics such as engagement, that previous experience with IE games probably won't help with. i;ve had mroe than a few party wipes before even venturing past guilded vale on hard (shades at the temple with only 3 party members on hard...ohhhh boy). i dont think it requires min/maxing at all, but rather proper tactics w/ a good understanding of the unique mechanics
  9. yeah kind of a bummer. was hoping for a midnite release so i could start up with the character creation at least. looks like i'll have to start thursday evening after work instead
  10. i mostly use characters from tolstoy books. karenina, bolkonsky, bezuhov, vronsky etc
  11. in the case of wasteland 2, i liked the achievements. i can look at the achievements i unlocked and think back on how i played the game and the choices i made. it's pretty cool
  12. poe is a game. just an observation in case it went unnoticed. HA! Good Fun! just having the option to respec makes the whole journey unsatisfying, even if i ignore it - it's still there. sorry, but that's just how i feel.
  13. yeah, no respec. like mentioned, it puts weight into your decisions and character progression. ****ty/nonoptimal build? that's fine imo, it makes each playthrough something special. if there was an option to respec, you could essentially do everything you wanted to do in 1 playthrough, gameplay/combat wise. not a fan of that, and pretty much why i've never replayed an elder scroll game which allowed the player to become an all powerful jack-of-all trades
  14. either chanter or monk. loved having a bard player character in bg2
  15. looking forward to the rest of the documentary. wasn't aware how bad the situation at obsidian was before kickstarter
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