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  1. It's not just you then? My product page still says: *** Not yet available *** As we mentioned in Backer Update #92, Chris is busy working on finishing up the novella. Stay tuned for an upcoming backer update for more information on its release date. I assumed that all these things will be available at launch. Nobody said anything about delays let alone this much. Is it still getting released?
  2. Is it always an Estoc though? I would like multiple options to forge it into a weapon of your preference either by Dunstan or there could be multiple smiths scattered across the world and each of them would make a different type of sword.
  3. Players do combat because the game spams tedious encounters and not because they want to. Also even with high stealth you often just can't sneak past them because of how they are placed.
  4. Most of the areas are perfect actually. The exploration doesn't feel tedious and the content density is spot on. I prefer this over those huge BG maps where there is nothing to do except walking.
  5. The other PoE, as in Path of Exile, it is a different kind of RPG but still an RPG.
  6. It's not only about the technical issues. GTA V is coming out as well, which I'm currently more excited about I think. PE will simply have to wait or just come out a week or two earlier.
  7. Yeah currently the combat looks clunky at best. It is super slow and it seems that it requires ridicilous amounts of clicking and pausing so atleast something can start happening. I remember the old RPGs being kinda like this but that was a looong time ago. I expected some kind of evolution from that.
  8. i will probably play as a barbarian, other than that I will use whatever companions I meet during the story. Not planning to use the adventurers hall much, I consider that cheating.
  9. Pros: No romance New world with unique races Cipher class Great story, characters and dialoge New rules system, less difficult and more approachable than dnd Cons: Strong possibility that the game will feel tired and dated Very little voice acting So much text that my eyes will bleed I will probably get my ass kicked a lot even on easy difficulty There is still a long time to wait
  10. Didnt they say that there will be no more delays and the game will ship this year no matter what?
  11. Id like to avoid fighting stupid rats in a basement for 15 minutes because my character cant hit ****.
  12. If no proper voice acting there should atleast be an option to change the text size so it would be easier for people to read all that dialoge. Id hate to sacrifice the resolution just to have everything bigger
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