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Poll: What kind of NWN2 Player are you?

Rob McGinnis


Player Type  

205 members have voted

  1. 1. What type of NWN player are you?

    • Single Player (OC Only)
    • Single Player (Custom Mods)
    • Small DM-led game player
    • I am a DM
    • I am a module builder
    • I am a scripter
    • PW player
    • Custom Content Creator
    • Plugin Developer
    • UI Developer

What kind of NWN2 Player are you? Do you only play Single Player games? Do you only play on PWs? We want to know.


Please select what your primary role is.


Recommended Comments

I am assuming that voting for single player (custom mods) would also assume the player plays the OC as well??

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I am assuming that voting for single player (custom mods) would also assume the player plays the OC as well??


Yeah, that's fine.


These forums are supposed to allow for multiple poll choices, but it doesn't seem to be working.

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Anything you can see in game must fall under the banner of UI ;) I'll go with that...but I do it all.

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I have played the OC and I plan on getting MotB as soon as it comes out, but I'm mostly interested in DM led multiplayer.

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Pretty tough to choose one only. :bat:

I go with I'm a DM, but closely followed by DM-led small party games.


I enjoy it all, really. But if I must choose . . .




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Yeah, it's tough to choose. Personally, I'd consider myself an OC / user-written modules / module builder / custom content creator. :D

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"Small DM-led game player" are people who like to play multiplayer with a DM who lead the game (except PW)?

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[sorry for the double posting!]


Seeing I punctually translate your news into a dedicated thread on an italian NWN forum... I dediced to create a clone poll into the same forum!

I thinked that my readers could actually be intendend as your readers, so I shared the poll, too.


If you are intested into those results, the link is the following: http://neverwinternights.playbyforum.forum....net/?t=8677358


I know, is all Italian, but I don't expect you'll read all posts... You can just check results (when there will be some... the thread is enough new for now). The poll's question and the answers sequence are the same... so it should be easy to you to understand poll results. ;)


NOTE: I advised users against voting both here and on my poll! I.e.: I voted only there (scripter) and not on my poll. ;)

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I may be a little odd, but I don't class building for a PW as being a "module builder" though many of the same skills and tasks are required.


And building for a PW is what I do mostly, as a result I also DM and play on PWs.... so not being able to select 2 or 3 options I went with what I am mostly concerned about - Playing on PWs - because after all I'm building for people to play. :sorcerer:

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well i am a PW player and module builder, i voted module builder since I am working together with a large group to get a big PW released soon, so that's what most of my time is spend on currently

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Couldn't pick more than one option. The weight of this choice is overwhelming; I don't think I can make it.


I'm in the same boat, GF (I always imagine one of my gay friends saying "girlfrieeeend" when I type GF).


I chose PW player, because I'm a PW builder and content developer - I didn't go with module builder because I build for a PW not SP and I didn't go with content developer because I develop for things my PW needs and happen to post them as content (okay, and a few other things like Purgatorio, but Avlis 2 came first for me, and I'm still going strong there).


Basically "PW player" was the only option. I think, since the poll can only accept one choice currently, it should have been truncated to "PW, SP or OC" (since I'm assuming that's the data McRob wanted).

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Picked PW player, although I am the Only DM and module builder (for the PW) for Dunjon Legends too. (Still on Nwn1)

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Like several before me I voted PW player since there is no PW builder option and I'm primarily a scripter/UI/Plugin builder for a PW. I havent played any mods besides the OC for NWN2 yet since I believe the higher quality mods have yet to be completed. However with NWN1 Id say I spent more time on PWs then playing single player mods and I'm sure the same will be true for me with NWN2.

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voted custom mod player, but I assure you I played the OC.

I'm trying to come up with a mod too but I have difficulties managing real life occupations and creating in NWN2.

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Voted scripter, but as others said it is hard to choose as it's about 50/50 between PW player and scripter

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