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  1. Depends what your definition of that is. I would say no however. Anime is more then just an art style in my opinion.
  2. My favorite PS2 game and easily one of my favorite titles of all time. Great atmosphere and music. Lots of customization and it has a very interesting and unique story. Be prepared for a very unforgiving battle system however and frequent battles.
  3. It happens when ever your getting to the extreme light or dark side. Not a bug. =)
  4. Well, then the Gothics wouldnt be a first choice for you. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But getting the water chip and closing the Oblivion gates is much more compelling right?
  5. http://www.ps3land.com/article-347.php Not sure how reliable the info is, but apparantly, the developers knew nothing of the motion sensor... in other words, it was added last minute.
  6. Maybe, but it seems more like a cheap gimmick at the moment. I recall Phil Harrison saying that all PS3 games would be using it... Very silly, since not all games need or benefit from the feature at all. I'm worried about it being something like the Nintendo DS, were developers might feel they need to use the features enough though they are far more cumbersome then unique or entertaining.
  7. Yup. I'd like a reason to reinstall Doom 3.
  8. Just finished Parasite Eve 2 (I was hooked, finished it in two nights). It's really an amazing game and I definitely enjoyed it more then all of the other PSone generation survival horror games. Moving on to Kartia: World of Fate which is yet another underrated Atlus PSone title.
  9. No wai! Humans > All other weaker races. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Humans are usually the most balanced race in most CRPGs... Love being versatile. :D
  10. I'm in... might be interesting.
  11. The first one was pretty cool, though the "end boss sequence" was really really annoying <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Haha... Did you backtrack on accident a few times? Cuz' I did.
  12. I'd heard that it was similar. But at that point Survival Horror was it's own Genre... and as I recall Capcom didn't even invent it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, I realize Survival Horror games were pretty damn stagnant gameplay wise awhile back. Just some of the similarities are incredible... You shoot by pressing Square to take aim and L1 to fire... You store you items in the same kind of magical crate (though, this one doesn't magicly travel everywhere)... Instead of finding people mutating into zombies in some fictional town in the middle of nowhere, you find people mutating into monsters in a real town (in a fictional situation) in the middle of nowhere. I just find it really funny. So far though, this is the little RE clone that I wish I had played a long time ago. It's such a good game so far. The story is quiet good (probably being enhanced for me because I'm playing it straight after PE), the characters a quiet a bit more realistic (Assuming you can swallow the hole magic mitochondria thing) the customization is way beyond anything RE did (until 4 anyways) and you can really take your pick on how you want to play. There is plenty of ammo if you want to kill everything in sight or you can take the stealth route and avoid (most) combat. EDIT - The only real thing that it doesn't have is that survival aspect of RE... Since your magic can keep you alive those tense moments aren't there....
  13. Haha... this game is so much like Resident Evil, it's amazing how Capcom didn't sue Squaresoft. Everything is just so damn similar, even the item storing method (though I makes a bit more sense in this game). Very fun so far though.
  14. Did you ever play Parasite Eve 2? It's pretty much early Resident Evil with magic powers.
  15. Probably would have been a wise move even IF you could run the game well.
  16. Specifications on the box are ridiculous. I exceed the recommended hardware and I can't play on the default settings with acceptable frame-rates.
  17. Tweaking will only get you so far... better hardware is the only real solution.
  18. Forgot I had it. Back before the PS2 release, during the last gen of the PSone I went a little nuts collecting all sorts of RPGs. Though I ended up with a lot of junk (Alundra, Brave Fence, Diablo, Threads of Fate, etc) I ended up getting some titles that have definitely saved me a lot of grief like Suikoden II and Valkyrie Profile (games that reach the $200s easily for mint condition copies on Amazon/Ebay). Parasite Eve 2 was one of many.
  19. I was looking through my old PS1 game collection and I happen to come across a game I didn't even realize I had... Parasite Eve 2. So, I'm playing the first before I give that one a shot.
  20. It's not too hard actually... Despite all the levels and crap behind the gameplay it still breaks down into a simple action game. Just dodge and shoot.
  21. This is why Sony just plain sucks sometimes... Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Interview with Tomm Hulett of Atlus USA These "top secret" reasons are SCEA's policy to not release 2D games in NA. I would have bought a PSP just for that game alone... =(
  22. Thanks! Seems best so far as what I have seen. Handheld seems not to be the big market for RPG and story driven games. :"> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's not exactly true... The DS is sporting some really decent stuff and a lot more is coming during the Fall and Winter. One thing that is seriously limiting the amount of PSP RPGs is SCEA itself... they have pretty much announced that they would like to phase out 2D games, which just happens to be why a lot of PSP JRPGs are not making it over to the states. EDIT - By a lot I mean all. Not one has made it here (not that I can see).
  23. Not that I know of... unless you want to import. Monster Hunter Freedom looks like a decent hack and slash RPG though.
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