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  1. Not sure if it is possible or even on your minds already, but I would like it if the game was opened up to allow mods to happen via the workshop. I know there is nexus mods and whatnot, but that service is really nice.
  2. Athletics will always be useful on characters. I have a feeling there will be 2 things always worked on. Primary skill, and Athletics. Or just athletics.
  3. Sooo, I was thinking about this (the dt bypass of weapons and whatnot), what if weapons only lowered the effective DT if it is above a certain amount, dictated by weapon. These are totally random numbers since I haven't written them down, but will illustrated the point. Assume the arquebus does the same damage now but if it hits a target with a DT 50% or more than its damage, it then lowers the DT by X amount. If it is lower than that, it does nothing to the effect DT for the attack. This would make it so that the lower damage weapons could end up doing more damage against low arm targets while still giving the high dmg weapons a benefit at high arm.
  4. I would rather have the portraits and the main task buttons all be on the left hand side. With the chat log on the bottom right but slightly taller.
  5. I like that! Let them get their combat xp, at 0.00034. there you namutree. Your combat xp. Thankfully, Joshua doesn't to ever appear to be budging on degenerate gameplay.
  6. With each patch it gets closer and closer to combat xp. If the current trend continues; combat xp will be in the game. Changing to combat xp is a major overhaul NOT a tweak. Just remove the trap/lock xp and I'm fine with it.
  7. Immortalis, you aren't making a point. You are stating your perception. All of the IE games had lots of combat but it was also story driven. Don't like the trapxp, but whatevs. Joshua has clearly said that your style of combat xp was degenerate, and is NOT in PoE. With every patch, things get better and better, knowing that with tweaks, they will be great in the end.
  8. I like the overall concept and yes choosing the abilities felt more meaningful as in I wanted certain characters to have certain things. That I really like a lot. I also agree with sensuki that more of the rp options should be dual/triple skilled so that it is also advantageous to not mono-skill each party member. At the same time, a careful look at the things that are stat effected, to make sure that they aren't too high. Last time around there was a lockpick 10 somewhere in the temple area, getting lockpick 10 is nearly impossible at this stage.
  9. I'm not calling exploits or anything else like that grinding, persay. What I am considering grinding is the 'need' to slaughter the entire zone to stay at maximum competitiveness vs mobs later on. The degenerative gameplay that Joshua is talking about is using those exploits to farm xp, or completing a quest to only go back and kill everyone because the quest is now done. Slaughtering the entire screen to stay at maximum competitiveness is also degenerative gameplay. I will say again, I'm not against combat xp, but that is not what is being asked. People want xp for every single beetle, wolf, spider in the game. The game would then be balanced around that, and because it is balanced on the fact the developers will adjust the scaling so that mobs later on are tougher based on what they expect people to do (slaughter the area and not getting into scaling encounters in this). Truly purposeful combat xp, I am fine with. Killing the spider queen, the ogre, the alpha wolf, for instance. Everything else is trash and should be considered as such.
  10. My point is that I can make a wildly subjective point about it. Yes, I liked the stories more than the combat. Yes, I did love PST, but I also loved the baldur's gate games for the same reason. The only reason I hated the combat in the IE games is because of the grind. It was always more beneficial to murder everything than not. So, no you are not no more of a true IE fan than I was. Those games had an engine built to compliment the stories being told.
  11. Combat Xper's aren't true fans of PoE.. they are true fans of IE.. The rest of your post is correct. No, they aren't true fans of IE. Hated dealing with the combat in IE but absolutely loved the stories... that is the true fan of IE. the roleplay... not the rollplay.
  12. Tuckey, that is what beastiary XP is. Horse, of course that is what it is. From a design point if you don't think about that, the game will be too easy as the characters will be too powerful for the area. Which happens a lot in grindxp games. Just like money usually ends up being a meaningless thing because there is an unlimited amount of it. Also, I would rather grind on thoughtful quests then grind on 5million beetles (everything might as well be a beetle once you over level them). Note, I said thoughtful, which means that it isn't just about grinding on mobs.
  13. Lephys summed it up right, read my posts. I never said I was against combat xp, what I am against is grind xp. Getting xp via combat for truly useful things I am totally okay with. Feeling the need to murder everything on the screen though, is annoying as hell. By getting xp for everything you kill, the game is then balanced around you killing EVERYTHING. Which means it is less efficient for you to not kill everything. Horse, you are the one being thick about this. I have supported boss mob xp, and I am meh about the beastiary xp. Guess it is better than grind xp, still though.
