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  1. So report it. Whatever you think of this whole episode, it seems pretty obvious that the memorials weren't properly vetted
  2. Actually, since Steam got rid of the "Don't update this game" setting it's impossible not to update, unless the game offers older patch levels under the Beta settings You're right. When on earth did this happen? Not sure exactly when but it was about the same time that they changed some other UI elements, because all the complaints about that got drowned out by thousands of threads full of idiots whining that they'ed changed the colour of something. EDIT: spelling
  3. Actually, since Steam got rid of the "Don't update this game" setting it's impossible not to update, unless the game offers older patch levels under the Beta settings. And very few do, only Paradox games and KSP as far as I know.
  4. They could have, but they were already doing physical copies for backers and someone needed to handle localisation and distributiion and all those thing a publisher normally does. Also having a publisher probably helps with dealing with Valve. And this is apparently a multi game deal, not just for POE. The shine seems to have gone of computer games Kickstarters. and its uncertain they could have kickstarted another game to the same level of success, even with the success of POE behind them
  5. If we're going to get into arguments about what a real programming languages is, let's just get all that just the way and state here and now you are not a REAL programmer unless you are using machine code. Assembly is for the weak. and portability is for those without job security.
  6. GoG doesn't do achievements. Their thing is DRM free games. If they were to turn the GoG downloader into something like Steam with achievements and hat trading people would rightly call them out for turning their back on their promises
  7. Of course if only that pocket dimension we carry about could somehow hold firewood, this wouldn't be an issue. By the way, is there a quest line later in the game where you take down the cartel responsible for the extortionate price of firewood?
  8. I feel this video by TMBG is relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHxEnQZi3Ow
  9. Anyone care to explain why camping supplies don't fit in the portable hole we are carrying around?
  10. Yeah the maps indoor are bugged for me as well. I can see vague details but they are effectively useless. Outdoor maps are better and actually useful although they are extremely dark.
  11. While the crafting system is certainly detailed, I feel that they could done more with it, like having some non-combat skills being required for crafting some stuff. I thought there would be more non-combat skills. And being able to craft anywhere when not in expert mode is daft. Almost as daft as the magical bottomless pit that is your stash
  12. Saying "put it in a container is all very well", but what if you are in an area that doesn't have them, like the one I'm in ATM? Do I explore further into one of the buldings, risking death at the hands at the claws of undead in the hope of finding a bin to put that thing I accidentally picked up? Or exit and go back 2 maps to find a barrel or box? Seems a daft oversight.
  13. That still seems an odd decision, not to allow cloaks and amulets at the same time. I can't see how allowing both would create huge balance issues. I'm sure it can be abused, but any game mechanic can be abused.
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