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  1. I have not seen this bug mentioned elsewhere, but it has affected me several times playing the Mac version of the game. In Noonfrost, the enemy paladins have a debuff power that they use on your party. Sorry, I forget this power's name, but it comes with a descending dark cloud animation on the affected character, and the paladins in Noonfrost tend to use it every time you fight them. This power strips away the extra item slots granted by the "deep pockets" talent -- it has happened to both my PC and to the narrative NPCs in my party. On one occasion, it even stripped away the Kana NPC's third weapon slot! At least, I am assuming that it was the same bug in effect that removed his weapon slot, since that also happened at Noonfrost. As a result, I checked my party after each combat in Noonfrost, and reloaded a save if this happened. Unfortunately it is stuck on my PC -- they've lost the two item slots granted by Deep Pockets, but I'm going to continue and complete the game at this point. When looking at the character sheets: the "deep pockets" effect is not listed under the list of effects currently affecting that character, though it is still listed under talents.
  2. If I was to do it again, I might bring the chanter instead of the paladin, since his songs and ogres might have smoothed things along.
  3. I literally just beat the dragon about an hour ago. My first few attempts were futile, so I went away and did other stuff then came back with my party all level 11-12. It was much much easier. But rather than the level bump, I was around level 10 in my previous attempts, I think the inclusion of the cipher (Grieving Woman? is that her name?) made the biggest difference. One of her advanced spells is a form of domination that spreads from enemy to enemy like a virus (up to five of them I think). I walked down to the little guy who worship dragons, towards the loot, figuring that was the best way to create a bottleneck. My plan was to confuse and mind control some of the little guys, get them to slow down the dragon and the other goons (sorry, I forgetting the names of all the creatures and NPCs!). But what I hadn't expected, and it worked first time, was that the Grieving Woman's virulent mind control would extend to the dragon itself. Then things got a lot easier - the dragon was fighting its own goons. Whenever it lost domination, I had the Grieving Women cast the spell again. So there was a constant, changing mixture of dragon and its various goons fighting amongst one another, and I just kept the magic users pelting the whole melee with AoE spells. I had to keep the paladin and my PC (a monk) largely out of the fray, in order to leave goons for the Grieving Mother to beat up so that she could cast the pestilential domination spell again. It still took a good while for that beast to go down, but I only one had a character (Aloth) lose consciousness and quickly revived him. This was on hard difficulty btw. My party: me (a monk), the paladin (Pellegan?), Aloth, the priest (Durban?), Grieving Mother, the druid (Hize-something?). For once my monk laid out relatively little damage. She was up in the dragon's face keeping it busy a few times, so her dignity is intact.
  4. I am having a similar, or perhaps the same problem. As far as I can tell, there are no more quests that I can complete except for the Endless Paths (as far as I can tell, every other outstanding quest of any kind relates to areas of the map that I cannot access yet). My hope has been that completing the "broken weapon" related quest in the Endless Paths, and bringing all the paths back to the Knights' smithy, will finally make the Knights like me so that I can get an invitation to the Duc's meeting. I don't think that I ever received access to some of the Knights or Dozens-related quests that people have mentioned here. I cleared out the ghoul-filled area of the city for the Knights and got the research notes for their smithy. At that point the Knight commander was already saying that I was too close to the Dozens, despite my never having completed any quests for the Dozens. So without any other way to proceed, I went ahead and did the ancient-weapons-in-the-under-the-lake-temple quest for the Dozens, but that didn't lead to anything happening on the Dozens' side of things either. They don't offer any other quests when you go back to them with the bits of the ancient weapon. I'm 60+ hours in, my party are approaching level 11, and I sorta feel like I've been stuck and left the plot behind. On level 12 of the Endless Paths now, it's the only area in quite a while that's offered any challenge in combat to my party. I haven't had to bother with tactics for a while, even playing on hard difficulty...
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