  14. Just a note, there is actually a story-wise reason for why the ogre is in the spider cave.
  15. This is what I was asking about. Why is getting xp for every mob grind-xp exclusively? If I get xp for quests I might be inclined to go and look for every quest in an area just to get xp. Isn't that grinding? If I scour a dungeon looking for every trap to disarm isn't that grinding? EDIT: I too feel that since kill-xp is being replaced with something rather than simply being axed that the system is evolving; although there are no assurances it will evolve into something better. You are absolutely correct, there are plenty of games where quest xp is grinding also. I am not disagreeing with you there. One of the best RL RPG systems I like is Shadowrun due to how characters advance. They start off pretty awesome and while they do improve, a starting character can easily be as good as a longly played one. Now can that easily be translated into a video game? nah, doubt it. Not without people whining that their long lived char is getting killed by a weak mob. I have always been fine, and supported, some xp from kills. Just not all kills. With the focus on questing, it is a form of grinding. Then again, it might not be a grind if there are multiple steps to many of the quests and not all of them are the same cookie cutter process, then I won't feel it is a grind, to me because I am doing something a bit more interactive than repeating the same set of steps to win the battle.
  16. Namutree, no... I am not saying combat in of itself is grindxp. What I am saying is that getting xp for every mob is grindxp. Having a system where killing everything on the map is grinding. Horse, yes grindxp has been a staple of IE games since the beginning. You did your best to commit genocide to the map, to get the most out of the xp as possible as levels meant more power. I know you could do it w/o it but you either did it w/o it or went in whole hog. PoE isn't necessarily following in the steps, it is taking in what they considered the best parts of the game and focus on that. Third, moving away from grindxp is a game evolution, evolution also includes losing things. What it moves to or focuses on is irrelevant.
  17. First, could it just be that the people who didn't vote for it is tired of mindless grinding? If I want that, I'll play diablo. grindxp is not a staple in rpgs, and many of them have moved away from it (bethesda games for example). Second, it appears that Joshua is focused on limiting degenerate gameplay. grindxp is definitely part of that. Third, why are rpgs not allowed to evolve? What I can't understand is people who actually like to mindlessly grind. It requires as much depth as a slot machine.
  18. Simple, ranged attackers will almost always get to attack before melee. A rogue 'might' be able to sneak up for an initial melee but generally it will always be the ranged chars that strike first. I did make a statement with an actual argument. My statement is: right now the game is balanced, or is being balanced, around there not being pre-buffing. So, please make an argument to refute this.
  19. So... You are denying that ranged characters would get an advantage to prebuffing? Just want to make sure that is your assertion, since your response uses an ad hominem instead of an actual argument.
  20. I would like it if you find a trap, that your party will automatically path around it. I know the pathing isn't anywhere near perfect yet, but if your rogue can't pick it, your party should at least maneuver to avoid triggering it though.
  21. Immortalis, at least thanks for having the questions and available responses not sound biased. Now, I can understand why people would want to have grindxp... I'm glad they didn't go that direction. I am glad they are hopefully 'experimenting' with different kinds of xp so that everyone can have a more full experience without it rewarding what Josh considers degenerate gameplay. I don't like the lock xp either, personally. Just like grindxp, it is just something to get angry about feeling the 'need' to do.
  22. Pre-buffing would give significant advantages to all ranged chars (spell or otherwise). With that in mind, they would need to rebalance the encounters or the skills knowing that more dmg would be dealt, and less dmg would be received. It is currently 'balanced' with that not in mind. In other words, why fix what ain't broken?
  23. I am happy the game is balanced around to not have any prebuffing.
  24. The way it appears to me is that at first, each model makes a path and only changes it if it collides with something, instead of trying to always optimize the route. The big issue is this though, chars getting stuck. To me, it appears to be happening because the computations for the path generation are thinking certain holes between 2 other things is larger than it really is, or the collision isn't registering as it should so that it would make a new route. If they are using a collision to trigger new pathing... boo. It should be checked several times and based on collisions. If there is an issue with the calculating, it can be solved by making the calculations as if the model is actually larger than it is.
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